Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Sssshhhh .... it's very, very, quiet

Blogland must be going into hibernation to beat the winter chillies.  Brrrr.  It has been bloody cold.  Even my poor heat pump is struggling. 

So I found this on Heather's blog the other day. 

There are some good points to note on this list. 

This is my report.

1.  Poor preparation.    No - I'm prepared. 

2.  Not drinking enough H2O.  Have to confess I don't drink that much - I have a love/hate  relationship with water.  Sometimes I love it, others I hate it.  Possible room for improvement.

3.  Not getting enough protein.  No - I'm getting my protein alright. 

4.  Consuming too many liquid calories.  I will not give up wine.  Life is for enjoying.  Conversation and good company flow over a vino.  It's a great way to unwind after a busy day.     However, I have more wine free days than before.

5.  Not getting enough zzzz's.  I don't sleep that well at night.  I wake two to three times a night.  I am putting it down to menopause.  When I wake I it's either because I'm too hot, got to go to the loo, or I'm itchy.

6.  Skipping Breakfast.  I have always found it hard to eat first thing in the morningI need to wake up properly.  I do eat as soon as I'm hungry though.  Normally between 9 and 10am. 

7.  Shopping the centre aisles.  Not anymore.  Goodness.  This is a post on it's own.  I'm such a convert.  I'M DEFINITELY AN OUTER AISLE GIRL. 
8.  Poor record keeping.  I have always been lousy at this.  Now I don't think even about it because don't need to.  I'm not on a diet.

9.  Not lifting weights.  Pass.  Not me at all.

10.Giving up.  This blog and the one before has been a testament to the ups and downs I've had over the years with my weight.  If I had of given up and not kept coming back and trying  I'd be carrying an awful lot more excess weight.  Never give up.

Through blogging I have found a way that has helped me find a better and healthier way to live.   
The benefits have been weightloss and better health.  The ongoing benefits have been a rise in self esteem, pride and confidence.  Now doesn't that make a much happier place to be at. 

Catch you soon.


Friday, June 15, 2012

Good riddance to a shitty week . . .

Hello weekend.

Monday was crap, Tuesday was crap, Wednesday a little bit better, Thursday a lot better, Today fabulous.

Just don't let next week start the same.

Food has been great.  I'd started to let a few things slip (like sneaking a few lollies in every night) but now I'm back in control.   Personally I blame Mr T because since being in hospital he's developed a very sweet tooth and I'm always buying lollies for him.

Anyhow once normal eating resumed and I got back into my routine the sweet cravings disappeared.

Have been having Lucas a bit lately which is nice.  He is non stop chatter and full steam ahead. Everything at the moment seems to be a bit "scary aye".  He's a bit of a pistol and so funny.  I'm missing time with my little girl though because she's always either asleep or snuggling up with mummy when I'm around.  So I'm not getting enough cuddles.

She's 6 weeks old now and a little cutie.


Well I'll go and finish a few things before I head home and relax.  It will be so nice walking into a warm house.  Thank you heat pump.

Have a great weekend and if I remember I'll do another update.


Thursday, June 7, 2012

Another week down . . .

I can't believe another weeks gone.

It was so nice having a long weekend, this weeks gone really fast.

I had a great weekend.  I relaxed and did a lot of pottering and slowly everything is getting done.  It's such a nice feeling when everything is nice and clean and tidy - it has a carryover effect with the rest of my thinking.  Very thereauptic.

This coming weekend I hope I can get in the garden.

I'm so glad pumpkin isn't expensive at the moment because I seem to be making lots of it lately.  Sometimes it's all I need to full me up.

Got to catch up with Jackie and David over the weekend which is always nice.  By the way Jackie, remember how I said we should go to the Jazz festival, ummmm we can still, but we'd have to wait till next year.  It was over long weekend.  I really, really should have known that.

Just a couple of photos of my grandson....

Just got caught out shaking the baby powder out - threw the bottle away - trying to look innocent.  Shame the evidence is all over him.  Lol.

Catch ya later.


Friday, June 1, 2012

Yus, long weekend ....

Just cruising now.  Only two hours to go.  I'm looking forward to this weekend - not having to wake up to an alarm, bliss. 

So far I'm down another 500 gms since last post so things are going nicely again.  Looks like I'm getting back into my routine.  I'm enjoying playing around in the kitchen again and getting myself organised.  Plan on doing a big shop this weekend - after I've cleaned out my kitchen cupboards - and stocking them up again.  I use to hate grocery shopping, now I'm starting to enjoy it again.

You all know I enjoy having a wine.  Mr T is a bourbon drinker.  Before his accident he use to drink 4 - 6 bourbons a night.  But since then, because of all the pain meds he's been on his alcohol consumption is pretty close to zero.    I think that in the past two months I've bought two boxes of 12's.  Theres about half a dozen in the fridge now.    Lately I've been drinking diet zero, with loads of ice and sliced lemon or lime.  It's so refreshing and Mr T likes it. 

Now when Mr T and I were on our honeymoon we  partook in the hotel's happy hour everyday, trying different cocktails.

Our favourites were the mozzie and the pina colada.

So I decided to google low carb alcohol drinks (lol, as you do)  and I found a low carb version of the Pina Colada.

Well it looks the same, It looks good, hope it tastes good too.

I'll let you know tomorrow.

Have a happy and safe long weekend and if you're out on the roads,  -  TAKE CARE.


Happy . . .

Life is great, things are going way better than expected ( I hope I don't bloody jinx it)  we are good, we are happy, we are relaxed....