Thursday, December 10, 2009

My Christmas Plans ....

So what have you all got planned for Christmas.

I'm so excited because Mr T and I ARE RUNNING AWAY. Oh yes we are baby. Two weeks from today and I can't wait.

We're running away from the whole christmas day drama. No Christmas Day dinners and travelling to this place and that place. No children. Just me and Mr T. Just time out to relax and enjoy what we like doing the best. Camping and fishing.

I sound a bit like Scrooge. Bah Humbug. But really it's just the way everything worked out. Josh and Krystal are spending the week with their mums and won't be home till the first weekend in January. Col and I decided to take advantage of that and have some time out for ourselves before the bombardment begins. We will have a New Years Barbecue when I'll have all the family around me. Lucas is still too little and I don't want to have to share him on Christmas Day. I'd rather have him New year and spoil him the whole day.

Anyway moving on to Christmas Dinner and the rest of the week. Well pretty much seafood all round. Where we are staying theres mussels galore to be picked and also oysters off the rocks at low tide. There's my starter. Then I will have a beautiful panfried fresh snapper with a crisp summer salad. I think my indulgence may be cheese and crackers but I might have fresh fruit instead. My stomach has shrunk and I can't stand the overfill feeling anymore.

Normally when we're on the boat we have orange juice, fruit and salad vogel sandwiches and thats about it.

I feel quite confident that this year I won't put on any weight. Days sitting on the boat catching all that fish can be quite a work out for the arms I tell you. Especially when you're pulling up the big ones. Also there's quite a few bush walking tracks nearby which will be a nice change for us as well.

All in all I just plan to relax and enjoy our time away together.

So what have you all got planned.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Well I ummed and ahhed . . .

But I went to weigh in last night and recorded a tiny loss of 300 gms. So that’s now 3.3kg in 4 weeks. I really wanted over a kg gone but when you do go out on a Friday and Saturday night and eat and drink copious amounts then that ain’t going to happen is it. But I did own up to myself and got right back on track on Sunday, which is probably why I was able to get a loss at all. So the moral is – DON’T GIVE UP.

Phew, you know what – I miss blogging. I miss a lot of the old bloggers. I found their journeys quite inspiring. Can’t help wondering where some of them are now. I know. Facebook. I’m probably starting to get a wee bit nostalgic in my old age. But I’ve read my old blog and what a hoot that was. Things have changed a bit since 2005. Still have the dramas with kids, but reading some of things we dealt with back then puts a shudder down my spine. No wonder my blog became a weight gain blog instead of a weight loss one. Lol. But seriously I was 71 kgs when I started blogging and now I’ve added another 10kg plus to the mix.

I think the decision for me to go back to Weightwatchers was the best one for me. I need to be accountable and for me that’s going in and getting weighed and having my results recorded. It keeps me honest and it keeps me on track. Fine if I wander a day or two, I get back on track and keep going.

I don’t want to be on a diet, but I do want to learn to eat healthier and most importantly watch what I eat. Lets face it the food is yummy too. This is the perfect time to get on track and develop some really good eating habits. I love relaxing in the evening out on the deck with a nice salad and steak/chicken etc and a nice chilled glass of wine. I tend to eat “lighter” filling foods and feel satisfied. There’s no urge to overdulge.

I’m going to return to regular blog posts now. I’ll share my battle against the bulge with you, the exciting things that happening in my world, when I get bummed out you’ll hear about that too.

Well I feel like I’m rambling a bit now but I’ll share my Christmas plans with you tomorrow.

Ciao for now.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

How did it get to be December !!!!!

The years aren't suppose to be passing this fast. Now that I'm older. Slow down for crissake's.

Weigh in went well on Tuesday night. Another 800 gms down. that's 3 kg's in 3 weeks. I'm about 1 kg off my 5% weight loss. Everythings going well in that area.

