Monday, March 29, 2010

Getting back into my stride ...

I'm slowly getting back into my routine. With winter fast approaching I want to be able to get into my jeans comfortably.

I'm looking to downsize the my waist, hips and bum. Love the thighs to go as well but from experience that's the last place it shift. So I might just add a few situps into my daily routine. I'm also going to add a few carbs into my diet. I need to keep the bowels regular. So today I had a sandwich and it really filled me up.

I'm looking forward to Easter and a four day break. The chocolate eggs have never worried me but this year I'm not even fussed if I have Hot Cross Buns. Now that's unheard of.

Daylight saving ends this weekend so that means pretty soon it's going to get real dark early and cold fast. So the only thing I can do is grab that extra hour of sleep and pull the blankets up and snuggle down under the covers.

Not much else to say but I'll leave you with some photos. Poor Lucas. Has to put up with all the baby talk and flashing cameras. Little man knows when to smile - when the cameras not pointing at him. Snuck a couple in though.


Thursday, March 25, 2010

A little bit of this and a little bit of that ....

And here I was thinking my life was quietening down and I could relax a bit more. Not quite. Still busy, but I've been having fun.

I'm President of the Rotorua Branch of Administrative Professionals and planning is well underway for our Champagne Breakfast on 28th April. Having a lot of fun organising it and working alongside a great bunch of girls.

At our first meeting earlier in the year I was telling them about our Christmas away camping and fishing. Some of them got quite excited and wanted to go camping as they had never been. So last Friday a group of us headed up the Coromandel for a weekend away and it was fantastic. Everyone had such a good time. On the Friday we took them out to get mussels, oysters and pipis and they couldn't believe how plentiful it was. Saturday we took turns in taking them out in the boat fishing. Well once they caught the first fish that was it. They were chomping at the bit to get back out on the Sunday. We caught lots of fish - probably well over 100 - but 70% of them went back in the water as they were just a tad undersized. But the thrill of catching fish was the real excitement for them. They're already planning the next trip.

Well the weekend away camping ended my low carbing. I had my fill of bread, potato's and chips. Surprisingly I haven't gained anything. Now I'm back into my normal routine and all is good. A good grocery shop is in order though and my fridge and freezer are looking rather bare which is not natural.

On Friday I received a letter from the hospital to tell me that my surgery was booked for 1st April. So I phoned to confirm and started planning around Easter thinking I was going to be laid up. Then Tuesday I got call saying it had been cancelled. However they were able to give me another date of 29th April. In a way I'm pleased that I get my Easter break back but I hope I don't have any more hiccups cause I'd like to get the surgery done and out of the way.

Planning on a laid back weekend at home this week. Really need to get into some thorough house cleaning and a bit of gardening. Hopefully catch up with the kids.

That's about it. Will try not to take so long to blog again.


Monday, March 8, 2010

Not an early morning riser ....

Had a 5.30 am start this morning. Not something I want to do every morning. I went to a Breakfast for International Womens Day and Jenny Shipley was the speaker. Boy, you could have bowled me over. She looked fantastic. I mean really fantastic. And she was a great speaker. Very natural. She had my attention from go to whoa.

I have to admit I’m not a huge Jenny Shipley fan. I didn’t like her politics at all. But, today she didn’t speak about politics. She spoke on what she’s doing since leaving politics. She spoke about women, health, her children and her passion in Nambia where her and her husband have set up a Trust to help a school over there. She was so taken with the plight of this school when she was doing the documentary Intrepid Journey’s. So she and her family did something about it.

Her dramatic weightloss came after having her heart attack in 2001. She had been feeling unwell for a few weeks and had pains in her arm. She went to the doctors on three occasions and was told she had tennis elbow. The Saturday before her attack she was feeling unwell and told her husband she was going back to the doctor. Monday when she said she was still feeling unwell she was rushed to hospital where she had an angioplasty to remove a clot in one of her arteries. This was her turnaround, time to make changes. So during her convalescence she started walking and concentrating on eating smaller proportions. She now walks 6 km a day and swims a couple of times a week. The results are amazing. She is now an advocate for the Heart Foundation and she stresses if we feel unwell, go to a doctor. If you still feel unwell, ask for a checkup, and keep doing it. The number of women who don’t survive a first heart attack is significantly higher than those of men and the doctors say it’s because women tend to ignore the body signs and don’t do anything about it. Too true.

Life is ticking along very nicely and I can’t complain. I’ve been low carbing for over a week now and the scales are down 1.8 kgs. So I’m feeling pretty damn good. The thing is I’m not making drastic changes. Well for me anyway. I don’t miss the bread and the potatoes. The kids came out for dinner last night and we had a beautiful roast lamb and roast veges but I never missed the potato. It can be expensive though to eat a low carb diet. My ex and I did it about 15 years ago. I gave up after about three weeks because the grocery bill just soared. He did it for awhile and lost a lot. But he was eating nearly a kg of cheese a week as a snack alone. Steak, eggs, bacon etc… his portion sizes didn’t decrease in fact I’d say they increased. So I’ll just keep on doing what I’m doing and if the odd slice of bread or the odd spud slips past my lips I’m not going to worry.

