Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Yesterday's weigh in

showed a gain of 200 gms. It's still up again this morning but whatever, still having a "skinny" day. My goal for the end of February was to be below 75kg and that can still be done.

I'm now into my next size down wardrobe and it's a great feeling having a bit more variety of clothes to wear. In saying that I am now not able to wear a couple of my favourite skirts as they are slipping down below my belly button and low on my hips. Wearing clothes that are too loose or big is not flattering at all. I'm fluctuating between size 12 and 14 depending on the brand.

I know that I've lost weight in the face and from my middle but now I'm noticing my arms and my legs are a bit smaller . In the past my bum and thighs are always the last to go and my boobs are generally the first followed by my waist and face. Must be an age thing. I really must use my tape measure.

Nothing else to report so I'll sign off now.


Thursday, February 16, 2012

A litte bit of this and that . . .

We always celebrate birthdays at work with a Morning Tea. Because I had a "milestone" birthday I was presented with a few extra aids.

I had the 50th balloon tied to my chair and the big Happy 50th birthday banner at reception.

And this was pinned up on my noticeboard behind my desk for everyone to see.

I was given a Rubik cube to improve my mental ability, a glow in the dark mask and sticks for when I want to be seen and some sunglasses for when I don't. Some handcuffs for Mr T - to help keep me in line when we're out in public, and a medal ...

OMG some big girl undies eeewwwhhhh in case of emergencies. Recycled ones at that with a big hole in them.

And some sleep goggles and earplugs to help me sleep well and wake up refreshed and beautiful.

Very cool and very well done. I loved it all.

When I was shopping for a dress for the wedding I also found another one that I liked. I was tempted to buy it then but then thought no, I'll get it next pay as I'd already spent a bit. So payday comes and I go to buy it. I grabbed it off the rack,checked the size, checked the zipper (when I'd tried it on the zipper was stuffed) to make sure it worked properly then I noticed the belt loop was broken and put it back and grabbed the next one. When I was showing the girls I noticed it was a size 12 not a 14. So my dilemna should I go back and change it or should I be positive about it and say well I will fit into this before long. I decided I'd hang on to the size 12.

When I got home I tried it on and bloody hell it fitted. A little tight across the boobies but perfect everywhere else. Fabulous. A perfect reason to get dressed up and go somewhere flash. Woohoo.

My weight is still the same. Up sometimes but not lower. Still hovering around 75.5 kg. So close to my next goal.

These are the things I know.

  • I haven't felt bloated for the past 4 months.

  • I only need to eat twice a day.

  • I eat until I feel full, which is half of what I normally would have eaten.

  • I'm spending more time in the kitchen trying new dishes and having fun.

  • I don't crave certain foods.

  • I don't have cravings period.

  • I don't miss bread, wheat, potatoes etc. and on a rare occasion I might have a small bit of carbs I don't feel guilty.

  • I AM losing weight without counting points and watching what I eat. I am not on a diet.

  • I have energy!

  • I have not had an asthma episode or been out of breath that I need my inhaler.

  • For the first time in my life I AM IN CONTROL. Honestly in the past being on diets I'll go well for a while and then boof, all downhill and starting over again. I have been doing this for nearly 4 months and not once have I faltered, denied myself anything because quite simply there's no need. I am completely satisfied.

So there you go, that's what I know now that I didn't know then.

On another more personal note I have disowned one of the kids this week. I normally don't blog about any of our family issues but this one hurt me so greatly, beyond utter disbelief, and completely out of the blue. "To be told I was a bitch and not his mother so he can talk to me anyway he likes". I wished I had of known that before I took out a personal loan to pay off his bills, provide him with a job for over a year, paid for his doctors bills and miscellaneous items and also paid off his pay advance bill recently of $340.00. At the moment he is in Whangarei and is spending weekends with Krystal and her mother. She is one of the poorest and sorriest excuses for a mother. I can only reason they're getting on the booze together and she's saying woo is me and because I was late sending Krystals birthday money through using it as an excuse to fuel their pitiful sad lives and talking about me. No reason to send me a txt to tell me I'm f*ckn sad. Where I responded by saying to learn some respect and remember who he was talking too. I might have been late putting in her birthday money but hey maybe it was because I WAS ALSO SORTING OUT HER SCHOOL FEES AND HER LOCKER because mother is too bloody useless. All I can say is they're bloody miserable and probably pissed off because hey I did actually get up off my arse and doing something with my life and becoming successful whilst they're mucking around on benefits and blaming everybody else for their problems. Get a fricken life. One of the things that really p**sses me off is when people tell I'm so lucky. Get real. There was no luck about it. I worked my arse off to get where I am today. Nobody gave me anything that I didn't work for and I didn't expect handouts either. The gutless little prick didn't have the guts to tell me in person but by txt cause he knew I would of bitch slapped him to kingdom come.

Anyway Mr T and the ex Mrs T no. 1 have been talking and he's been told under no circumstances is he to txt me and I want nothing more to do with him. He's lucky he's in Whangarei as Mr T is ropable and I'm sure would thump him right now.