I went to the hospital today and I'll be having surgery after Christmas. I filled everything out now I just have to wait for a date. They said either January or March. I told them I was busy in February. My cyst is still there - hasn't reduced in size like they'd hoped. In fact it's wrapped itself around my ovary and I may have to have that removed as well. We'll see when the time comes I suppose. The good news is that the cyst is full of clear fluid and is nice and smooth no lumps or bumps. They say it's a "good" cyst. So I'll believe them.

Had some worries last week with one of the kids. Sometimes you wonder how much you can take. But somehow you do whether you like it or not. Hopefully it will all sort itself out over the next week.

At least I have some sunshine .....

Friday, November 27, 2009

It's a gorgeous day ... I should be at the beach or fishing

Instead I'm sitting here at my desk, looking out the window at the brilliant blue sky and thinking WHY am I here. Then I look to my right and see the piles of applications that have to be processed, that's why.

I did write a post earlier in the week but then lost it then life dramas happen and I never got round to doing another one.

So firstly weighty matters.

I didn't make it to weight watchers on Tuesday because above said dramas. It would have been truthful to say that I wasn't as excited about it as what I was the week before. There were quite a few reasons.

1. I didn't track.
2. I didn't drink as much water.
3. I didn't always eat my 3x meal a day.

plus the excuses

4. I had our work xmas dinner
5. Premenstrual week and TOM - really bloaty and heavy feeling.
Should have drunk more water
6. Have felt ravenous because of TOM and gave in to temptation occasionally.

I did get on the scales when I got home though and they showed roughly the same as the previous week give or take 200 gms.

But I have been good this week. I am drinking water. I am tracking and I am eating properly. Although I'm eating my breakfast a bit later at work. The best part is that the ravenous hunger I had before has gone. Thank God for that.

Some good things tho are already starting to happen. I don't feel quite so "chesty". I noticed the other day that my boobs aren't falling out of my bra but sitting properly like they should. When I'm not feeling bloaty my tummy feels "flatter". My jeans are a little looser. I haven't had to use my inhaler for the last few days. Not sure if this is good or bad because I'm suppose to be taking the preventalin daily. I guess the good thing is that I haven't felt that I needed too.

My incidental exercise this week has been cleaning the pool. Phew what a work out that is. I was going to mow the lawns as well but Nick bet me to it. Have to admit it was a nice surprise coming home to.

In other news I go for my scan this afternoon. Then I have my followup with the specialist next week and I'll find out for sure if I'm going to have surgery. Just wish they'd hurry up as I really don't want to be mucking around this close to Christmas neither do I want to spend my holiday recuperating. I want to enjoy it.

Couple of dramas happening with a couple of kids. Trying not to stress out but damn it can be hard sometimes.

On the plus side Lucas is doing really well and is starting to put on weight.
5lbs 10oz. Nearly a newborn weight. He's three months and three weeks now. He had his first outing at the lake the other day. He needs a bit of sunshine and fresh air.

I have photos on my camera to post but Mr T revamped our computer again and we haven't got round to loading the camera software yet. Will have to make sure this weekend.

Anyway it's gorgeous outside. If you don't have to be indoors - then go out and enjoy it. Have a superfantastic weekend everyone.


Friday, November 20, 2009

Ravenous ....

The past two days have been shocking. It's like overnight someone turned on a switch and I'm battling the urge to devour whatever I can. Temptation bet me on Wednesday night as I consumed crackers and dip following our meeting. Felt a bit gutted about letting myself down so easy. Then I thought it was Day 1 of a new week so I can turn it around. So I'm back on track and I'm just going to have to be stronger in resisting those temptations.

Another consolation is that TOM is due in the next day or two. I'm hoping that will see a downward slide on the scales and give my motivation an extra burst.

Over the weekend I'm going to try out the 97% fat and guilt free bacon as a sunday morning brekkie. I'm loving mixing my foods up a bit. Last night we had scallops and prawns for dinner. yummy. Mr T is enjoying the food. He's put on 4 kgs. He's not complaining either. God knows he can certainly handle a bit of beef on his frame.

