Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy new year . . .

I hope everyone enjoyed their new years eve celebrations and no hangovers.  

I did not see the new year in.  Mr T and I got back from a roadtrip yesterday around 2pm.  We went up the Coromandel to check out the beaches keeping our dream alive of retiring to the beach. We stayed the first night at Kuaotunu Motorcamp.  Checked out Matarangi, Otama and ended back in Whitianga for the night.   It was lovely to get away.  Managed to get a tourist flat in Whitianga for a very reasonable price.

Well in my last post I mentioned lots of things had happened.  I had actually written my post and bloody deleted  it. It was quite long so I'm gutted and feel like giving up.  But I might just bullet point them

  • Our family vacay to the Coromandel was great.  The house was beautiful.  Lovely place.  We took the boat out from right in front of the house.  
  • Was great until the car broke down.  The ignition locked and would not budge.  Mr T was at the gas station at the time.  Motorists and boaties were getting frustrated as he blocked one of the lanes.  Was not nice.  Finally got the steering cover off and get the car out of park and they were able to move it on trolley jacks.  Someone towed the boat back and luckily we were able to get the car on a trailer and back to the house which was great.  The windows were down and we couldn't lock it.
  • Managed to get a great tow guy who couldn't tow it home until the Tuesday, however he did some research and between him and a locksmith managed to bypass the computer chip in the key and we were able to drive it home.  Great relief to pull in our driveway.
  • when I contacted the dealer they said it would be over $2k to get a new ignition and key programmed. 
  • Mr T was able to find a secondhand ignition and our locksmith reprogrammed the key.  All up cost us $159 for the ignition and $30 to get a new key programmed.  What a relief - so grateful.
  • While we were in Coromandel my friends daughter went into labour.  She asked me to be there as her support.  She was in labour for 52 hours!!!!!  I don't know why they didn't induce her.  I kept in touch by phone and txt.  She wanted me there.  At that stage I didn't even know how I was going to get home.  
  • Good news.  I made it.  I got home from the beach, quick shower and up to the delivery suite.  took over from her mum and one hour later Kiara was born.  What a miracle.  What an honour.  

  •  Her mum got the pip cause Dom wouldn;t let her let anyone know she was born.  She wanted to do that.  Fair enough.  So while she was in the shower she left leaving me literally holding the baby. Her loss my gain.  I was the first to dress bubs and also the first to tuck her in for the night.  I got Dom sorted in her room and she was ready for sleep.  I went home and phoned her mum and gave her a ticking off.
  • My son Matt that moved to Wellington has come home.  He said work was slow and he knew we were busy.  I think he was a bit homesick.  Anyway it has worked out for the best.
  • My gut wrenching news is that my son Nick and his wife Janelle have  separated.  They are the parents of my grandbabies Lucas and Sophia.
  • Nick moved out saying they needed a breather.  I think Nick thought so too and they would work it out.
  •  Janelle asked us earlier in the year if we could have her mums 50th birthday at our workshop.  Of course we said yes cause we get on well with her parents.
  • Two days before the birthday I found out that Janelle is seeing someone else and has been for a while.  She was also planning on bringing him to her mums party.

  • I told her he wasn't to come.  She said he was.  She was allowed to have friends.  I said no.  Then she told me I was selfish and immature.  I saw red.  Two things I definitely am not is selfish and immature and no way am I going to let anyone talk to me like that especially from someone who should no better.  So I gave it to her.  She told me she wasn't going to let me win the battte.  What battle!!!!!  If he couldn't come she wouldn't and it would be my fault that I had ruined her mothers birthday.  (Her mother was right beside me)  Then Mr T had had enough and told her NO it was morally wrong.  So she walked out saying she wasn't coming.  Her poor mum was in tears.  Now who was the selfish and immature one. 
  • End of story.  She came, he didn't, her mum had a great night.  Haven't seen her since.  I don't think she likes being told no.  
  • My son has the kids.  As I said before, glad Matt has come back home cause he and his girlfriend and Nick and the kids are now all living together.  Nick is an awesome dad, always has been, but now he's got support with his brother there and also Matt's girlfriend is studying to become an early childhood teacher.  It's worked out really well.
  • I have been so worried though.  Nick had the kids, but not many clothes and no toys.  Janelle has kept them for when the kids go to her which is suppose to be twice a week unless it doesn't interfere with her new life.
  • So I've bought the kids new clothes, they now have bunks instead of sleeping on stretchers and I made sure they had christmas.  I got a tree and decorations, stockings etc.  Kelly has helped out with clothes for Sophia and toys. Thank goodness its christmas cause they got spoilt and they now have plenty of toys and Nick has turned the spare room into a playroom.  Sophia is very clingy to her dad.  That worries me.  She's slowly coming around though.  I'm so worried about my grandbabies.  Kids should always come first.  I just don't understand.
  • I don't want to say anything bad about Janelle.  She was my daugher in law for the last 7-8 years, been in my life for 10.  I love her, still do. Just struggling to understand and accept her attitude.  Maybe they did get married too early.  But still.  She wanted the perfect wedding, she wanted the babies.  She thrives on the image.  Just don't know.
  • The week before christmas, the kids had an incident.  Nick had left the kids bedroom window opened because it was too hot. He was going to close it before he went to bed.  Then, the kids came out crying.  Someone had tried to get in the window and had pulled Lucas's blanket halfway out.  OMG.  The police came.  dogs, but nothing.  The police said probably a would be burglary.  Nick wants to think that too - he can't bear to think anything else.  Neither can I.  The good news is that the kids are okay and no lasting effects from that night.  Thank God.
  • We've worked really hard this year to turn our business around. On the last working day, a company that we had been doing a lot of work for went into liquidation.  Another kick in the guts.  Pleased to say that we are now working with the liquidators and we will get paid for our work.  
  • A week before christmas I had another shingles espisode.  I am now convinced that it is stress related.  Fortunately I had the right medication which I started taking straight away.  This time it wasn't quite so severe and cleared up before christmas day so I could enjoy our celebrations.
  • This year we had all our kids home.  Krystal was down for two weeks, so was Jamie.  We did have a great christmas.
  • So that's it.
  • Glad 2014 is over.  Looking forward to 2015.  It's going to be a lot better.
  • If you've read this far good on you.
  • Now to shift some weight.  Got a wedding in February.
  • I hope you understand my absence.  Other things also like my work.  Politics.  Some redundancies.  Not me though.  Still not a nice work environment.
  • So can' believe I actually redid this.  Been saving all the way, lol.
  • Here's to a brighter and happier 2015.
  • I'm on holiday now and relaxing.  I promise to be an awful lot nicer to myself this year.

Ciao xxx

Happy . . .

Life is great, things are going way better than expected ( I hope I don't bloody jinx it)  we are good, we are happy, we are relaxed....