Friday, October 31, 2008

a new approach

I’ve been thinking I can’t do this weight loss thing on my own. I just can’t be strong with Mr T around and whether he knows it or not he is my partner in crime simply because I just suck big time when it comes to willpower. He is the complete body opposite of me. He’s tall and extra sk slim. I’m short and dumpy. His metabolism is through the roof, mine’s struggling to get off the floor. I’m not blaming Mr T ok. It is all me. It’s just that he makes it so easy to give in all the time.

So tonight we are going to talk. All about me. God help me I’m going to let him see my weightwatchers journal that I keep online. I’m going to get him familiar with points, tracking, portion sizes etc. He’s going to learn all about the Plan. He’s going to learn it so well that our topic of conversation will start with – how many points is that. He’s going to make sure that I do the tready ever night to earn bonus points so that I can sit down with him in the evening and have a glass of wine with him. He is going to go through the recipes with me and we’ll decide and plan our meals for the week before we go get groceries. He can find meals that will get him back in the kitchen cooking. Basically he is going to be my willpower, my voice of conscious until I can get a grip on it myself.

There’s another reason. We are back to the two of us and Josh at home now. The past couple of weeks have been tense and stressful. We have both been worn out, stressed and grumpy with each other. We have both been sick. No two ways about it – the cause has been stress. We haven’t eaten properly and our bodies have rebelled. We need to start re-evaluating our lifestyle. I want him to learn that eating healthy tastes just as good if not better than his KFC, McDonald’s and steak and mushroom pies. So he needs to learn different ways of cooking and creating.

I’ve been searching through the recipes this morning and found a few that will be good for him to start with.

Chicken Cacciatore

Beef Stroganoff

Italian Spicy Chicken

I have no doubt Mr T will become my ally.

I feel rather peaceful and strangely content. I really like it. Tomorrow I have to go on a course which I totally forgot about. I don't know why I get myself into these things. The upside is it is in Taupo and Mr T is coming with me and we're having a night away.

I'm going straight home after work tonight and hope to be able to upload some photos before Mr T gets home.

I'm really looking forward to the weekend.

Have fun everyone ....


Thursday, October 30, 2008

Where to begin ....

There's so much shite that's been happening the past couple of weeks that I don't really know where to begin or even if I want to begin.

Needless to say I slipped myself into a deep hole and I'm slowly digging my way out again.

Stressful times means irrational eating. Sometimes eating for the sake of eating, sometimes not eating at all. Haven't been near the scales but I'm not too worried. I figure it will all balance out eventually.

Oooh but one thing - I did get my hair cut last week into a bob. And I love it. Everyone says it makes me look younger. Who am I to argue. I have some pics to post causes I know you're going to want to see. I also owe you some bedroom pics too. The room's not quite finished. We still have to make the wardrobe doors. Apparently I'm going to be making them. Should be interesting.

Everything is just full on here moving along at 100 mph. I'm going to open my eyes one morning and it's going to be christmas and I'll be thinking how the hell did that happen.

So I guess I'd better cut the crap, kick myself in the butt and get my act together.

I'll be back on a more positive note.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Keeping the skinny going ….

I took a few days off work last week and went to work down at the workshop with Mr T. I loved it!!! We work together on Saturdays but it’s not quite the same. This was during the week – when all the builders and people wanting joinery and quotes walk through the doors and I get to see our little business a hive of activity and Mr T in action. It really made me feel good and proud inside. It was neat seeing it “all come together” so to speak. And of course there’s always a joke to be had with tradespeople. It also made me want to be there all the time. One day ….