Not much else to say so will get on and do some work.

Have a great weekend. Ciao.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A great first week ....

I lost 2.2 kg. I'm stoked. What a way to start this journey again.

The one thing I did right this week was I actually ate breakfast. I had 2 pieces of toast with ww baked beans most mornings. I found it was filling and kept me going till lunchtime. I had 3 meals a day and at least 1 snack a day. I was even able to fit some wines in and stay well within points. I did not feel deprived at all and I think that was the secret.

Today I worked out I need to lose another 2 kg to reach my 5% body loss. But then to keep my feet well and truly grounded I figured out I need to lose between 25 and 30% of body weight to get to goal.

The only way to get there is to keep on going and don't give up.

Better rush - I'm about ready to Chair a meeting. Catch you soon. Ciao.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Quick help please ....

Can anyone tell me if we can buy WW Bacon here yet???

Weigh in later today. I have tracked all week, stayed within points - even managed to save some. I haven't claimed for bonus points as I'm not quite how they work with this plan. I think that comes in week 3. I have drunk my water, some days more than others. Saturday I drunk 4 litres.

Today I'm feeling great. Last night I had the first twitches that TOM isn't too far away and I was thinking great just in time to stuff up my great week. But so what. The consequences of TOM NOT coming would be a damn sight more catastrophical than whether I lose a few grams or not aye.

I'm thinking and acting positive. At the weekend I told myself, next week when I wear these jeans again they aren't going to be as snug as they are now. And you know what. Already they're not.

Okay ... better go do some work. Will post weigh in results later.

Monday, November 16, 2009

A new chapter ....

You may think stupid or not but I was really excited about joining up again. I'm determined to lose weight this time but I know I can't do it by myself. I need to be held accountable. I tend to cheat if I can get away with it, lol.

I was quite blown away by all the information that you get given in your first week. I've taken the whole week to read through it all a few times and plan my meals. I'm actually eating three meals a day and having one snack a day. I could have more but the truth is - I don't feel hungry. I've been spending a bit more time in the kitchen and experimenting with salads and meals. The good thing is Mr T is eating too.

About the only thing that I wasn't too crash hot about was the scales ..... I got a terrible shock when the numbers flashed up. But then again I have to remember I always weigh first thing in the morning, with just my nightie after I've been to the loo. Now I'm weighing in at 5.30pm at night with all my clothes on AND in my shoes as well!!!. Naturally I came home and weighed myself on my scales so I could see if there was a much of a variance and there isn't.

But nevermind the evil deed has been done and it's all down from here. I just can't tell you how determined I am and how positive I'm feeling - this time I will succeed.

I'm looking forward to weigh in tomorrow night. I've been a good girl and I've really enjoyed my first week.

In other news, I have to go back for another scan in a fortnight. If the cyst is still there then they will do keyhole surgery. I'm not going to stress out about anything. All my blood tests came back negative. There was nothing sinister showing.

Today is Mr T's birthday. I'm not allowed to tell you how old he. I just said concentrate on how you feel not the number. We're just going to have dinner at home tonight and we'll wait till over.

That's about it for now. I'll let you know how I get on after weigh in.

Ciao for now.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tonights the night ....

I'm joining weightwatchers again. I'm looking forward to getting my first weeks book and reading up on everything. I did a very healthy shop at the weekend so I'll be able to stick to points for the rest of the week.

Thursday I go to the gynae outclinic and I guess I'll be told what my options are regarding this cyst. I was at the Drs this morning, Josh has been unwell for the last couple of days. She told me she'd seen the report and I said they never really told me what my options were likely to be. She said simple - surgery.

The only time I've been in hospital is when I had the kids. I've never had surgery before so it is a wee bit daunting for me. Especially when a few people have come to me and told me their stories. However, I'm not them, I'm me. I've always been healthy and have never been one to let being sick get me down for long. So I'll just wait and see what Thursday brings.

