Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Still hanging in there . . .

The last couple of weeks have been rather trying  . . . to say the least, but progress is being made, albeit slowly. 

I just about through my hands up in disgust and wanted to cry on Saturday when water started leaking from the holding tank in the ceiling. 

I should explain that our water is gravity fed and we have a big tank under our verandah that fills the tank in the roof.  When the plumber was our fixing a few things on Thursday, switching the water on and off and draining etc, the ballcock in the holding tank got stuck and overflowed.  This is not the first time this has happened and luckily the ceiling has to be replaced anyway.  We've talked about getting switched over to main supply, which will improve the water pressure no end.  So the good thing is that I chose the right plumber.  He wants new joinery, and he wants to do a deal.  So - we'll get him to switch us on to mains.  I just hope we won't have to wait too long.  I keep listening for water. 

*Rant ahead*

My days off were sabotaged.  Josh's mum decided to go away for the weekend.  I said fine, he can go to his mothers a couple of days earlier then to make up for it and give us a bit of a breather .  She phoned up and came up with a cockamamey story about how she has to go places and she's got to go see her other son in Hamilton, blah, blah, blah.   It didn't help she was pissed as a chook and slurring all her words.  It probably didn't help either that I was on my second glass of wine and cracked the shits big time.  I tell you what - it felt damn good.  Sick and tired of playing her little games.  Poor Mr T got stuck in the middle cause I refused to talk to her and gave the phone to him, but I still ranted around in the background loud enough for her to hear.  Blurted out how sick I was of being used, taken for granted, being everyone's cash cow, taking every other parents f- ups and fixing.  So I said stuff it Josh can stay with us full-time, I'll get in touch with WINZ, IRD and tell them.  Josh definitely wants to stay with us fulltime.  She hasn't a leg to stand on.  WINZ threatened to cut her benefit last year because they realised that Josh was with us most of the time and they had been paying her for 50/50 care.  After talking about it we agreed to write a letter to WINZ stating that though the custody agreement we have Josh over 75% of the time, as he has gotten older that this arrangement had become more flexible and balanced out to a 50/50 arrangement.   We did this purely in his best interests. He would be the one to suffer. 

Her response was to phone back, which we didn't answer , and to leave abusing me, saying I had a problem etc.  I do actually, and it's her.  She then left another message on my cellphone crying, saying she doesn't want to fight, but she's worried about her son in Hamilton and I don't understand, blah, blah, blah.  Get over it woman, your tricks may have got you away with a lot before but your numbers up.

Rant over.   

Okay here's the wall out.
 I'll be glad to see the back end of those colors I can tell you.

As you can tell it's really opened up the dining lounge area, making it more sociable and open plan.

And Mr T's other project . . .   his $50 spa pool.

It works!!!!!  Brilliantly.  They fired it up at the workshop the other day to check it out and apart from one small leak, everything works.  Total extra cost - $25.  We will restain the outside as well but still a bargain.

She's a biggie - with a back massager too.

He took this to show me - "even the light works huney".    He is so pleased with himself.   So now all it needs is a jolly clean.  Which reminds me of a little story to share.

I told him we'd get baking soda on to some of the problem spots.  When I was at the workshop last week  I walked over to check out and lo and behold in the bottom of the spa was a packet of BAKING POWDER.  I couldn't stop laughing, he'd got the powder confused with the soda and was wondering why it wasn't working.  A bit of a mere male moment most definitely.

UPDATE:   When I got home last night Mr T had spent the day at home installing the main part of the kitchen.    More photos's to follow.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Just why can't anything be easy for once . . .

Well I had a crap weekend.  Literally a crap weekend !!!!!

I got home from work and Mr T told me we had a sewerage drain was blocked and it had overflowed and gone into the downstairs garage.

He spent the weekend cleaning out the crap, he didn't want me down there, I'm glad but I did feel guilty.  

On top of that the drain in the kitchen blocked as well and ended up flooding the kitchen.  Yes definitely something wrong with the plumbing.  

