Monday, December 26, 2011

Wonderful Christmas .....

Well thats christmas done and dusted for another year.

We had a fabulous day. The weather was great, couldn't have asked for a better day.

We did our last minute christmas shopping on the Friday, spent Saturday tidying up around home. We bought the grandies a swing and slide set for when they come to visit Nana and Grandad.

And their own little outdoor table.

They had a lot of fun opening all their pressies

Everyone was happy.

Krystal and Kayla

Janelle DIL who is 22 weeks pregnant, Lucas, Kayla and Kelly

Cousins, they are so cute together. They both go to the same daycare and are mates. So cool listening and watching them.

One very tired little girl.

These are out two middle boys. Matt 23 and Jamie 24. Getting a kick out of the joke pressie.

We all had fun plenty of food and drink and no arguments.

Today we've been resting up and tomorrow we're heading off to the beach for a couple of days. Fingers crossed the weather stays fine.

I'm so enjoying having Krystal home. She's been such a big help to me.

Oh and by the way I jumped on the scales and was happy to see thenm down again. I was such a good girl yesterday. Still have a way to go but I'll get there.

I hope you all had a wonderful christmas and got spoilt.

Be safe and happy.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Wind down time ......

Tomorrow lunchtime we close the office down for a couple of weeks. That means 17 days of no alarms and a time for rejuvenating and relaxing. It's been another tough year. I am determined I'm not going to get stressed at all.

I had an awesome week last week. I lost 1.2 kgs. I even shocked myself as it was TOM week too. I have now lost a total of 7.8 kgs. I thought it was 7.2 but once I checked my diary I found it was 7.8!!!! It's been about 6 - 7 weeks since I really started low carbing. In that time I have had 1 baked potato. I do not miss my bread, potatos, crackers etc and I have something that I didn't have before. I've got the strength and the willpower to say no.

I'd really encourage you to try and cut down on your carbs. The most incredible thing is no hunger and no desire to overeat. I push my plate away when I'm full and that's that. I'm not worried about christmas in the slightest.

The loss is now starting to show and people are noticing and I'm getting lots of comments. I'm just buzzing. My clothes fit me so much better and its a great feeling being able to wear clothes that I haven't been able to for awhile and not have that tight snugly feel .

We got the news last Friday that our grandbaby in waiting is going to be a little girl. We're all stoked. So far everything is progressing well and Janelle is now 21 weeks. Having a break over Christmas will be just what she needs. We'll all be holding our breaths until we pass the 28 week mark (that's when Lucas was born).

Krystal arrived home on Saturday and promptly settled in. It didn't take long for her room to become a pigsty. I'm not worrying about it - just yet, but it will be cleaned before christmas.
It's great watching her and Josh get along. So much different from when they were little. Now they're teenagers and have much more in common.

I'll try and get a post and photos up before christmas.

But for now I'll go and start clearing my desk - cause afterall who really works on the last day.

Ciao xxx

Monday, December 12, 2011

Just testing .......

Hi there !!!!

Not very glam but just testing. After a good couple of months since getting my new camera - I decided I'd load the software on my work computer as well so I don't have to wait for Mr T to do it which like takes forever. Should of done it ages ago. Now I just have to get into the habit of taking plenty of photos.

So how have you all been.

Weighty matters out of the way. After not losing last week I'm now down another 700 grams. Still very much on track - no hunger, it's great. I've now actually downsized my plates to a bread plate because I was finding that I couldn't eat all my dinner. I have two meals a day with a mid morning and mid afternoon (sometimes) snack.

Had quite a busy weekend. Finally got most of the outside gardened and tidied up. Looks so much better. Just have to paint the front of the concrete verandah where the paint has washed off, empty the trailer and plant some flowers in the garden and I'll be right. Christmas tree is up and looking pretty. I nearly gave up on untangling the 250 freaking fairy lights that go on the tree and let the genius who bought them in the first place do it, but I took pity on him. Besides I wanted them on the tree. Tell me why do men think biggest is always best, duh.