The bonus was I lost 2.2kgs last week. Fan-freaking-tastic. I just did not feel hungry at all. I had smoko (that’s what us manual labourers call morning tea) around 10 and it kept me going till dinner time. I only had a sandwich too. I can’t believe I never felt hungry. But I worked. I was on my feet most of the day. Time just flew by. I could feel the weight melting off me. My jeans were just getting looser and looser. Hell, if I could give up work right now and work down at the workshop I would. I’d burn this fat off so fast I’d be a shadow of myself by Christmas and not even be aware that it was happening. I also picked up a tummy bug on Saturday that meant not much found it’s way to my mouth. So last week really helped to give me a good push in the right direction and I believed I'm going to lose this weight.

So that’s why it’s really important now that I keep the skinny going. Cause right now I’m back at work, sitting down in front of my computer screen and fighting off the niggles that's telling me I’m hungry when I’m not.

My skirt is fitting nicely around my waist and hips, my top seems a bit looser around my boobs. It’s a nice feeling. One I want to keep. I don’t want to sabotage this feeling. My tummy is nice and flat and skinny. No bloat going on. So keep it this way girl. Get some incentive.

Alright - I just have. I just booked the hairdressers for Thursday. I badly want a cut. Not short, short – but more of a bob I think. It’ll probably still be a bit of a shock for Mr T tho.

Today I’m going to :

Drink 2 litres of water
Do 20 mins on the tready

And clean the bathroom.

Sounds like fun.

I’m outta here.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Back to normal

Just a shortie .....

A quick jump on the scales this morning and I’ve had a gain of 100 grams. So what.

Due to lack of food in my fridge at the moment ( school holidays ) I ended up buying sandwiches for lunch today. So I’m going to have go home via the supermarket. If not I just know I’ll be making bad choices tomorrow.

Life is back to normal. Well will be shortly.

Krystal flew home at lunchtime and Josh went to his mother’s later this afternoon. When I get home it will be silent. I will be able to relax. No fifty questions. No fast talking. Just peace and quiet. A quick bit of tidying up, a light dinner and bed.

No kidding – I’m stuffed.


Monday, October 6, 2008

Here's to 47, married and 62 kgs ....

Four years ago I was 42, single and 62 kgs.

Now I'm 46, married and around 14 kgs heavier.

I've always been better at losing weight and maintaining when I'm single. When I only have to be accountable to myself then I'm fine. Probably because I don't feel the need to cook the meat and three vege type dinners. I'm more happy with something quick and simple. Mr T is a big meat man. He use to do a lot of cooking in the early days - and he use to dish up big meals. Slowly I got use to eating bigger meals. I also got use to coming home in the evening, getting dinner started and then sitting down with Mr T and discussing the day's events over a drink or two.

Can you see the bad habits forming. I figure if it wasn't for my constant attempts to keep on "starting over" I'd be a little buddha by now.

For the past couple of years I've been trying to find the "balance" to be able to "have my cake and eat it too" kind of a lifestyle because next year I want to be 47, happily married and 62 kgs. Love, happiness and lifestyle.

I watched a programme on tv on sunday called The Perfect Age. Well they figured it out to be around 47. That's me baby. This is my "prime time". I fully intend to enjoy it. We're suppose to have less hassles, be more financially stable, have a grown family, more likely to be successful, right brain power, exercise and attitude levels.

So the journey keeps on going. To smaller portions, less alcohol (which I have cut back already - but not completely lol), LESS STRESS and more exercise - gotta up the energy levels.

I raise my glass of water to you.


Well Mr T got the computer sorted last night and loaded the camera software again. So finally people, some photos. I have heaps more to load.

We've been really busy at the workshop lately so we've turned to Child Labour to do the cleaning. And they do it with a smile too.

However, I did not have a smile on my face when I got home and saw the mess their bedrooms were in.

They won't be saying to me that they're bored and what can they do again for a long, long, long, long time I can assure you.

A new lease of life ....

It’s a lot easier focusing on things when you have less to worry about I can assure you.

It’s wonderful to see and feel the “buzz “ that’s going around blogland at the moment. Great feeling. I think it’s contagious. Bring it on. That’s what we’re here for – to support each other. Nice to see some familiar faces and some new ones too.