Anyhoos in the meantime I'm looking forward to tonight.


Friday, November 6, 2009

Can't wait . . .

to join weightwatchers next week. I'm starting to crave that accountability. I also need to have the meal planner to kickstart me off for the first few weeks. The thing is I'll be able to share everything from Day 1 with Mr T, so he'll be learning along with me. I had a small loss of 500 gms this week. I was hoping for a little bit more, but it's still less of me. I really struggled this week with my water and my exercise wasn't at all flash.

In fact exercise has been put on the back burner for a bit. I woke up with abdominal pain on Tuesday. When it hadn't got better on Wednesday morning I popped over to the doctors and next thing you know I'm in hospital. Ultra sound showed I had a 7.8cm cyst. They let me go home, I told them I was going anyway, seeing as my bloods came back showing no sign of infection. But I'm due back early next week when they'll have a full report on the scan and decide what they're going to do with me. They weren't very forthcoming with any answers the other night.

I have another busy weekend. Have a Presidents forum meeting all day tomorrow for my admin group. Then Sunday I really need a lovely sunny day at home to garden and get the lawns done. Then the kids are coming out for dinner. This will be Lucas's first visit to Nana's house. Looking forward to that.

Ciao for now ....

Here's Lucas with Winnie and Mickey. Nearly as big as them now.
"Alright, which one of you knicked me sock"

and here he is wearing some big boys clothes now. In the hoodie and trackies nana bought him the day he was born. Size 0000.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

19 snapper !!!!!

Plus 6 kahawai, 1 gurnard and a stingray. Apart from the ray I'd have to declare the weekend fishing a great success.

What beauty weather we had too. I couldn't believe how flat the sea was. It was like being on a lake. Lovely and warm and sunny. It was just what I'd hoped it would be like.

Tapu is a nice little spot. Plenty of mussels and oysters to get at lowtide. Bushwalks too. Couldn't say the same about the campground tho. It was old. Which didn't bother me. But it was dirty. I went to put some food in the camp fridge. But it hadn't been cleaned and was full of mould. The toilets and shower block although hosed out were filled with cobwebs. I ended up showering in the family shower and you had to make sure you wore jandals there too.

But all in all it was great. I so love the laid back life. We had quite a few visitors pop over for a drink and a chat. The guys all talking about the best fishing spots and bait etc. The girls about kids, family, things to do, shopping etc.

The best bit was my eating was perfect. I ate fish, fish, mussels, oysters, cheese & crackers, 2 x tomato & cucumber cheese vogel sandwiches, fish, salad, mussels, fish and more fish the whole weekend. It was great. and water, orange juice and I managed to get in 2 bottles of wine over the duration of the weekend.

So I was greatly pleased to see that I lost 900 grams this week. Little beauty. This is a good loss for me as it was also pre TOM week t00. Do the happy dance.

I really do feel good. It always is when you're good to yourself and don't over indulge. My clothes are a bit looser. They're not cutting me in half anyway.

So my goals for this week are:

- to continue to watch portion sizes

- continue drinking water

- to start walking

My walking starts tomorrow. I'm doing the Pink Walk here with the girls from the Office. It's only 3.4 km. Not far - but just as well. I managed to slice my foot open on some oyster shells at the weekend pulling the boat in. A little nasty and a tad sore. I'm walking better on it today so I will just make sure I bandage it up well.

Oh and another thing I'm joining weightwatchers again. Unfortunately I won't be able to until the 11th Nov because I'm busy the next two Wednesdays. I did think about going to another meeting but I really wanted to start where I'll end up going.

So there we go. Starting another week. Another week to see less of me.

Catch ya later.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Friday yeah .. going fishing

I’ve had a pretty good week and the scales are rewarding me. I’m really happy about that. All I’ve done is drink plenty of water and watched my portion sizes. I’ve also just had protein and salads for dinner. Now I hope I don’t go and stuff it up over the weekend with too much indulgence. I should be okay.