I'm finally starting to get into the Christmas spirit. I finish work next Thursday lunchtime and then have a couple of weeks off and I'm really looking forward to a bit of R&R. We're staying home for Christmas this year and I'm looking forward to it. Also with Christmas not till the Sunday I have plenty of time to get my self organised and not get stressed.

Krystal's coming down this weekend for the holidays so we'll have all the kids, partners and grandbabies. Kinda exciting. Poppa T has a Santa suit and wants to wear it. I'm kinda hesitant because my experience with young ones and Santa Claus is scary screams and crying. I don't want him to scare the littlelies.

Mr T and I were reflecting on the weekend how long we've been together and the ups and downs we've been through. We can see how the years have flown by just by looking at our young ones Josh and Krystal. It's amazing what nearly 9 years does. I'll post some updated ones next week once Krystal's arrived.

Well I'd better move along and get back to work and get everything ready for my scholarship interviews tomorrow.

Ciao for now.

Monday, December 5, 2011

And so another week begins . . .

Another week closer to Christmas. I'm so looking forward to having an 18 day break.

Last week I finally got all the functions and do's that I '"have" to attend done and dusted so I can relax a bit more. I survived really well too. Hopefully now I can just cruise into the christmas break without any hiccups.

Jumped on the scales this morning and showed a 100 gm gain from last week. Pffff.... who cares. Some very wise person once wrote, I think it was Sue, that standing on the scales is just a "moment" in time. There could be lots of reasons why our body reacts to gains or losses but just remember it's only a snapshot of that particular moment. If you've been good and it's not showing on the scales don't let it do your head in, tomorrow's "moment" could be the reverse. And if you've been bad and know it , don't wait till tomorrow or the next day, sort it out at your next meal time. The sooner you do, the sooner you'll feel better.

This week I'm going to keep active in the evening - keep on top of my gardening, potter around the house - aim to clean one room a night to keep on top of everything. I don't want to spend my whole holiday doing catch up jobs. I think I'll also get the Christmas Tree up and get into the Christmas festive spirit.

This year we will be staying home with all the kids. I'm really looking forward to it. Especially with the grandbabies. What's everyone got planned for Christmas?

Take care and have a great Monday.


Tuesday, November 29, 2011

How I am going ....

Really great.

Another successful week and I'm down another 500gms. I'm really starting to feel it and "see" it now. It's such a wonderful feeling. I'm finally winning.

The incredible thing is that I've lost all cravings. I've been around food that I've never been able to turn down before and now I don't even look at them or am interested in them. We've had morning teas and several christmas functions and I am able to say no. At work I use to always be picking at food during the day - not any more.

The energy I have is great. I'm no longer lethargic. I no longer feel bloatey. I feel so healthy and I know its only going to keep getting better. I haven't had an asthma attack for over a year, but now I don't even suffer from shortness of breath after a brisk walk. A couple of months ago I use to be stuffed after hanging out the washing - how bad is that. It's great to see the ole Lee-Anne returning.

I've learnt that eggs are my friend. I keep hardboiled eggs in the fridge. Frankfurters too.
Breakfast is normally a couple of eggs and a slice of cheese. If I feel like eating again before lunch then I'll have a frankfurter. Lunch is normally salad or veges with chicken, fish etc. and dinner is basically the same. But I find that dinner is a lot smaller as I don't feel like eating as much. Anyone who knows me knows I love my vino. I still have my wine, not as much, but if I feel like a glass I'll have a glass. I know if I eliminated alcohol the weight will come off faster but I like my wine. Fullstop.

Mr T is noticing it too. He says its coming off my face and round my waist. He's also noticed how much more I'm doing and how much energy I have. He is however concerned about the boobies downsizing.

Lynda has some great links and ideas on her blog -definitely worth checking out.

We had a very busy weekend - but that's the next post. Hopefully I'll get the photos loaded on to my laptop tonight.

Catch ya all then.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Don't you ever give up . . . .

Mr T and I are having a blissful week this week. I shouldn't really say that but Josh is off at school camp this week and I'm just enjoying coming home and not having to rush to get dinner on, do the washing, tidying etc, etc ... and hearing my name 100 times - sheesh.

