Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Proud Mama . . .

A great article in our local newspaper today.  I am so proud of our kids.


I'm often asked why my son isn't in the paper too.  Simple fact is he doesn't want to be.  He's content with being the back up support.  He's also one fantastic father and an incredibly loving and thoughtful husband. He totally adores Janelle.

They were childhood sweethearts, from primary school.  Then we moved across town and they went to different schools.  Then as happens their paths crossed again at 16 and they married at 19.  

At 22 . . .  they became parents.

To Lucas, who was born at 28 weeks . . .

Holding hands with Nana

Daddy's hand

Father and Son

This look of love is the same look that I see on my son's face everyday since.

For the first two year's he was the stay at home dad, house husband when Janelle's parental leave ran out.  

We got to birthday no.1

. . .

Birthday no. 2

 Then baby no. 2 on the way . . .

 Sophia arrives  - full term!!!!!!
Lucas becomes a big brother


Birthday no. 3

 Brother & Sister . . .

 Daddy & Sophia

On Saturday we had the little princess's 1st birthday 

 Not quite sure what everyone's looking at . . .

But that looks interesting . . .

Might just have a taste . . . 

 Not too bad at all. 

What a beautiful family.

I am so, so proud.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A lilttle tired this morning . . .

 Mr T and I had a bit of a late night last night.

We had a bid on an auction that finished at midnight.  But it was worth it.  Because we won it.

We've been slowly doing up our house over the last few years and we've left the biggest one to nearly next to last.

Finances being tight over the last year or so I've almost become resigned to my kitchen not getting done in the near future.  

Until I found kitchens on trade me.  Who would of thought.  Obviously not me.

So I've been checking out the listings and everytime I see one I like I put it on my watchlist not ever thinking of even bidding on it,  but tonight Mr T came to me and said your kitchen closes tonight.   I said nevermind and he goes honey it's solid rimu, it also includes the hob, the oven and rangehood - complete kitchen (minus the fridge, microwave and dishwasher - but I have those anyway)

Unbeknownst to be me Mr T has been checking out my watchlist and it caught his eye too.  He's actually been putting money aside for awhile the little sneak.  Fancy not telling me that. 

But it was worth it and what a surprise.

The thing is we want to sell our house and buy at the beach.  It's not worth putting money into a new kitchen as we wouldn't get our money back.  So this is the next best thing.

So what do you think.

We got it for just over $1,000.   


 My kitchen is tiny at the moment and is a small U shape.  It would fit from the stove around just past the dishwasher.

But I do have a family room right next door to the kitchen where we can utilise the rest of the cabinets.  

I'm pretty happy right now.  

Especially as my husband is a joiner.

The only question I have to ask is - how long is it going to sit in the workshop until it gets in my kitchen??????

Friday, April 19, 2013

TGIF . . .

I can't wait for the weekend to begin.  Another hour and a half to go.

The past few weeks have been really busy and we've done quite a bit of travelling in that time.  I'm looking forward to staying put this weekend and catching up with a few things.  

Last weekend it was my mum's 70th birthday.  We headed over to Tauranga on the Sunday and had lunch at Harbourside.  It was a nice place but not nice having to wait for over two hours to get our lunch.

Happy Birthday Ma

 It was great to catch up with my brother and his wifeThey farm over Te Aroha way.   He's just bought a boat and told us we can use it anytime we want.  As they farm they would only use the boat during the week and bonus is that they fish at the same place as us and we'd just have to pick the boat up from them which is right on the way.   Mr T was a bit reluctant at first but he has since warmed to the idea.  We were going to go this weekend but we decided probably best to put it off for a few reasons.  I feel for Mr T but I am relieved we'll be staying put.  The weather looks like there could be a bit of rain anyway.  But we're both definitely going to take up my brother's generous offer - that's for sure.

Rachel, John and Me

When I saw this photo I thought I looked tired and my hair was getting too long and a bit mousey.  So this week I went and had it cut and I dyed it a rich burgundy.  Crikey it's a bit different than what I'm use to.   It's almost black.  Not quite sure I like it yet.  Will get a new photo up over the weekend so you can see.

My weight has crept us nearly a couple of kgs.  I haven't been very organised so I'm looking to  spend some time in the kitchen preparing meals that I can pop in the freezer.  I know once I get back into the swing of things everything will fall into place.  I could do with a real energy burst at the moment.

I hope to get around everyone's blogs this weekend too.  Been meaning to comment and haven't thinking I'll pop back and do that later which of course doesn't happen.  I also need to add a few more links on my sidebar as well.

Righto then, only half an hour to go and I can stop work for wine o'clock before I go home.  Whoop, whoop.

Ciao, have a great weekend. 

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Update and a few photos . . .

 Some of you might have seen these photos that I put on facebook.

We had the grandies for the weekend.  

I'd had the previous week off work to get a few things sorted with the business.  I had a good week which I filed, boxed and stored - turning chaos into organisation and hopefully a system in place that even Mr T can follow.  He is an absolute genius when it comes to aluminium joinery but when it comes to the paperwork he's a walking, talking time bomb.  He just doesn't write notes on paper, but wood, cardboard anything that's within reach.  He's a freakin nightmare.  I live in fear of throwing anything out.  

Anyhow I think I got him about 80 % organised now.  I have whiteboards by the phones, pads, pens and large diaries for when he goes to do measurements.  Hopefully I won't have bits of wood on my desk with numbers and drawings on now.

We hadn't seen the grandies for a couple of weeks so we thought we'd have the two older ones for the weekend.

It was great fun.  

They were both waiting for us to pick them up.  We weren't quite sure if it was their eagerness or their parents, lol.

Never you mind we had a blast.

First stop was Play-utopia.    

 The ball cage was a big hit.


PS:  Nana and Poppa survived 3hrs non stop at Play-utopia but we really should have been warned about the assault course.

Off to the $2 shop and the supermarket to stock up on supplies

Then dinner at McDonalds and some more playtime.


Then it was time to go home and thanks to Dora Nana and Pop had a bit of reprieve and a cuppa while they watched a DVD.  Enough time for Poppa to hide a few easter eggs.

They had a ball hunting around for the eggs.  Lucas said to me - Nana I think I need a basket. 


 Our plan was to tire them out but I think it backfired.

Lucas told some amazing bedtime stories with full expressions, so cool.  Nana had to put her imagination cap on and come up with some stories about dinosaurs and beanstalks off the top of her head.

It was a 4.15 am start (daylight saving time) - didn't see that one coming. 

Managed to keep them semi occupied  till after 8.30 then they headed outside and burned some energy trying to catch bubbles.

We survived till just after lunch when their parents collected them.  

I put a roast lamb on and went and we had a wee nana nap.

We were quite proud on Sunday night that our D-I-L was nominated as a good sorts on TV1 news.


It just capped a perfect weekend for us.  

We had so much fun nana, when can we do it again.


We're off this afternoon to New Plymouth.

I've never been to New Plymouth.  Looking forward to it.  
Forgot the camera, kicking myself.  Will have to use our phones instead. 

Have  a happy and safe weekend all.

PS:  I enjoyed some Easter buns and layed off the chocolate.  slight gain that is all.   

Happy . . .

Life is great, things are going way better than expected ( I hope I don't bloody jinx it)  we are good, we are happy, we are relaxed....