Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Goodbye 2012 and hello 2013

I know 2013 is going to be better.  Well really it just has to.

Happy new year all.  I hope the start to the new year didn't begin with too many sore heads.  

Well the drive home from Napier seemed a lot longer than going down.  We didn't sleep very well in our lovely unit the bed was too hard and the pillow like bricks.  Next time we ago away I'll remember to take our own pillows.

Anyhow we did have a lovely time.  

Here's some photos from our visit to the Aquarium ... 

Some sand sharks



So cute

Massive eels

Bloody tortoise wouldn't stay still

 It's been about twenty years since I was there.  It has grown.  I'm so glad we went.

We went for a little tiki tour and visited Hastings.  Then back into town for a quiet drink at a little Irish pub.  

I also managed to find an organic food shop and I was able to buy a few things that I can't at home.  Bonus.

Later in the evening we went down to the wharf and had dinner.  Lots of restaurants.  But boy the wind was blowing. 

I had the pork belly and as usual Mr T had the steak.

After our trip home we both needed a bit of a nana nap. lol.

I completely forgot it was New Years Eve.  Not that it mattered much as I was in bed by 10.30 completely knackered.

Woke up a lot rested with a resolve to tackle a couple of things that I've neglected.

First me. I indulged in a few chips and battered fish, and garlic bread while we were away.  I ended up feeling crap, bloated tummy etc.   I really hated it.

So now we're home I intend on making sure I eat properly again.  It's really not hard, as with everything - you just need to plan.  Work next week, dread the thought, so I'll make sure I have plenty of meals in the freezer for lunches.    IBS sucks and it especially gets worse when you are sitting down all day.

I've been lethargic lately so I need to boost my energy levels.  I know what to do!!! 

Some may find it hard to believe at the moment but I actually like gardening.  Or should I say pottering.  Because I won't spend hours on end in the garden but I will do 30 minute stints believing it all pays off in the end.

My gardens use to be lovely, full of colour in the summer, and lovely spring bulbs.  The last two or three years it's been hard keeping on top of them.  I do have a lot of garden.  And especially this past year I just haven't had the motivation so naturally they have gotten away on me.  Well I have done the front.  Now it's time for the back.

I am almost ashamed to show these photos but I have neglected these gardens for a while.  By posting these I'll be obliged to do an update.  So you'll keep me  honest.

I've already managed to get out a couple of hebes which took over the whole garden.  I'm now thinking of putting in another two or three roses.
Before I decide I'll need to weed.


This one is on the way out to the pool.  I use this for my veges.  Although its overgrown  it shouldn't take too long to weed as the soil is pretty fertile.  I'm also growing some beans and cucumbers for the first time.  Two things I have never tried.  I've even got a capsicum in a pot on the deck.

Well I think that's about me for now.  I hope to get a lot better posting photos too. 

Righto I think I have time for a wine before I think about dinner.

Happy New Year everyone.


Happy . . .

Life is great, things are going way better than expected ( I hope I don't bloody jinx it)  we are good, we are happy, we are relaxed....