Tuesday, October 27, 2009

19 snapper !!!!!

Plus 6 kahawai, 1 gurnard and a stingray. Apart from the ray I'd have to declare the weekend fishing a great success.

What beauty weather we had too. I couldn't believe how flat the sea was. It was like being on a lake. Lovely and warm and sunny. It was just what I'd hoped it would be like.

Tapu is a nice little spot. Plenty of mussels and oysters to get at lowtide. Bushwalks too. Couldn't say the same about the campground tho. It was old. Which didn't bother me. But it was dirty. I went to put some food in the camp fridge. But it hadn't been cleaned and was full of mould. The toilets and shower block although hosed out were filled with cobwebs. I ended up showering in the family shower and you had to make sure you wore jandals there too.

But all in all it was great. I so love the laid back life. We had quite a few visitors pop over for a drink and a chat. The guys all talking about the best fishing spots and bait etc. The girls about kids, family, things to do, shopping etc.

The best bit was my eating was perfect. I ate fish, fish, mussels, oysters, cheese & crackers, 2 x tomato & cucumber cheese vogel sandwiches, fish, salad, mussels, fish and more fish the whole weekend. It was great. and water, orange juice and I managed to get in 2 bottles of wine over the duration of the weekend.

So I was greatly pleased to see that I lost 900 grams this week. Little beauty. This is a good loss for me as it was also pre TOM week t00. Do the happy dance.

I really do feel good. It always is when you're good to yourself and don't over indulge. My clothes are a bit looser. They're not cutting me in half anyway.

So my goals for this week are:

- to continue to watch portion sizes

- continue drinking water

- to start walking

My walking starts tomorrow. I'm doing the Pink Walk here with the girls from the Office. It's only 3.4 km. Not far - but just as well. I managed to slice my foot open on some oyster shells at the weekend pulling the boat in. A little nasty and a tad sore. I'm walking better on it today so I will just make sure I bandage it up well.

Oh and another thing I'm joining weightwatchers again. Unfortunately I won't be able to until the 11th Nov because I'm busy the next two Wednesdays. I did think about going to another meeting but I really wanted to start where I'll end up going.

So there we go. Starting another week. Another week to see less of me.

Catch ya later.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Friday yeah .. going fishing

I’ve had a pretty good week and the scales are rewarding me. I’m really happy about that. All I’ve done is drink plenty of water and watched my portion sizes. I’ve also just had protein and salads for dinner. Now I hope I don’t go and stuff it up over the weekend with too much indulgence. I should be okay.

This time tomorrow I’ll be on the boat out at sea with my line in the water. The sea will be calm, the sky a beautiful blue and the sun warming me, relaxing with a coffee or an orange juice. That’s what I’m hoping for so please, don’t let it disappoint me.

The cars loaded, the boat is just about loaded. I’m finishing here at lunchtime and will zap into the supermarket and pick up a few groceries. Not much. I only plan on eating fresh snapper and salad. On the boat I only pack fresh fruit, crackers, cheese, tomatoes, lettuce etc and vogel bread. And coffee , water and orange juice.

So we’re hoping to get away around 2 o’clock which will give us plenty of time to get to Tapu which is past Thames somewhere. Haven’t been there before but apparently the fishing is good. We shall see. It’ll only take us about 20 mins to put up our tent and another 20 to set everything up. We’re not taking the kitchen sink this time.

So I figure around about 6 o’clock we’ll be relaxing outside the tent and enjoying a drink or two.

I hope you all have a wonderful and safe weekend and that the weather gods are nice to us.

I’ll update when I get back.


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A little less of me ....

But I'm still feeling a bit snuggly.

Well yesterday wasn't too bad. I managed to get through the day fairly easy. The only problem was I didn't drink much water during the day so I drunk heaps last night and consequently had a bad night's sleep due to waking and trotting to the loo about three times. There's somethings you just never learn, lol.

Breakfast is always a problem for me because I just can't bear to eat as soon as I get up. So I've been taking a yoghurt and an apple to work to have around
9.30 - 10ish. It will help me for the moment but I will have to sort something else out as I figure I'd get a bit bored with it before too long.