So just quickly - I lost 1.2 kgs the week before last and this past week 400 gms. That is great because last week I knew TOM was nearly upon me. For the first three days every morning I had lost 3 or 400 gms - then on the fourth UP she went and kept on going till the seventh day and down she came. It's amazing how much you gain over this time. Normally for me it can be anywhere between 1 - 2 kgs.

A couple of nights ago I was sitting out on the deck having a glass of wine and just reflecting. I was feeling a bit so so because I was thinking it's going to take me FOREVER to lose this weight. Then I told myself DON'T YOU EVER GIVE UP. It was almost like I was talking myself into a reason for giving up. So I snapped myself out of it. I am so impatient and bloody lazy. I want it all to fall off right now. It went on over time, so it's coming off over time. End of story.

This is what happens when I give up. This is about a three years ago and when I saw this photo I wanted to cry. I also wanted to delete it. But I didn't and I started over again. I'm not getting back to that size again.

I'm daily weigher and always will be. This keeps me accountable. The day I stop weighing is the day I give up, don't care and head back to that person above. Unhappy and miserable inside.

Since I've been low carbing, I'm dropping weight slowly. It is going down. I weigh myself every morning and get a buzz - even if it's the same or down a 100 gms or even up. I'm finding I'm not craving carbs. I'm not missing bread or potatoes. My appetite has diminished.

When I married Mr T I was 73 kgs. I'm nearly there again.

It feels so good ....

So I'm never going to give up and NEITHER WILL YOU!!!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Changing . . .

I'm starting to notice the little changes. I'm feeling "smaller" all the time. My clothes aren't quite so snuggly, I haven't been bloatey at all. The scales are down 1.8kg!!!! I'm feeling really positive. I've been low carbing for about three weeks now but it was only last week that I really made that conscious effort to cut out breads, crackers, cereal and potatoes from my diet. Prior to that I'd lost about 1 kg.

I'm not missing the carbs. For the first time that I can ever remember on Friday when we stopped for drinks at work and the chippies came out, I never even gave them a second thought, not one passed my lips. NSV for me. I mean how many of us refuse chips and dip when they're placed right in front of you. I could never resist that's for sure. Even if I wasn't hungry I'd still reach for a handful out of habit.

My appetite has decreased. I don't feel hungry. I'm starting to feel that I'm going to win this battle. I'm looking forward to summer and to wearing clothes that I haven't been able to fit into for a few years. It's all looking good.

Do you get the feeling I'm on a bit of a high, lol.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

OMG!!!! I just have to share this .....

This still sends shivers up my spine just thinking about it.

The photo was taken at the entrance to Katlian Bay at the end of the road in Sitka , Alaska ....
The whale is coming up to scoop up a mouthful of herring......... (the small fish seen at the surface around the kayak). The kayaker is a local Sitka Dentist. He apparently didnt sustain any injuries from the terrifying experience. The whale was just around the corner from the ferry terminal, and all the kayaker could think at that moment in time was: "Paddle Man - really fast!"

The whale's mouth is fully open with the bottom half under the boat. If the whale had closed his mouth before he furiously paddled away - He might have been LUNCH!!! Look at the picture again - He is in the whale's MOUTH!

Talk about being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Brrrrrrr....

So my apologies for slacking again. So many things just happening at once and not much spare time.

I've had good and bad days as far as eating goes. Those bad days are when I run out of time and don't get a chance to plan AHEAD. Overall though I am being conscious of what I am eating and try to make the best choices.

I've been low carbing for a week and I'm hoping it's going to help make a bit of a difference as I've been feeling a bit bloatey and blah. Awful feeling. I'm not a breakfast person but I've found that a couple of hard boiled eggs in the morning works great for me and I try to keep some protein snacks in the fridge at work and home like cheese sticks, frankfurters or even tiny peanut snack packs. The trick is to eat slowly. Somehow it makes me feel fuller for longer.

Lynda has lots of good advice on her blog at the moment for low carbing which is really helpful.

Next week I'm going to make myself get to the pool three days a week. I have just got to shift some of this weight from my chest and waist. I'm so unfit. Once I start I will be fine. I know it.