This time tomorrow I’ll be on the boat out at sea with my line in the water. The sea will be calm, the sky a beautiful blue and the sun warming me, relaxing with a coffee or an orange juice. That’s what I’m hoping for so please, don’t let it disappoint me.

The cars loaded, the boat is just about loaded. I’m finishing here at lunchtime and will zap into the supermarket and pick up a few groceries. Not much. I only plan on eating fresh snapper and salad. On the boat I only pack fresh fruit, crackers, cheese, tomatoes, lettuce etc and vogel bread. And coffee , water and orange juice.

So we’re hoping to get away around 2 o’clock which will give us plenty of time to get to Tapu which is past Thames somewhere. Haven’t been there before but apparently the fishing is good. We shall see. It’ll only take us about 20 mins to put up our tent and another 20 to set everything up. We’re not taking the kitchen sink this time.

So I figure around about 6 o’clock we’ll be relaxing outside the tent and enjoying a drink or two.

I hope you all have a wonderful and safe weekend and that the weather gods are nice to us.

I’ll update when I get back.


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A little less of me ....

But I'm still feeling a bit snuggly.

Well yesterday wasn't too bad. I managed to get through the day fairly easy. The only problem was I didn't drink much water during the day so I drunk heaps last night and consequently had a bad night's sleep due to waking and trotting to the loo about three times. There's somethings you just never learn, lol.

Breakfast is always a problem for me because I just can't bear to eat as soon as I get up. So I've been taking a yoghurt and an apple to work to have around
9.30 - 10ish. It will help me for the moment but I will have to sort something else out as I figure I'd get a bit bored with it before too long.

I've set myself a few goals. The first one is to become a 70's girl again and I want to achieve this by Melbourne Cup Day. That gives me 2 weeks to love under 2kgs. That is very doable. After that I'll aim for 75, then 70 and 65 and then I'll re evaluate how I'm going and set a goal weight. When it's broken down like that it seems a helluva lot more achievable.

I had a bad day yesterday with my asthma, have been wheezing quite a bit and short of breath a few times. But losing weight has to help me, doesn't it.

I'm looking forward to doing the Rotorua Half Marathon in March with Jackie and a few of the girls. I have to be up to speed for that. Can't wait for you to get over here Jaxx and we can start doing some evening walks.

The sun is shining today and helps to make things look brighter. Mr T pulled the boat out this week and we're going fishing this weekend just past Thames. Forecast for the weekend is fine. I can't wait. We made our list last night of things to pick up from the lock up, few groceries to get etc because come Friday lunchtime we're gone. Something to look forward to - finally.

Anyway that's it for now. I'm hoping my posts are going to become a lot more positive in the days and weeks ahead. I'll leave you with the latest pic of Lucas. He's 10wks old now. His due date was suppose to be 24th October. We're getting lots of smiles now.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The No Go Zone ......

Unfortunately, I reached it and zoomed past. By an extra 2 kgs.

I can’t even begin to tell you how I’m feeling. It’s not pretty. I’m my own worse enemy. My clothes are far too snuggly, I feel like a mallow puff, I’m starting to look like one. I’m not liking the person I am becoming both looking from the outside and from the inside. I am under stress for lots of reasons. It’s such a busy time and there’s so much to do and worry about. Don’t no-one even mention Christmas.

Stress they say does not help with weight loss. Tell me about it. My food is becoming my comfort. The portion sizes are getting bigger. And I still feel hungry afterwards. Or I tell myself I do anyway.

I’m not eating “bad” food, just eating far too much of it.

So the main focus of this blog is going to be weight loss again.

This week I’m going to concentrate on

 Controlling my portion sizes
 Drinking in excess of 2ltres of water
 Cutting back on coffee and drink 2 green teas

Every day I’m going to tell myself “there’s a little bit less of you today than there was yesterday”. I'm going to find something to make me feel good about my day.

