Friday, February 14, 2014

Survival . . .

We have been in survival mode since Christmas.   It's not a nice place to be.  January was absolutely horrible.  I was not in the mood to blog. 

Just when you give up the unexpected happens.

We've been overwhelmed with the support that we've been given by the local businesses.  Makes you feel really humble.  We are going from closing the business down to having to look at more staff.    The turn around came so fast that it took a while for it to actually sink in.

I feel I've aged an awful lot.  I'm so tired still.  We are sleeping a bit better so hopefully we'll be able to rejuvenate ourselves a bit quicker.

My hair's getting longer, but manageable and not annoying me.  It's light brown now, thanks to the sun and lots of washes - not red anymore.  I'm wondering whether or to put another color in or just leave it as is.  But then again having it a bit darker adds a bit of life to the old girl.

While I was away I also turned another year old.  Hello 52.

One of the girls at work cut these flowers for me out of garden.  They were so really beautiful. 

Another nice thing that happened last week was we took a long weekend and went fishing and camping.  

Both my boys have just developed a passion for fishing.  However catching them seems to have eluded them.  A weekend with mum and they caught more fish than they had in the last 6 months.

We borrowed my brothers boat which we picked up along the way.

Nick and Janelle had their first break away from the kids ever and they had a ball.  She got stuck in and was baiting up her own line after being shown how to do it.   She caught plenty, even though some we had to throw back.

She even helped out cleaning out the boat.

That's my husband.  The one with the baggy jeans!!!!!

They also had their first lesson on how to fillet a fish properly.
 They took it very seriously.

  One of the nicest things that has happened over the christmas break is how Josh has come out of his shell and is spending more time with the family.  I'm actually quite proud of my boys as they have really stepped up to the mark and included Josh in a lot of things and it's having huge benefits.  They speak to him as an adult not as the spoilt kid.  He watches them and how they help out and now he's starting to do a few extra things for me without being asked.  Matt's (my youngest)  been staying with us for the last couple of weeks and Josh literally hangs onto his every word.  Also with Matt doing things around the house, Josh is too.  He hardly spends anytime on his Xbox anymore.  

Matt got a job offer in Wellington with more pay, better working conditions etc.  He and his girlfriend ummed and ahhed about it for awhile.  They've never been away from home and family.  I told them they had to take it.  If things don't work out then they always come back but they need to make that step.  I will miss him but I think career wise it is the best thing for him.  

So tonight is his last night before he heads down to Wellington.   A nice chatty night.  Feed him up one more time. His girlfriend is already down there - setting up house and her course begins  soon and she's managed to switch everything over.  She's on her last year of her Early Childhood Diploma.  I just know they're both going to do really well.

Well that's my news for now.  

Ciao for now.

Happy . . .

Life is great, things are going way better than expected ( I hope I don't bloody jinx it)  we are good, we are happy, we are relaxed....