We went camping over Labour Weekend. There was a few of us that went and we had such a fantastic time. We really needed a break and it was just what we needed. Beautiful weather, lots of seafood and plenty of FISH. Someone caught lots of fish which upset Mr T because he wasn't even getting nibbles. Next time I told him I would teach him how to fish. Oops - did I say that out loud. Ha, ha.

November is a full month. We only have one free weekend and I want it to be fine as I want to tidy up the section before Christmas. We've had a new fence and gate put up out the back because while the pool is enclosed and can be locked, it's mostly left open in summer because it gets a lot of use and now with both grandies mobile I wanted it a lot more safer. We've also put Josh's slider in so he can now use his deck. I'm so looking forward to summer, it's already a lot warmer and I'm able to have my morning cuppa out on the deck.

I've got a new camera and lots of photos to share. So will do a photo post very soon.

In the meantime I better go finish off the last minute things I need to do for an Award Ceremony tonight. Catch you soon.


Monday, October 10, 2011

Weigh in

Monday and weigh day and I'm down another 500gms. I was hoping for more as I've been so super good for three weeks now. I just have to remember ... slow and easy wins the race, right! I'm so close to being a 70's girl again I can almost taste it. I WILL DO IT. I'm determined. I had a good weekend food wise, very sensible although didn't quite drink all my water. It was too flippin cold. I don't know what happened to the weather over the weekend. I just couldn't get warm on Saturday. Miserable weather. At least managed to get my lawns mowed on Sunday. Well off to the supermarket. Need to stock up on supplies so I can be an angel this week too. Ciao.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Two days in a row ....

I've drunk 1.6 litres of water.
That's an awful lot of piddling. Still very much on track and motivated. Happy weekend everyone .... It's going to be a good one.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

It's Thursday!!!!!!

That means no kids. It means I can go home, put my feet up and relax and not worry about dinner, washing, homework etc......


I get to recharge the old battery.

But I'm feeling mighty fine this week. Had an "issue" with one of the kids but put it behind us now.

I had an unpleasant experience yesterday. I went to make myself a salad for lunch - opened my grated cheese and it had huge chunks of mould in it. I nearly gagged there and then. I'd only bought it on Monday!!! I should have taken it back but I just felt so sick I just threw it in the bin. It's put me off cheese at the moment. But it's having the effect that everytime I feel like eating this image of the cheese pops into my brain and totally puts me off. Great outcome but a lousy visual tool I tell you.

So despite the cheese incident I'm feeling a bit slim at the moment. I haven't lost as much as Chris H (way to go mate) but I'm feeling great. With the anticipation of a fine weekend ahead I'm ready for some activity. A walk and a good workout in the garden should be in order. I'm getting excited just thinking about it.

I'm off to Bunnings at lunchtime. Catching up with a friend for lunch and doing a bit of retail therapy. I need some more pots and a new broom and anything else that might catch my eye.

Hope you all have a great Thursday!!!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Run down ....

October ... the days are flying by. Christmas soon. Holidays. Summer.

I've managed to lose 1.5 kgs so far. I'm in my third week now so fingers crossed I don't stuff it up. Eating is going well, I think I have shrunk my tummy at last as I'm not looking to stuff too much food down there. I'm trying to eat a lot more slowly too. Have a couple of mouthfuls, put my knife and fork down, etc. I read somewhere once that it takes 20 minutes for the brain to receive the signal that you're full so I'm stretching it out. I also don't drink water with my dinner as apparently it slows down the digestic process. Something about diluting the acid that breaks down the food in your stomach. I'm just eating lots of salads with my lamb, steak, chicken etc and I try to have fish once a week. I've cut down on a lot of carbs but I'm not depriving myself.

I've got myself some new shoes for walking and trackies etc so I'm ready to start off on the exercise phase. I'm also going to try the pool shortly as well.

I'm loving daylight saving - not the cold snap though - but the last couple of days have been mild and I'm really looking forward to the rain disappearing so I can start spending some time outside after work. I know my gardens will love it.

We finally found out what was wrong with Mr T. He's got a gastric ulcer. He has a floppy valve in his stomach causing all the acid to come up. So he's now on Losec and it seems to be working. At least we're starting to get some good night's sleep. It is a relief because at the back of his mind he was thinking the C word. But his xrays and blood tests all came back clear.