Anyhow this week I've had an achey break heart, but then surprise I woke up one day with a smile on my face and realised I no longer had any reason to feel responsibility for him as "my" child. I feel a bit sorry for Mr T in someways but more so for Mrs T no. 1. She puts up with his abuse all the time.

My heart is now cold towards him and should I ever be tempted in the future or taken in by his woe is me act I am keeping the txts that he sent me to remind me not to be so guilable.

I wasn't going to say to much about it but now its done its off my chest and I needed to get it out..

Regarding my family history. I was adopted when I was a baby to my fostercare parents. My birth mother went on to marry and have two more children. My adopted parents, who I will now refer to as my parents had four older children. So I was the baby. My parents allowed my birth mother contact with me and gave her regular updates on me. They also use to take me to visit her at least three times a year and once I started school I use to spend at least one lot of school holidays with her every year. This why I feel I am blessed and one of the lucky ones. I ha(d)ve two mothers who both loved me and were prepared to share me. I hope this makes sense now. So in one family I'm the youngest of five and in the other I'm the oldest of three.

And I think I've waffled on enough so I'll say ciao for now. Well done if you got this far.


Monday, February 13, 2012

Weigh in

This mornings weight was 75.5 kg. A 300 gm loss this week. A great feeling. I'll be below 75 before too long.

I feel so much better today after having a decent nights sleep. Alot more focussed and positive. I spent my lunchbreak at the supermarket and got heaps of fresh vegetables as I'm going to try new recipes this week. I know Mr T is going to love me, lol. Actually there is one thing I do know is that he's eating an awful lot better and healthier and he's tending to eat more chicken now whereas before he eat nearly all red meat. In fact I find I can only have a little red meat these days. I always have to have a small piece because I become to full too fast otherwise. Has anyone else noticed this.

Righto - off to wrap Mr T's Valentines. Catch you soon

Sunday, February 12, 2012

It's been a tough week ....

and having stuff all sleep last night didn't help. In fact my sleep has been bad lately. I wake up during the night all hot and then cold. It's starting to drive me nuts. Had to get up early this morning cause I must have slept oddly on my arm and ended up with a numb little finger and cramp in my arm. I don't sleep well during the day but I might try and have a nana nap later otherwise I won't get anything done.

My week has been really busy which is why I haven't posted. My weigh in on Tuesday was 75.8 kg which I was really happy about. That's a 1 kg loss. Wasn't too sure how that happened but I'm stoked.

This week there's been a few functions and some carbs have slipped in. Not intentionally but not finishing work till around 9pm at night I had a few canopes knowing that I wouldn't eat when I got home. Sometimes things can't be avoided and I'm ready for whatever the scales say tomorrow.

Well that's me for now. Hopefully I'll be back tomorrow with my weigh in.


Monday, February 6, 2012

A beautiiful wedding .....

It was a lovely day for a wedding. We arrived at the church to the sound of bagpipes. The wedding was in Hamilton and the wedding breakfast in Cambridge.

The wedding was for Mike and Amanda. Mike is the youngest and newest member of our work team. These two are always smiling and none more so than on their wedding day.

Amanda walking down the aisle ...

The newlyweds emerging from the chapel with the bells ringing ...

Don't they look radiant ...

The beautiful bride ...

Cutting the cake ...

Very elegant .... Lol so many glasses, which one do I use first

Me and Mr T

The team. Minus Mike. Our organisation is responsible for granting donations of over $160 million into our community over the last 16 years. My boss, scratching his nose, and myself have been there since the beginning when we started with $32m.

Me and my big sister. Having a bad hair day - it was really windy. It was her birthday today so we stopped in Tirau on the way home and had lunch. She's 62 today and I love her heaps. I was her first baby. She has five children of her own. She married when she was 16 and her and Ken are still happily married enjoying their family and their grandchildren. I was put into foster care when I was 6 months old. After a year my natural mum granted permission for me to be adopted. She said it was her hardest decision but it was the best and right one to make. So I became the youngest of five and was very spoilt. Until the first grandchild came along lol

Sue was diagnosed with leukemia about nine years ago. My biggest disappointment was that I couldn't donate bone marrow not being her biological sibling. The others have heart conditions and were not able. Fortunately a new drug came on the market which she was able to have which brought her blood count down enough so she could harvest her own bone marrow.

I was very blessed to have been adopted by such an awesome family. They maintained contact with my birth mum all the way through and I now have a great relationship with my mum and younger brother and sister. I only started calling her mum after my adopted mum passed away. Somehow it didn't seem right.

It was a great weekend, looking forward to jumping on the scales tomorrow. Although I've lost 12 kgs these photos tell me I still have a way to go but it's happening and every week it keeps getting better.

Hope you all had a super Waitangi Day weekend.


Saturday, February 4, 2012

50 today ....

And I don't feel any older than yesterday lol.

I'm having such a lovely relaxing day. Had a lovely sleep in this morning. Mr T cooked me some lovely bacon and eggs for breakfast.

Then I went into town after raiding Mr T's wallet and bought myself some new shoes and perfume. I've had a pamper. Done my eyebrows, painted toenails and moisturised. I'm just chilling out now.

