Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Can you believe it ....

Just when I’m ready to get on the treadmill – the bloody thing goes on strike. I kid you not. There I was all primed and ready, in my trackies, even the water on hand, I
get on, beep beep then Error 6 flashed on the screen.

I could of laughed, but I didn’t. I didn’t think it was funny. The thing has been dormant for the last six months and when I finally decide to use for it’s correct purpose instead of everybody’s hangar it decides to crack a mental at me. It probably decided it preferred the lazy life and didn’t want to have to expend any energy.

So poor Mr T is trying to figure it out, which he has – he knows the problem. But these things take time to fix. So I’m told. Hmmm why did the Tui’s billboard flash before my eyes just then.
Anyhows I did get a bit of exercise in. Not quite what I had in mind but probably a better cardio workout. I went and stacked the wood.

I also had a mini hornbag makeover at the weekend. I am now all plucked, shaved, dyed and painted. I’ve also made up my mind after growing my fringe out for the last year – I want it back. So in a couple of hours I’m heading out for a cut which is badly overdue.

Well operation shrink my stomach is working. I lost 1.5 kg last week. Makes me feel a lot better and helps my frame of mind. Which by the way is a lot better as well.

Yep, I can feel my happy, happy, joy, joy fuzzies coming back. I actually have a smile or two on my face these days as well.

Spring is in the air!!!!!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Could this be my lightbulb moment ....finally

I have a few meetings and a conference coming up in the next couple of weeks so yesterday I thought I’d do a bit of shopping and add a few new items to my wardrobe. OMG what a disaster was that. Those dressing room mirrors made me want to weep. Was it the biggest wake up call???? Boy do I hope so. Not only did I look like a telly tubby with short fat legs I also looked drab and washed out.

So I’m over feeling sorry for myself. My half hearted attempts at trying to lose weight. I’m going to pull out the stops and go for it. I’ve been lazy and just too casual about everything. Last weekend I took Krystal shopping. We did a bit of walking and I was really disgusted with how out of breath I got. Well all I can say is that lounge accessory that I’ve got is going to get a shock because it’s going to start being used for the purpose it was designed for - exercise equipment. Also known as THE TREADMILL.

I’ll start tracking my food and drinking water.

This weekend I’m going to take care of the drab and washed out side. I’m going to take a lesson from Nola on how to be a hornbag. A lot of pampering. By the time I’ve finished I’ll be smelling like roses and have that twinkle in my eye again.

I’ve got my mojo back!!!! I’m going to do it.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I'm back ...

No excuses. The simple truth is that I’ve been stressed and depressed and in a bad place. End of story.

But I’m back now for better or worse because I have to get myself back on track.

So naturally I’ve done what everyone does when they are feeling down - I’ve been eating lots. My hunger has been out of control. My portion sizes are out of control. I feel real blah.

So this week. I just said enough. It’s time for Operation – shrink that stomach. I’m on day three now and going alright. Already I’m down a kg. Funny thing is I haven’t even felt like eating. But my portion sizes are smaller and I’m just being conscious of everything that goes in my mouth. I’ve been managing about 1 ½ - 2 litres of water plus I’m having a cup of green tea in the morning and another in the afternoon. I definitely had a smile on my face this morning. Hopefully not only will I keep on losing but it helps snap me out of my mood that I'm in.

School holidays are here. Like I’m sure all you mothers know. We went to Auckland to pick Krystal up on Sunday. She’s home for the school holidays. We had the family around for dinner on Sunday night and I got some belly shots of Janelle and my grandbaby.

Jackie popped in for a visit and we got to meet the new beau. Nice guy. He’s very taken with her. She’s got a big grin on her face too. Me thinks I might be seeing her a bit more as he lives in Rotorua.

Everything else is pretty much the same old same old.

But I’m back.

Happy . . .

Life is great, things are going way better than expected ( I hope I don't bloody jinx it)  we are good, we are happy, we are relaxed....