A few years ago I went to a Paula Ryan “You and Me” seminar. When it came to weight loss she said women always talk about how much weight they’ve put on and how they wish they could lose weight. She said the truth is if you’re really serious about it– then just do it. I know this philosophy doesn’t apply to everyone but for a majority of us it is true.

So I’m just going to do it.

I wasn’t going to do this, because I was ashamed. But here goes...

“Hi everyone. My name is Lee-Anne and I am overweight. I weigh 82 kgs. From today and every day there will be a little bit less of me”

Welcome to my weightloss blog.

I hope you'll follow me and support me.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Where has all the sunshine gone ....

It would be so much easier to get motivated if the weather wasn’t crap.

It’s times like this that my willpower sucks big time. I take the easy option and make excuses for myself.

All I want to do is stay warm and eat.

So I’ve been reading stories of the ones who have willpower and are successful. Boy do I want what they have. I’ve been checking out recipes and starting to plan healthy meals. I’ve got myself a little notebook so I can write down not only what I eat but how I feel. Over the weekend I will get some new walking shoes so I can start going for a walk either at lunchtime or in the evening to get ready for the half marathon.

So all I want now is for the sun to start shining and start spreading a bit of warmth inside me so my willpower gets a boost. Then there’ll be no stopping me.

Well that’s the plan.

Have a sunny weekend everyone. It is going to be sunny you know. Yeah right!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Boo !!!!!

I didn't realise it was so long since I did an update.

Lucas was transferred to Rotorua Hospital SCBU on 16th September with no fuss. He came over with another wee bubs who apparently cried the whole way. Not our little man. He is so laid back. It was so nice having him so close by and seeing how much he has grown. You can tell from the photos.

He's handling his celebrity status like a professional. Nothing seems to faze him.

Look how he's grown ....

"CAUTION": Some nudity content. Viewer discresion is advised.

First bath, loved it ....

Getting dry ...

Daddy, what big hands you've got ...

Father and son ...

AND THEN .... it finally happened .....

Lucas goes home ....

Mum's happy and I think Dad's a bit stoked .....

He can wear his own clothes now ....

He's a happy little chappy ....

Just chillin ....

First day home, snuggled up in his own bed ....

So you can see he's grown a bit since the last post. He's spent his first nine weeks in hospital.

Now he's home.

And what about me. Well I've become a bit blase and put on a kg. So tired of the yo-yo-ing I'm doing to myself. I have tightened the food reins this week. But typical - I try to be good then Monday it's someones birthday and there's a morning tea shout. I did not resist. I ate. Then a couple of hours later I ate my lunch.

I felt blurghhh... and quite annoyed with myself.

Tonight I'm going to give myself some beauty treatment. It's great for that "feel good" effect. Hope it does the trick.

I'm wondering if I'm sneaking back into hibernation mode. You get one really great day of weather and you get pumped and motivated then all of a sudden you get really cold weather - snow even for crying out loud, in October!!!! - and all good intentions and purposes fly out the window.

I had a thought last night that maybe I should go back to weightwatchers.Just for two or three months so I can get back on track. Going to a meeting has in the past kept me honest and more importantly accountable for what I do and eat. So I'll have a good think about it.

For now I'll keep on plodding along.

I'll catch you later.


Monday, October 5, 2009

Am I Rip Van Winkle ....

did I fall asleep and sleep through summer, cause it damn well feels like it . . . .

Those poor, poor people who were stranded on the Taupo Napier highway.
Boy do I feel for them.

The only good thing was that I was on holiday last week and it was total shite. Back to work today and if it had of been fine I would have really cracked the poos.

Anyway I'll just crank the heater up a bit.

So with summer, hopefully just around the corner it's time to rev things up a bit. I had been intending to start my walks in the evening but because of the shitty weather I haven't been able to . I really do need to mix things up a bit because I've stayed the same for the last couple of weeks.