We were going to go out for dinner but to tell the truth I don't really feel bothered. I'm just enjoying chilling out and taking in the day - all the lovely text msgs and fb msgs. Tomorrow is a big day. Looking forward to the wedding and getting all glammed up - Mr T bought me a gorgeous outfit to wear. Lots of pics.

A great birthday pressie this morning. The scales said bang on 76!!!!! If only it was another 100 gms it would have been in the 75's. lol. Nevermind,, theres always next week. I'm so looking forward to losing the next 5 kg.

50's feeling great and I'm so pleased I started lowcarbing last year. Because today I feel pretty damn good.

Enjoy your weekend lovelies.

PS: I just have to say that makes it 12 kgs iI have lost. Oh what a feeling.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The good life . . .

Our weekend away was fabulous. It's always great when we get to go camping.

Here we go ..... no makeup, wind in the hair lol ....

I think Mr T is very excited about going fishing . . .

Shame the weather was crap though . . .

I was hoping it would fine up by the time we hit the coast - but no ...

So we ended up putting the tent up in the drizzly rain . . . (not the fun part)

I get to set up the inside of the tent. Aren't I lucky. We sleep in the middle room when it's just us as I don't like being pushed up against the side.

The "kitchen" area ..... I left some tables and the pantry behind this time. Not worth it for a couple of days

storage and dressing area ... its nice and roomy and easy to keep clean

Looking out from our room to our outdoor area ....

The weather fined up after we'd finished so the guys went and had a fish off the beach. Mike caught a decent Kahowhai (sp) which we just cooked up into steaks.

Next day was a total contrast to the day before. Beautiful sunny skies and calm sea.

Those boys came in handy. I just sat in my chair and when I caught the fish I just pulled it up and flicked it over to John to unhook. Here's two I pulled up ... a snapper and a mackerel. It was actually a decent sized snapper. I did bait my own lines though.

This is another two I caught on the same line although you can only see the tail of the 2nd one. It's hard taking a photo on the boat when you have the camera in one hand and holding on to your line with fish on it in the other. That fish bin is 3/4 full at this stage.

Enjoying a well deserved drink after a good days fishing.

Our little Pick Nick who's given us so many great times and wonderful memories over the past six years.

And not exactly a glamour shot of me and Mr T but us none the less. We'd just woken up, the wind was blowing and we were waiting as Mike and Marion cooked us bacon eggs and tomotoes for brekkie.

and that's our weekend.

We've got another big weekend coming up which we're looking forward to. A wedding to go to. A perfect excuse to get all glammed up.

More photo's to come.

Awesome weekend ....

Had a fantastic weekend. Absolutely brilliant. We had the best day fishing that I think we ever had. Literally, from the moment we first put our lines in the fish never stopped biting. I would say between the three of us we would have caught over 70 plus fish. As there is a limit on the snapper, 9 per person, we had to throw a lot back. In the beginning a lot of them were undersized anyway and had to go back in regardless. Lots of mackeral and kawawhai (sp) and plenty of hammerheads too. I am not joking but I was pulling up two at a time on my rod. Damn heavy. I think I got a photo. Seriously my arms were starting to ache towards the end. So we came back with a full bin of fish.

The weather was crap on the Friday. Luckily it was only drizzling so it wasn't too bad. Of course after we'd set up - the sun came out. lol.

The weather over the weekend was perfect. Beautiful sunny blue skies and the ocean was just like glass at times. Hardly a ripple.

Unfortunately on the Sunday I had to get up at 5am to go to Auckland for a meeting. I would have liked to have passed but seeing as I was putting in a submission regarding something that I'm extremely passionate about I needed to present. I gained over 90% support so I am pleased I went. Still I was a bit of a rare site in the camp ground with makeup, dress, and stilletos. Not quite camp attire.

I got back to camp about 5.30 pm and dinner was all ready. Bonus. Slept the slept of babes that night I can tell you. Our friends cooked us bacon, eggs and tomatoes for breaky the next day - another bonus. Then unfortunately it was time to pack up and head home.

Eating was great over the weekend. I succumbed to a couple of mussels, oysters and fish done in a beer batter but it was worth it - totally delish.

Weighed myself Tuesday morning. 76.8. A 500 gram loss. And it's TOM week. Possibly that could of explained my small gain last week. Not that I'm worried. The next couple of weeks should fully cement me in the 76's and then it will be 75 and then my next goal is to be a 60's girl again. That's exciting because I now know it's so totally doable.

What I enjoyed so much about the weekend was how I felt in my clothes. Comfortable. And I've gone down a size and I'm still comfy. Getting in and out of the boat is so much easier. I use to feel like an idiot sometimes trying to heave myself on board - (sometimes I have to push out from the beach) now it's a breeze and I'm not worried about splitting my pants in front of onlookers, lol.

Life just feels and tastes so much better.

Righto better head off. I've got photos to share so will do a post up tonight. Blogger wasn't being helpful this morning and I ran out of time.

Have a great week everyone.

Three more sleeps till the big one.


Happy . . .

Life is great, things are going way better than expected ( I hope I don't bloody jinx it)  we are good, we are happy, we are relaxed....