Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Still here, still losing . . .

Time seems to be getting away from me at the moment.   Gosh the end of next week we'll be half way through the year.  Gulp.

I've lost another 700gms since my last post.  Not as fast as when I first did a LCHF diet a couple of years ago but I'm still happy with what I'm doing.

At the moment I've just cut out wheat.  The bread, pasta.

I still have a wee bit of potato, not a lot - but at least 2 - 3 times a week.    I'm not really a sweet tooth person, so sugar doesn't worry me.  I have equal tabs for my coffee but that's about it.  

I do eat a lot of vegetables and a bit of dairy and most days at least a couple of eggs.  

And I've added more fat to my diet - and I love it.

I use olive oil, cream and thickened cream, sour cream, cream cheese and I have developed a taste for avocados.  Before I didn't like them at all.  Shame they're a bit expensive at the moment.

But butter I love.  Always have.  I have always hated the taste of margarine.  It tastes like plastic to me.  

I love a nice dollop of butter over my veges.  A slice of homemade garlic butter on my steak or meat.  


Once I use to worry about eating butter, but not now.

I'll even admit that I eat the fat off the meat.  Don't get me wrong.  I don't like fatty meat but I do like to eat the fat off a pork chop or a steak.  I can remember my mum telling me that it was the best part.  

Growing up as a kid we were a typical family of those days.  We had the kiwi 1/4 acre block, a great big vege garden out the back.  We use to buy our meat from the butcher - not a supermarket.  Our eggs came from the neighbour down the road who raised chooks.  

We use to spend a lot of our time outside, playing rounders in the backyard.  Running back and forward to the clothesline to score runs.  Building huts outside and spending the day in them.  Gosh we had a lot of fun.

Oops sorry about that, just went off on a tangent for a bit.  The way we were.

Anyway things all slowly falling into place and seem to be turning around.  Certainly the prognosis is looking a lot healthier which makes things a lot better to deal with.

I'll leave you with another photo of the grandies.  Janelle' a graphic designer and sometimes she "uses" the kids as models.  This ones for doidy cups.


And on that note I'll say Ciao for now.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Losing weight, losing inches and gaining sleep . . .

So how's that for a positive post title.  And it's all true.

I'm weighing daily, mainly so I can see how my body is reacting to what I'm eating.  One day it can go up but then the next down, up, then down a bit more.  Tuesday when I weighed I was only 400gms down from my first week, but the next day it was down a lot more.  I'm not getting hung up on the numbers because I know it's just a snapshot for that particular moment and the next day is different.  What is important to remember is that as it balances out the numbers are falling.  

Another strong indicator for me at the moment is I'm fitting into more of my clothes that have been a bit too snuggly.  When you sit down in front of a screen all day you don't want anything that is a bit tight around the waist.  It gets very uncomfortable as the day progresses.  But now I have four more outfits I can choose from.  It's a bit of fun going through my wardrobe and finding things that I can wear that I haven't for a while.  

Overall my health and well being are improved.  I seem to have more energy.  I'm sleeping really well. Before I use to wake up at least two to three times a night. Now when I wake up it's mainly because of the alarm or even I wake just before its due to go off and feel very rested.  I still wake up occasionally once during the night but that's due to either having a loo stop or I'm flippin hot.  I have no problem getting back to sleep though.

Life is still a bit of a rollercoaster but I am coping.  I just try not to get stressed, just take everything in.  Keep positive.  

I thought I might have caved in, but so far I've found everything has fallen into place.  First week I thought I was eating a lot (mainly protein) but I still had a good loss.  Now I'm finding I'm eating less and feeling fuller for a longer time.  In fact during the week my main meal is lunch, then I just have a light snack in the evening.   At the weekend I will have breakfast, then go through to dinner.

The amount of information and support online for the primal/paleo way of eating is fantastic - even here in New Zealand.  More and more products are becoming more readily available as more people become aware.  I've joined a group on Facebook called Ari Eats Community.  It's fantastic.  So many recipes, ideas, help - totally amazing.  You should check it out.

It was Miss Sophia's 2nd birthday last week.  We had a grandparents only birthday.  

Happy Birthday Sophia!!!!!!  We love you lots.


Happy . . .

Life is great, things are going way better than expected ( I hope I don't bloody jinx it)  we are good, we are happy, we are relaxed....