Starting to get excited as we're taking some extra time off over Labour Weekend to reunite Mr T with his boat and we're going camping. There's a few of us going so it will be heaps of fun.

And lastly some more good news ..... Grandbaby no.3 is on it's way. Lucas is going to be a big little brother. Due in April. This one we're going to try and cook a bit longer.

Till the next time. Ciao.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Yes I am still alive ....

Just busy winning the NZ Aria competition.
Ha, ha just joking. Trust me you wouldn't want to hear me sing. Just fooling around as I am the office clown and one of my workmates is on the organising committee of the Aria. But see I am alive. Just don't know where time is going. We're still plagued with sickness - I am so over it. My poor Mr T is still suffering. He's been back to the Dr's again and had more blood tests and a chest xray. He's on Losec now and that seems to be helping. Honestly neither of us has had a decent sleep for months. We are so worn out. I can't believe it's DAYLIGHT SAVING this week. For some reason I always pin my hopes on having that extra hour of sunlight at the end of the day making all the difference to my whole attitude and I need all the help I can get at the moment. Weight is pretty stable - neither up or down by more than 1 or 2 kgs in the past year. But in the last 8 years I've put on 18.9 kg. I feel like a little round telly tubby. Only myself to blame. I definitely haven't been eating properly lately. I just haven't had the energy and can't be bothered about a helluva lot. This is a tough week ahead for us so can't wait for it to be over. A nice healthy shop at the supermarket is in store. Keep your fingers crossed for me. That 18.9 kg has gotta go.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Spring is round the corner

These past couple of days I can feel the change in the weather. The sun’s been gloriously warm and sunny. Beautiful clear blue skies. I can feel spring and summer coming. I’m starting to get a bit more pep in my step.
The past few weeks have been dreadful. The weather has been a little depressing with heavy frosts and southerly gales but the snow was awesome. I’ve never seen it snow in the city before. They said it was a once in 50 year event. I guess they were right.

We’ve also had a month of bad sickness. I’ve spent so much at the Dr’s , optometrist and chemist between us all that I know I am really in the wrong profession. Tomorrow I’ve got a dentist appointment and I know I won’t be walking out of there shy of $200. I’ve had real bad sinus, eczema in my ears (which means I haven’t been able to hear) and now and abycess tooth that has to come out. Mr T’s suffered from a very bad sinus infection that has come back about three times. Josh has had headaches, developed an allergy to something that brought him out in welts and very itch and now he’s got full boyflu. But the good news is that we are all slowly getting and feeling better every day. Hopefully just in time to catch springfever.

I haven’t been near the scales. My focus hasn’t been on losing weight, just feeling better so I’m not interested in what they say. I’ve been pretty good though with what I’ve been eating so I’m hoping I won’t get a shock when I finally do step on them.

August is the time I start getting serious again about losing weight for summer. Once I’m on top of all my ails I really to find some kind of exercise that I can do and keep up with. At the moment my obvious choices are walking and going back to the pool for some aqua jogging. From the past the aqua jogging really helps tone my arms and legs in a relatively short time. I think it may be my technique.

Besides I really want to feel “fit” again.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A great weekend ....

Just what I needed too. I hibernated all day Saturday. Did buggar all. Just as well cause I think it was probably the coldest day we have had. It was a real heavy frost and it didn't thaw till late morning. Perfect excuse to be snuggly.

It was also great because I didn't have to worry about cooking any meals.
Whenever Mr T or me got hungry we just helped ourselves. Preparation in advance was the key. Stocking up "before" the weekend meant having the right choices.

Now as I'm only about six months away from turning 50 NOW is the time to start cranking things up making that commitment to me.

This photo was taken about six months after Mr T and I got together. Not the best of photo's but I like it because my face looks thinner, more elongated and my arms look thin.

Heres me now.

I just put this one in because of the fireman calendar in the back

Round, round, round!!!!! Things I really hate. The extra weight on my face, especially under my chin. The boob explosion. If I could pop the buggars I would. I get so out of breath so easy these days and I'm sure those boobies plays a huge part in that. I have to get the weight off my chest - in a nutshell.