Over the weekend I did limited washing, I had to do wash his clothes and I had to wash the towels that had been used to mop up the floor.  I washed the dishes in about four inches of water.  I felt quite depressed at the weekend.

I made up my mind on Sunday night that I'd take Wednesday, Thursday, Friday off work to catch up on a few things both at home and the workshop.

Positives so far are:

  • The rest of the wall has been taken out
  • The electrician has been rewired
  • and the plumber will be out on Thursday to replumb my dishwasher  (and also sort out my blockage)
  • the plumber who I got out on Monday unblocked the toilet drain and he didn't charge us!!!!  He wants some aluminium joinery for his house - so Mr T ended up going to his place to do a measure up for him.  I tell you these tradespeople know how to do the bartering.

So I will sign off for now as I've got to clear my desk before I go.  I'm hoping my 5 day break will help me see the sunshine again.  


PS:  I should say to that we were still able to flush the toilet, we just did it as little as possible.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Midweek update . . .

Yesterday my perfume arrived.  I'd temporarily forgotten about it as I'd ordered last week and I try to rest my brain over the weekend.

It's Estee Lauder - White Linen.  I suppose if I was to have a signature perfume it would be this.   

At the moment I'm badly  in need of a haircut.  Not to mention a bit of color.  I'm starting to look a bit salt and peppery.   My son Nick told me the other day I was looking a bit grey.  Told him it was all his fault.  I was fine till I had him then went gray and blind!!!!!!  It sucks being short too, it means everyone looks down on me and can see my graying roots long before me.  He said I should leave it gray.  yeah right.  I don't mind being 51, doesn't mean to say I have to look it though. 

So as I said in the last post - I caught Mr T out.  He'd started to take the kitchen out.  So obviously I wasn't able to take a proper before picture but I probably have one somewhere on hand.  I do know I've got pictures of the whole house, each room when I bought it, and the difference I can tell you is quite amazing.  The house was built in the 1950's and the wood is native rimu and matai.

Anyhow when I saw these photos I thought eeww yuck.  It looks even worse.  Funny what you get use to when you live in it day to day - you get accustomed to your surroundings.  I even wasn't going to post these but then hey, the aftershots are going to be a lot better than the befores right.  Besides I will have a lot more natural light coming in.  But omg look at that lino.  Cringe, cringe.

He's cut away the wall on an angle to the right and he will be taking out most of the wall to the left once he's moved the wiring.  
When it's finished it will just open the two rooms and allow more natural lighting in.

 So now to keep me focussed and remind me where we're heading - you can get a pretty good idea of where  we're heading from the pics below.  From the oven all the way round  and there won't be a gap under the island.  It's been shortened.

 And only the unit with the slider is going in.  We want to open as much of the wall as possible. 

So far he's doing a couple of hours a day and not doing too bad a job. I just need to get use to the dust and the disruption, hopefully for not too long.

But at the end of the day I just can't wait till it's finished, and as I said to Mr T - now you've started, you can't stop.


Monday, July 15, 2013

Cruisy weekend ...

Had a lovely lie in both mornings. Spent Saturday, just relaxing and catching up on housework and staying warm.  It was a miserable day.

Sunday, was a lovely day.  Caught up Jackie and David for lunch again.  We are getting better aye Jackie.  Not so long between catchups this time.  Next time we should take the obligatory bloggers photo.

Had planned on going to the Home Show after lunch but as Jackie told me, it's next weekend not this.  Oh well, will have something to look forward to next week.

I seem to be struggling a bit at the moment when it comes to food.  I'm still trying to get into my groove.  I think getting the kitchen in will be a great motivator for me.  

The main part is finished!!!  It will be coming home soon, maybe this week.  But then there's still the wall to go out and the old kitchen gutted and wiring and plumbing etc...  But yes it's happening, and yes it's before the spa pool but that's not too far behind either.  The man is on a bit of a mission.  I'll just need to keep him focussed on the rest of the kitchen.  

I also love spa pools.  I think that they are the best, not only for the obvious but I think that they are a great place for couples to relax, unwind and communicate without stress.  A great many dreams and ideas have been hatched in the one out by the big pool.  