So weight wise since last November I have lost 6.2 kgs. I feel it, sometimes I think I look like I have too. Healthwise I’m fine apart from still waiting to hear about a surgery date – at least I haven’t had any more pain in that area. I’ve had a few bad asthma attacks in the past 2 – 3 weeks. But our hallway is finally getting finished and we’ve had someone in doing all the sanding and prep work and every night I come home the dust is that thick right the way through the house. It’s just impossible to dust the whole house each night but I do the main areas. But still you stir an awful lot of dust up and that’s floating around in the air. The worst is over thank goodness and Mr T and I are looking at getting a DVS system in shortly. I’ve only heard good things about them.

Righto I’d better go and do a bit more work. Till later…..


Monday, March 1, 2010

Bloggers Award .....


It's just amazing how life can be so utter crap for the last month or so and now just a breeze like "did that really happen?"

I know I've neglected my blog but I do check in on you all every now and then. But I have been preoccuppied and very busy. You know I haven't seen my grandson since I did my last post. I'm starting to fret now that he might forget me so plenty of family time coming up.

But I have to say it was rather nice to see that I got nominated not once but twice for the beautiful bloggers award. It made me feel quite special.

For the life of me I'm not sure how to do these links because I've never done one before so bear with me. I might have to get Jackie to show me.

The beautiful Anne,

And the lovely Janine


Sorry didn't work. Did before when I tried.

Anne and I have been following each others blogs for quite awhile now and about a couple of years ago we got the chance to meet up with our BC's (Blogger Companions) and I tell you she is the one of the nicest, classiest ladies with a personality to boot that you are ever going to meet. Her travels are the envy of a lot of us bloggers.

Janine is someone I haven't met but would love to one day. She's on a wonderful journey of her own and I'm loving being able to follow her on it. Thanks Janine.

So I here I go.

Wow, seven interesting things about me. Lemme see ...

1.When my mother found out she was pregnant with me she moved away from home so as not to bring shame on her family. I was born in Dunedin at a Salvation Army home for unwed mothers. My mother flew back to Tauranga when I was 10 days old because my father said he wanted to get married. When she got there he'd changed his mind so she had to face her mother with me in her arms. My dad changed his mind again and she said no way. Change it once, you'll change it again. After struggling for six months a decision was made to put me into foster care until she could get on her feet again. I was placed in a home in Rotorua and she made the bus journey every week to see me. Right away my foster family wanted to adopt me. (I mean who can blame them). But she kept saying no - until I started calling my foster mum "mum" and how my brothers and sisters all looked after me. She knew it was the best place for me. But the fortunate thing for me and her was my new parents insisted that she always play a part in my life and grew up always knowing her as my Aunty. I became the youngest of five and was very, very, spoilt. Until my sister had her first child two days before my fifth birthday. I became an aunt. I became a great aunt when I was 27. I am yet to become a great, great, aunt. I consider myself to be one of the most fortunate people around. To have two mothers and two families who both were willing to share me. I honestly don't think I could have been that unselfish.

2. I have a phobia about crocodiles and aligators. My brother use to tease me when I was little saying the crocodile was coming to eat me up, chomp, chomp, chomp. I use to have such bad nightmares thinking they were under my bed. At 48 if I see them on tv it can set off nightmares again. I still think they're under my bed and take a run and jump to get into bed. Needless to say I have not seen Lake Placid or any other like minded movies.

3. I had a great childhood growing up. My older siblings are 6 - 14 years older than. I have great memories of Mark I, II, III Zephrs, Velox's parked up on our front lawn, 50's and 60's music, byrlcream and beehive hairdo's and the fashion of that era.

4. I'm the only one of my siblings who actually got married - then had children.

In saying that though my most precious memories are the years it spent just me and my boys, 1987 - 1995. It was a tough and hard time financially but it was also one of the happiest times. What makes me proud now is seeing my son being a dad and watching him play and cuddle his son like I did with him. Just the simplest things that give the most pleasure. Your time and love.

5. I have been married three times. My first and second are they same. We first got married in 1985, divorced 1991, remarried 1995 and divorced in 2006. I have matching marriage and dissolution papers.

6. I was a born again christian for about 6 years. Then I became very disillusioned with the preaching that was going on amongst a lot of churches. I know there are alot of hypocrites sitting on pews on Sundays. I no longer go to church.

7. I gave up on finding the perfect man. I thought he didn't exist. Then I met
Mr T. We met each other on the internet. I have to say I was very cautious for about a month. But then I gave in and I haven't regretted not one single moment since then. We have been through many ups and downs with kids, ex's, court cases and business stresses and none more so than recently but we get through it because we hold on to each other and we talk about it and its shared. Our bedroom has, is and always will be our sanctuary where nobody can hurt or upset us. I'm not ashamed to say that I still lust after my husband and my libido is stronger now than it ever was. We do everything together. Apart from work we're nearly always together. We've only spent three nights apart. Both of them were Blogger Meets. Once in Auckland and one in Palmerston North where Lyn and I stayed with Chris for two nights. Mr T was not a happy man and so now if I go to a bloggers meet and I'll be staying overnight I'll bring him too.

So there you go. Maybe one or two things that some of you didn't know about me.

Now I'm suppose to nominate another seven bloggers but I thnk most of you have been nominated. If not nominate yourself. It's a great way to share things about yourself and to open up.

Happy . . .

Life is great, things are going way better than expected ( I hope I don't bloody jinx it)  we are good, we are happy, we are relaxed....