I got myself a pedometer when I got my new scales remember. You know where it's been for the last four weeks. Not on me that's for sure. It's sitting on the table in the family room waiting patiently for me to pick up and put it on. Funny thing is that I leave it there so I won't forget to put it on. Duh.

I'm on holiday next week. YAY!!!!! It's a good time for me to start walking. Even if it is raining.

And a very good time to join the food plan and the exercise plan together and make them work for me.

Ciao for now.

PS: Jaxx if you read this are you free for a catch up next week. I also have a favour to ask.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Striking while the iron is hot ...

I’ve found my mojo again so I’m making the most of it and starting to PLAN.

Life is so crazy sometimes it’s hard to keep on track as it only takes a few distractions to put a spanner in the works.

But I keep coming back and starting over and that shows my persistent if nothing at all.

I’ve been online to the weightwatchers website and gone through some of the recipes and made myself a grocery list. I’m planning on a lovely restful weekend so I want to make sure I’ve got healthy and filling meals and snacks to choose from.

Hey you unwanted grams, kilo’s, pounds or whatever - be warned.

One way or another ……. I’m going get cha.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Oh dear ....

What is a calorie?

Calories are the little bastards that get into your wardrobe at

night and sew your clothes tighter.


Pretty well sums up how I've been going lately. After going so well I hit a speed bump, aka TOM, that made me so ravenous that I couldn't stop eating.

So now I'm back at the start AGAIN.

Just wish I could hold it together for more than two or three weeks.

The weather is starting to get nasty here. Wet, cold and miserable. I hate driving home at 5pm in the dark. But I love my heat pump and how warm the house is when I get home and not have to worry about carting in wood and lighting fires then waiting for it to warm up. I might not mind hibernating this winter, so long as I still get a break every now and then.

45 minutes .... then I get to go home. Who's counting...

Happy weekend all.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Losing . . .

I am indeed. Two weeks and I’m down 1.6 kg. It feels great.

The first week I mucked around a bit and only lost 200gms but I knuckled down last week and received a 1.4kg loss.

I’ve struggled a bit (still) with portion sizes and have to exert some willpower, but now I’m finding that no matter how hungry I feel before eating, it doesn’t take long before I feel full and satisfied therefore I am slowly adapting to smaller portion sizes. Learning when to stop is something I’m consciously working on. The reward is not having to deal with an overfull or bloaty tummy.

For Mothers’ Day I treated myself to some new weightwatchers scales. I should of done it awhile ago. The other ones had got some moisture inside and wasn’t showing the numbers properly, plus they’d take forever to show the numbers. So now I’ve got a more faster, accurate set of scales, it’s encouraging me to be more focused and on top of what goes in my mouth.

I also got a new pedometer. That’s been a bit enlighting. How sedentary I’ve become. I’m lucky if I can clock up 5,000 steps in a day. While I’m not stressing out about it I am finding ways of trying to add more steps into my day. The days are shorter and its getting dark really early which cancels out a walk after work. But I’ll figure something out.

I’ve taken control back of my life. I’m back to not sweating the small stuff. I’m looking after myself again and the flow on effect has been almost instantaneous. When I’m happy, Mr T is happy, the kids are happy, everything flows more steadily, there’s more laughter and smiles, more hugs and kisses and a lot less stress. Why is it so easy for woman to forget this.

Despite the gloomy clouds outside the future is looking decidedly rosier.

Ciao xxx

Thursday, May 5, 2011

1,2,3 ... ignition

I think I'm switched on again because I'm feeling really good. The best in ages.

I still haven't had a chance to properly go through the pro plan so I'm being a bit cautious.

I had peaches for brekkie, ww chicken fettucine for lunch and grilled fish and salad for dinner.

My total steps for the day were 5,775. To be honest, I was expecting a bit less. Now I will make sure that I push myself that little bit harder each day.

This weekend I'm going to treat myself to some new scales. Even though I've changed the batteries a few times it's not showing up the whole numbers, so it could be a 1 or it could be a 7.

My grandbabies are lovely and growing everyday. Just little treasures.

But ...

How did my little Angel go from this ...

to this...