Our little Sophia has just started crawling. A late starter at 14 months.  She's been a little bit slower in some of her development but nothing to be overly concerned about.   She's just moving along at her own pace.  She's a lot more sociable now too and we're getting lots and lots of smiles now.

I don't know what I did to this video but I will change it when I get home.  I've got another one on my laptop.

Video removed.

OMG.   I've just caught Mr T out.  I haven't been able to get hold of him at the workshop or on his mobile.  (He knows when I phone)
So I had a thought, and phoned home.  He answered.  What's he doing there in the middle of the day.  Starting to take the kitchen out.     I haven't taken any photos yet.  Will do when I get home.  It might be a work in progress - but I have photos of the house when I first bought it and all the changes that have been made since.

Oh dear poor Sophia must be warn out - she hasn't stopped moving at all.  I will change it when I get home.


Monday, July 8, 2013

Apparently I'm married to Steptoe . . .

We've been enjoying the last couple of weeks back by ourselves, getting ourselves into a routine again.  

Last weekend though, which was our first full free weekend, we did bloody nothing, just stayed at home and relaxed.  Saturday I just pottered around - catching up on washing,dusting, vacuming and general cleaning - at my own pace but it got done nevertheless.  On Sunday though, I just didn't seem to move at all.  By lunchtime I had no energy whatsoever and felt so blah, that I ended up going back to bed and basically wrote the day off.  I have to say that does not happen to me very often.  The theory is that my body finally gave in - nothing to stress or worry about - and MADE me rest.  Just what I needed obviously because come Monday I was so in to it.   I was just so alert, happy, felt so healthy and best of all I was 100% energised and it felt just awesome.

 Well, wouldn't you know.  We got rid of one houseguest and ended up with another.

No kidding.

I got up one morning, went to fill the jug, looked out the window and what the dang is that.

I know I was still half asleep but I had to have a closer look . . .

Yep.  That's a chook alright.  And Mr T did what he does with all animals, because they're just so cute he can't resist - he fed it.    

We don't know where she came from, there's no chooks around the neighbourhood that I know of but she was with us for a few days.  I'd just arranged for Nick & Janelle to take her (I'd call her Matilda by that stage)  and wouldn't you know it, that day we came home and she was gone. 

She certainly didn't starve while she was with us and I just hope that she found her own way home and it wasn't a dog or kid that chased her away.

The kitchen is coming along well.  Once we get the main U shape finished then we will get that put in and then the other units will be added as time permits.  We're running out of room down at the workshop, so it has to get finished.  So yesterday, we went down to the workshop and we started stripping off the rest of the cupboard doors.

Done a bit of paint stripping in my day so it was no worry for me.  

So now all that's left to be done is just the front panel and around the oven area.

Trust me there is still plenty of cupboards, drawers and pantries to do but we will have a better picture of the rest of the layout once the main unit goes in.

I am beginning to think I'm married to Steptoe.

 Last Thursday going home from work Mr T had this big grin on his face.  Not so unusual seeing as it's Thursday night and the start of our kidfree days.  But this was something else and I knew he was waiting  for me to ask.

Okay, whats up?

I bought a spa.

You what!

We installed a door today and the woman had a spa sitting in her driveway.  I asked her if she wanted me to take it away for her.  She said yes.  $50.

So now I have a Hot Springs Spa Pool sitting in the workshop, next to my kitchen.  

I have to admit it's pretty damn good though.  Obviously it will need to be stripped and restained and the inside a bloody good clean as it's just been left to the outside elements without any cover.

But it's a pretty good damn deal if you ask me.  The bonus is - it works!  He had to replace a couple of switches and a plug but it goes.  Even the light in the pool.

We still have quite a bit of decking leftover and it will be going alongside the garage, in the top photo.

So the question is people - does the kitchen come before the spa, or the spa before the kitchen.

I tell you there is never a dull moment in our house.


Happy . . .

Life is great, things are going way better than expected ( I hope I don't bloody jinx it)  we are good, we are happy, we are relaxed....