Everybody seems to be having the protein shakes. I just have one question. Do they fill you up?

Friday, October 2, 2009

Catch up ....

Once again apologies for the lack of updates. Not much to report although I've been busy, busy.

Weight wise I was going well for a couple of weeks but seem to have reached a plateau where nothing is budging either way. Time to mix things up.

Week 1 of daylight saving and I'm on holiday. I had so much planned but it got stuffed up because of the crappy weather. Now here I am - Friday - my week's almost and I've spent the last two days down at the workshop doing cleaning and book work. I'm in charge at the moment as the guys are out on a couple of jobs. Hmmmm .... wonder if I can drum up some business.

Lucas is doing great. We're hoping he'll be home next week. He is just growing in leaps and bounds. I've had lots of lovely cuddles and kisses with my boy. Lots of chats so he gets use to my voice.

Life in general is settling down and slotting into a nice place. My energy levels are still high and I'm loving the change in me. It's really hit home how I must have been slowly going downward for quite a long time. I'm sleeping right through the night now. How fantastic that is. I wake up feeling refreshed and I can maintain this feeling right through the day. No mid afternoon lows. I use to blame the waking during the night with menopause as I'd always wake up "hot". Now I know it probably was due to not breathing properly. Especially as last month I'd have to sit up in bed to catch my breath.

I'm hoping for a lovely sunny day tomorrow so I can get out in my garden and clean out the pool area. Time to start dosing it again ready for when the hot weather hits us. I've dosed it and skimmed it but it's a bit green at the moment because I haven't had the pump running. I'll be able to have it on all day tomorrow so that should do the trick. My plants have survived despite not getting hardly any water during winter.

So now I'm rambling. I'll love ya and leave you. Have a good weekend.


Friday, September 18, 2009

A week on .....

and I'm still feeling fantastic.

I just can't believe the energy I have. I'm quite stunned, but in a good way.

Normally mid afternoon I start to flag and slowly go down hill from there. But this week I get home from work and I'm bursting to go. I'm catching up on little jobs here and there and last night I got stuck into Josh's room, sorting through all the toys that are broken and missing bits, stripping his bedding and wiping the walls. I feel great.

I'm also sleeping a damn sight better. Not waking during the night. I'm feeling normal again. The thing is that I really didn't know I wasn't normal.

I'm sitting here at my desk and looking out at the beautiful day. I can't wait to get home and kickstart this weekend. I also want to kickstart my weight loss again. I've had a trip down memory lane and gone back to ready my blog in the beginning. It's made for some interesting reading. And it's been quite enlightening.

This is my first profile photo on my first blog. I like this photo because my face is thinner, my arms are thinner and my frame is smaller. This was me when I first met Mr T. This is what I want again.

So time to turn this blog back into a weight loss blog. I'm in a happy place right now so time to make those endorphins work. Time to start that healthy life. Timing is great. The days are getting longer and warmer and it's time to shake out of that winter hibernation. It all begins with the first step - and I've just taken it.

In other news. Lucas arrived home on Wednesday. It feels so good having him here. He is just the most placid laid back baby you can imagine. He's not daunted in the slightest with his celebrity status. In fact I think we might be a bit boring to him, as yawns and stretches and throws his arm behind his and chills out. Not a care in the world. I can't believe how big he is. He had his first bath yesterday. That didn't faze him either.

So I shall leave you now.... with a few more photos and will be back soon

Monday, September 14, 2009

Emerging from my nightmare ....

Before I continue this has nothing to do with Lucas. He is doing super. In fact we’re hoping he’s being transferred home today which I can’t wait for.

Nope, this is all about me.

It took till last week for me to realise I have been unwell for a very long time. My difficulties with breathing and finding out that I had asthma was a shock but thought that now I was on ventolin everything would all be good again. Wrong.