I've set myself a few goals. The first one is to become a 70's girl again and I want to achieve this by Melbourne Cup Day. That gives me 2 weeks to love under 2kgs. That is very doable. After that I'll aim for 75, then 70 and 65 and then I'll re evaluate how I'm going and set a goal weight. When it's broken down like that it seems a helluva lot more achievable.

I had a bad day yesterday with my asthma, have been wheezing quite a bit and short of breath a few times. But losing weight has to help me, doesn't it.

I'm looking forward to doing the Rotorua Half Marathon in March with Jackie and a few of the girls. I have to be up to speed for that. Can't wait for you to get over here Jaxx and we can start doing some evening walks.

The sun is shining today and helps to make things look brighter. Mr T pulled the boat out this week and we're going fishing this weekend just past Thames. Forecast for the weekend is fine. I can't wait. We made our list last night of things to pick up from the lock up, few groceries to get etc because come Friday lunchtime we're gone. Something to look forward to - finally.

Anyway that's it for now. I'm hoping my posts are going to become a lot more positive in the days and weeks ahead. I'll leave you with the latest pic of Lucas. He's 10wks old now. His due date was suppose to be 24th October. We're getting lots of smiles now.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The No Go Zone ......

Unfortunately, I reached it and zoomed past. By an extra 2 kgs.

I can’t even begin to tell you how I’m feeling. It’s not pretty. I’m my own worse enemy. My clothes are far too snuggly, I feel like a mallow puff, I’m starting to look like one. I’m not liking the person I am becoming both looking from the outside and from the inside. I am under stress for lots of reasons. It’s such a busy time and there’s so much to do and worry about. Don’t no-one even mention Christmas.

Stress they say does not help with weight loss. Tell me about it. My food is becoming my comfort. The portion sizes are getting bigger. And I still feel hungry afterwards. Or I tell myself I do anyway.

I’m not eating “bad” food, just eating far too much of it.

So the main focus of this blog is going to be weight loss again.

This week I’m going to concentrate on

 Controlling my portion sizes
 Drinking in excess of 2ltres of water
 Cutting back on coffee and drink 2 green teas

Every day I’m going to tell myself “there’s a little bit less of you today than there was yesterday”. I'm going to find something to make me feel good about my day.

A few years ago I went to a Paula Ryan “You and Me” seminar. When it came to weight loss she said women always talk about how much weight they’ve put on and how they wish they could lose weight. She said the truth is if you’re really serious about it– then just do it. I know this philosophy doesn’t apply to everyone but for a majority of us it is true.

So I’m just going to do it.

I wasn’t going to do this, because I was ashamed. But here goes...

“Hi everyone. My name is Lee-Anne and I am overweight. I weigh 82 kgs. From today and every day there will be a little bit less of me”

Welcome to my weightloss blog.

I hope you'll follow me and support me.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Where has all the sunshine gone ....

It would be so much easier to get motivated if the weather wasn’t crap.

It’s times like this that my willpower sucks big time. I take the easy option and make excuses for myself.

All I want to do is stay warm and eat.

So I’ve been reading stories of the ones who have willpower and are successful. Boy do I want what they have. I’ve been checking out recipes and starting to plan healthy meals. I’ve got myself a little notebook so I can write down not only what I eat but how I feel. Over the weekend I will get some new walking shoes so I can start going for a walk either at lunchtime or in the evening to get ready for the half marathon.

So all I want now is for the sun to start shining and start spreading a bit of warmth inside me so my willpower gets a boost. Then there’ll be no stopping me.

Well that’s the plan.

Have a sunny weekend everyone. It is going to be sunny you know. Yeah right!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Boo !!!!!

I didn't realise it was so long since I did an update.

Lucas was transferred to Rotorua Hospital SCBU on 16th September with no fuss. He came over with another wee bubs who apparently cried the whole way. Not our little man. He is so laid back. It was so nice having him so close by and seeing how much he has grown. You can tell from the photos.