Okay over the weekend I decided to do a week of low carbing to maybe help boost my energy levels and to combat the ravenous TOM effect that should be due to start happening very shortly. The benefits of this are: a flatter tummy, no bloating, heaps more energy, feeling good and looking good.

Today I have had absolutely no hunger cravings or to that matter even thought about eating. Why can’t everyday be like today. I had a high protein salad for lunch and I feel bloody full. Chicken, egg, cheese plus my favorite salad ingredients. Sue also gave me a great tip to help with getting my water down. I’ve set it up on my Outlook calendar and it pops up every hour to remind me to drink my water. If I haven’t finished my glass, I chug it down and then go refill it.

I’ve been taking lots of photo’s but will have to wait until Mr T has revamped the computer at home. It’s been running so damn slow. I’m gone and bought a stack of CD’s so we can back everything up. Didn’t realise I had so many photo’s loaded. Hopefully if he doesn’t get sidetracked he can do that tonight.

Had a great weekend. Kids are all good. We ended up playing Pictionary yesterday. My two, the young two and me and Mr T. Lol, what a hoot. Then Matt and Nick took Josh downstairs and they played on the playstation and apparently Josh thrashed them. He was one very happy boy.

Matt’s looking after them for the next couple of days and Josh is rapt. It’s great to see the big brother thing happening.

Well that’s about it – I’m outta here.


Friday, October 3, 2008

Oh happy days .....

All of a sudden I feel really motivated again.

I'm on top of the world and eager to get started again. If I dig in deep I can lose a reasonable amount of weight before the christmas hols begin. That would be heaven. Not to feel fat and frumpy in the heat. To feel cool and loose in my clothes. Back to tracking like you all are doing. To write everything down that passes my lips. Not to cheat. And that problem of drinking water - I'm just going to have to do it. I will find one article of clothing that I want to fit into again (I will be realistic) and every week at weigh time I will try it on to see if it's getting looser. That will be my gauge along with the scales to let me know how I'm going and keep me motivated.

Tonight we're going to load the software for the camera again so I can post some photos. I've got plenty.

The sun's shining, it's warm, it's the start of the weekend. My house will be clean when I get home. Well I hope so. Krystal's home for the school holidays. You should see what her bedroom looked like after being home for three hours. OMG.

Feeling good. Feeling great. Just got back from the lawyers. Josh doesn't want anything to change. That's what's going in the report. Things will stay the same. Hopefully there will be an end to this real soon. What a waste of time and money.

Looking forward to a lovely weekend and a sunny happy days.


Thursday, October 2, 2008

Missus .... can I have a weigh pass please

I think if I was a guy I'd be an alcoholic. Is there a male version of this???

No weigh in today. Could say I forgot but that would be a lie.

Yes I chickened out. Yes I feel bad. Yes I took the easy way out. I'm sorry.

I had a hungry day yesterday. I was grazing all day and then we went out for dinner. I had soup and a bun, oysters, a couple of tiny bits of raw fish, slice of pork, four tiny baked potatoes in jackets - about the size of a ping pong ball - with chopped bacon, onions and rosemary, slice of pork, broccoli and a small piece of steamed fish. I didn't have any deserts or cheeses. So that's something in my favour. But I did have one glass of wine.

Had quite a miserable night last night with the kids. Was quite upsetting. As I'm writing this Josh will be in seeing his lawyer. His mother is taking him. I'm hoping she's finding that very difficult. Our turn tomorrow.

On the good side tho it's a lot warmer today. The chill's gone out of the wind, the sun is shining, I remembered to pull the chicken out for dinner, I can go home and relax, I can destress a wee bit, it's Thursday and I'm going to have a drink tonight and tomorrow's Friday.

Things can only get better .....

Happy . . .

Life is great, things are going way better than expected ( I hope I don't bloody jinx it)  we are good, we are happy, we are relaxed....