Guess who found the talcum powder. OMG you have to laugh. Especially as I wasn't the one who had to clean up. I am SO enjoying being a Nana.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Reasons ....

I'm liking being back blogging. I need it.

My reasons why I need to look after myself.

My grandbabies. I'd forgotten just how 24/7 littlies are. I'm totally stuffed after we've had them for the weekend. I need more energy and I need to get fit because we're going to have them as much as we can and no. 3 is in the planning stage.

Health & wellbeing. Up until the past 18 months I've never been sick. I have a real bad dose of flu about once a decade and that's about it. Now I'm on so much medication I hate it. I have high blood pressure, asthma, allergies, hot flushes. I'm pretty sure all this medication isn't helping any weightloss. So I'm hopeful if I can lose weight i can lose some of these pills. My self image has taken a beating because I'm been feeling so blah. I'm over too snugly clothes.

My vanity. Next February I turn 50. I'm not worried about turning 50, I've lived a very full life and experienced many things. But I would rather be a healthy, sexy 50. I want people to say I don't look anywhere near 50. I want people to think I'm in my 40's not my 50's. So yes, I do have a vain streak.

And those are my reasons.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Hello .....

I've been gone awhile.

I've been stressed, depressed, sick and I just wanted to shut down. I didn't want to deal with anything and I didn't have anything nice to say.

But I'm back.

Not fully "onfire" as yet but I have to start somewhere. I'm at least ready to start again.

I've just rejoined weightwatchers online and trying to get my head around it. At lunchtime I've got to buy Josh some more soccer boots so I'll grab myself a new pedometer.

Back after lunch.

Well I've got my new pedometer. Been wearing it since half past two. Not looking flash so far but its going to tell me exactly how sedentary I've become so I know how hard I'm going to have to work.

Still can't quite get my head around the pro points but will call in to the supermarket on the way home and get some fresh fruit and veges.

Looking forward to getting my life back on track.


Friday, January 21, 2011

What have I done to my blog ....

I think I'll get Mr T to sort this one out.

A big shout out for "thank god it's friday". It's only been two weeks back at work and I'm knackered. Probably because there are so many deadlines in such a short space of time and I feel like I'm always rushing. The heat is also knocking me around a bit at night. I wake several times during the night and have to throw the blankets off me.

Tomorrow is the weekend and I'm just going to enjoy it. Everything else is going well and Mr T tells me that I'm losing weight. That put a smile on my face. He's probably just trying to earn cookie points but to be honest I am feeling it too.

Mr T has a new toy. It was a chrissy pressie from my sister. Remind me not to thank her. I'll take a photo and share with you next time.

So have a good weekend all .....

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Jackie and David ....

What a beautiful day for a wedding.

Jackie was so beautiful. Absolutely stunning.

She arrived in a Rolls Royce to be met by her future husband. The service was very touching and emotional reflecting on their love for each other.

We mingled afterwards and congratulated the newlyweds and took lots of photos. I met Janine and Simon for the first time which was great. Such a lovely couple and we all got on famously. Also Jackie's friend Michelle who sat with us and whose company we enjoyed.

We had the reception at Daniels in the Park and I would have to say the venue, food and company was the best we'd had since our own wedding. Cannot speak more highly of it. Jackie had planned everything perfectly.

We all had a fantastic time socialising afterwards and are already planning for the next occasion.

Jackie told us we could post some photos so without further ado here's a few. I know Janine will be posting more as well.

To Jackie and David - Congratulatons - enjoy your new life together as husband and wife. Mr T and I wish you much love and happiness. Thank you for letting us share your special day. xxx

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy New Year ....

and a merry christmas .....

Christmas Day was a bit cruddy. Wet, windy and miserable. Thank goodness we grabbed some dvd's to take away. We spent the day snuggled in the tent watching NCIS.

I've been home a few days now but we have been very busy. We've done xmas with the kids and picnic out at the lake.

Have lots of photos this time so will share in my next post.

Just wanted to say Happy New Year girls. Will catch up with you all soon.

Happy . . .

Life is great, things are going way better than expected ( I hope I don't bloody jinx it)  we are good, we are happy, we are relaxed....