He's handling his celebrity status like a professional. Nothing seems to faze him.

Look how he's grown ....

"CAUTION": Some nudity content. Viewer discresion is advised.

First bath, loved it ....

Getting dry ...

Daddy, what big hands you've got ...

Father and son ...

AND THEN .... it finally happened .....

Lucas goes home ....

Mum's happy and I think Dad's a bit stoked .....

He can wear his own clothes now ....

He's a happy little chappy ....

Just chillin ....

First day home, snuggled up in his own bed ....

So you can see he's grown a bit since the last post. He's spent his first nine weeks in hospital.

Now he's home.

And what about me. Well I've become a bit blase and put on a kg. So tired of the yo-yo-ing I'm doing to myself. I have tightened the food reins this week. But typical - I try to be good then Monday it's someones birthday and there's a morning tea shout. I did not resist. I ate. Then a couple of hours later I ate my lunch.

I felt blurghhh... and quite annoyed with myself.

Tonight I'm going to give myself some beauty treatment. It's great for that "feel good" effect. Hope it does the trick.

I'm wondering if I'm sneaking back into hibernation mode. You get one really great day of weather and you get pumped and motivated then all of a sudden you get really cold weather - snow even for crying out loud, in October!!!! - and all good intentions and purposes fly out the window.

I had a thought last night that maybe I should go back to weightwatchers.Just for two or three months so I can get back on track. Going to a meeting has in the past kept me honest and more importantly accountable for what I do and eat. So I'll have a good think about it.

For now I'll keep on plodding along.

I'll catch you later.


Monday, October 5, 2009

Am I Rip Van Winkle ....

did I fall asleep and sleep through summer, cause it damn well feels like it . . . .

Those poor, poor people who were stranded on the Taupo Napier highway.
Boy do I feel for them.

The only good thing was that I was on holiday last week and it was total shite. Back to work today and if it had of been fine I would have really cracked the poos.

Anyway I'll just crank the heater up a bit.

So with summer, hopefully just around the corner it's time to rev things up a bit. I had been intending to start my walks in the evening but because of the shitty weather I haven't been able to . I really do need to mix things up a bit because I've stayed the same for the last couple of weeks.

Everybody seems to be having the protein shakes. I just have one question. Do they fill you up?

Friday, October 2, 2009

Catch up ....

Once again apologies for the lack of updates. Not much to report although I've been busy, busy.

Weight wise I was going well for a couple of weeks but seem to have reached a plateau where nothing is budging either way. Time to mix things up.

Week 1 of daylight saving and I'm on holiday. I had so much planned but it got stuffed up because of the crappy weather. Now here I am - Friday - my week's almost and I've spent the last two days down at the workshop doing cleaning and book work. I'm in charge at the moment as the guys are out on a couple of jobs. Hmmmm .... wonder if I can drum up some business.

Lucas is doing great. We're hoping he'll be home next week. He is just growing in leaps and bounds. I've had lots of lovely cuddles and kisses with my boy. Lots of chats so he gets use to my voice.

Life in general is settling down and slotting into a nice place. My energy levels are still high and I'm loving the change in me. It's really hit home how I must have been slowly going downward for quite a long time. I'm sleeping right through the night now. How fantastic that is. I wake up feeling refreshed and I can maintain this feeling right through the day. No mid afternoon lows. I use to blame the waking during the night with menopause as I'd always wake up "hot". Now I know it probably was due to not breathing properly. Especially as last month I'd have to sit up in bed to catch my breath.

I'm hoping for a lovely sunny day tomorrow so I can get out in my garden and clean out the pool area. Time to start dosing it again ready for when the hot weather hits us. I've dosed it and skimmed it but it's a bit green at the moment because I haven't had the pump running. I'll be able to have it on all day tomorrow so that should do the trick. My plants have survived despite not getting hardly any water during winter.

So now I'm rambling. I'll love ya and leave you. Have a good weekend.


Happy . . .

Life is great, things are going way better than expected ( I hope I don't bloody jinx it)  we are good, we are happy, we are relaxed....