Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Just a little bit tired . . .

It's been a tough week or two .   Busy, busy ,busy.

Seriously, I am in danger of falling asleep at my desk.

 Nothing like a big glass of water to keep me hydrated and a bit more alert.  Nearly on to my fourth glass for the day.

Slowly starting to perk up again.

The heat is really getting to me.  I wake up about three or four times during the night.  Not good at all.

Had a lovely weekend apart from losing my sleep ins.  Had our AAPNZ Northern Conference in Rotorua at Waiora Spa Resort.  It was awesome.  Great venue, great speakers and fabulous ladies.

Mr T and I ended up booking a room so we all had a place to relax after the day and before dinner.  Then when ended up entertaining a few after dinner as well.

I came away another 500 grams down.

Rain and more rain.  We had a sprinkling overnight on Saturday.  Then we had constant rain for most of Sunday.  Monday the sun came out.  Then we had more overnight rain.  The grass has some green spots in it but its starting to grow.  It will need a mow before the weekend.

This is Mr T's project at the moment.

The back garden behind the pool had also been neglected with the grass growing about knee length. 

I did use to have a vege garden there initially.  Mr T has been taking the old pungas down along the fence line and using them to make a retaining wall for the vege garden.  He's cleared quite a bit already but it's a lot of work especially in this heat.  He's spending quite a bit of time in the pool.

 Glad to get the fence painted once he's cleared the rest.  I think we may even put a water feature in and some seats so we have another area to relax in. 

Well I forgot to pull some meat out of the freezer for dinner so I'm off to check out some recipes for dinner tonight.  

Catch you later.

Ciao xxx 


Monday, March 11, 2013

Well overdue for an update . . .

One post a month is pretty sad - even for me.

This year has been pretty full on so far.  There's always something happening.  Life sure isn't dull.  I can't believe we're nearly halfway through March though.

While life has been busy, things are going okay so that's something to be happy about.  

Have had a couple of issues with Josh's mum which I'm not impressed with.  Things seem a bit ominous at the moment I've got an awful feeling she is just going to take off.  This from the woman who took us to court for full custody four years ago, now all of a sudden she wants to go.  So.  Do you just up and leave your kid like that.  She tells me she has to start thinking of herself now.  Yeah right.  I don't think she ever stopped.

Both Mr T and I have felt that her need for Josh has always been about the money side of things.  At the moment she has two Asian students living with her.  That's a pretty good income in itself.  When Josh stays with her which is three nights a week, T,F,S he either has to sleep in a room with his mother or sleep on the couch because she's "rented" the rooms out.   Josh complains to us because he can't sleep because she snores. Or she wets herself on the couch, shudder, shudder.  He hates that she never puts her teeth in when his friends are around and that she swears and carries on.  

Last year she had this bright idea that we should do week about.  Josh with her for a week, then a week with us.  She can't get the DPB because we have Josh from 10.00 am Sun till 3pm Thursday.  She wants 50/50. Anyhow I said she needed to talk to Mr T about it.  But she kept pushing for me to agree with her and in the end I said no.  I told her it's not on that Josh doesn't have his own room.  He is getting far too old to be in the same room as his mother (he's 15 in a couple of weeks).  He needs his own privacy.   The only reason we haven't objected too much about it is he only has to get up to go to school one day a week and then he has two sleep ins so he can catch up - after a week he would be out of his routine and he'd come home grumpy and it would take me a week to get him back to normal, nevermind the attitude he'd come home with.  Besides Mr T says she is his mother and she needs to put him first and start acting like one.  Personally, I think she is a couple of screws loose.

Oops don't know where that rant came from, obviously been on my subconscience.

Other news .....

I've lost about 2 kg since my last post. I haven't been 100% but I have been making the right choices most of the time.

I love cauliflour. I use it all the time.  There's so many different ways to use it.  Tonight I'm using it as the topping for my cottage pie.  Mr T loves it and he's normally not a great mince fan.  I also prefer it as a pizza base.  

The other day when I went for a walk I noticed that I wasn't breathing as heavy as I use to.  I'm damn sure the extra weight I put on went straight to my chest!!!!    Anyhow now I can take brisker walks and still not get huffed and take nice long breathes.  My energy levels are on the rise again.

What has been draining me is the heat.  She's been pretty hot alright.  I cannot ever remember the city and countryside looking so brown.  I have bare front gardens because the soil is like powder, not even the weeds are growing.  My pots on the deck are thriving and also a couple of gardens out the back as they're getting watered morning and night.  The thing I worry about  is some silly buggar setting off fires.  

Night time sleeping is killing me cause I wake up three or four times in the night cause I'm too hot.  Mr T can't sleep with the fan on and last week I couldn't have my window open because of roadworks and they put the detour in past our house and it was logging trucks all flippin night.   

So it's a start of a new week.  Hopefully the nights will be cooler and I behave myself.  Happy week all. 




Happy . . .

Life is great, things are going way better than expected ( I hope I don't bloody jinx it)  we are good, we are happy, we are relaxed....