I’ve lacked energy for quite some time and it really irks me – so last weekend I pushed myself to stack the firewood in the garage and get some real exercise. It took me a while and I was puffing a bit but I did it. Unfortunately I stirred up quite a lot of dust – combined with all the pollen around at the moment. Our deck, vehicles, outdoor furniture are thick yellow with pollen at the moment.

So I started with the hayfever symptoms, followed by a harsh cough and then waking up three to four times during the night not being able to breathe. That is the most terrifying feeling. I got real bad, real fast. Thursday morning I was in tears, I’d had enough. Breathless, wheezy and exhausted. One of the girls from work drove me to the Doctor’s, which is two doors up the road. I couldn’t even walk that far. They put me straight on the nebuliser which gave me some relief. When my Doctor saw me she was a bit surprised and said that this had come out of left field. (she was on holiday last time I went and ended up seeing a locum). Anyway she said we’re going to shut this asthma down now. I think I felt instant relief just hearing her say that. So she put me on some steroids which she said would make me feel a lot better in 4 – 6 hours. I also have preventalin (sp) which I am going to have to take every single day and night from here on. Unfortunately things didn’t happen the way they were suppose to. I had another real bad night and the medication certainly wasn’t working for me.

So back again to the Doctors the next day. She was quite surprised and said the asthma was quite aggressive and didn’t want to let go of me. So she said we had to be aggressive too. So up goes my meds. A bit more time on the nebuliser and I was starting to get a little bit of relief. I was sent home and they phoned me every couple of hours to see how I was doing. I had a bit of an improvement so they were happy enough. I just had strict instructions that if it didn’t get better over the weekend then I had to go to ER. The plan was for the next few days it had to all be about ME. Plenty of rest.

Well I’m pleased to say that just after lunch on Saturday everything kicked in. I had this amazing amount of energy that I couldn’t keep still. I started wiping down walls and skirting boards and light switches. I felt super great. I actually had to make myself stop so I didn’t overdo it.

I guess this is when it hit me that I couldn’t really remember the last time I felt this good. I’ve felt sluggish for such a long time but I put it down to being unfit. But now that I’m breathing properly again I know now that it’s been deteriorating for some time.

So now that I’m on the mend again I look back on last week and take the positives from it all.

I know what’s wrong with me and it can be controlled.
I will feel 100% better.
I will have more energy. More energy means more moving. More moving means faster metabolism.
I’m motivated to get off my chuff and start walking.
I won’t get so tired so fast now.

So I feel like I’ve turned a corner. Not only health wise, but healthy living wise. This is just all added incentive for me to keep on going and lose this extra weight. I’m actually starting to inspire myself.

Not quite out of the woods yet. The coughing I've had has been "violent" to say the least and I've strained my muscles in my stomach and my back and it's very painful. But with plenty of fluids and honey and lozenges and decongestants I hope to get on top of this real soon.

I've also put on 500gms. I blame Mr T's cooking.

Sorry for the long post. But I needed to get this down for my own record and besides I haven't blogged for awhile, so it is catch up time.

I'll leave you with a photo of Lucas and his Dad.

Ciao for now ..

Friday, September 4, 2009

a friday funny ....

It's Friday!!!!! Yipee!!!!

It actually looks like it's going to be a decent weekend too. I get to stay home this weekend and do some pottering and catching up on a few weeds.

Everything is still going well for me. The scales are still the same but I've noticed the looseness in my clothes and that's a great feeling.

I'm so loving this time of the year. Finally it's slowly getting warmer and the days are getting longer. No more driving home with my car lights on. All my spring bulbs are out and the smell of cut grass is heaven to me.

There's so many things to look forward to now.

Lower power bills.
Barbecues & salads
Less clothes
Long days

And so much more.

The hibernation period is over. Doesn't everything feel so much better when the sun is shining.

Lucas is still doing well. He had a wee set back the other day and ended up back on the CPAT (oxygen). His poor wee heart started racing a bit too much. In too much of a hurry, just like his Dad. He calmed down pretty quickly. He's still gaining weight so everyone is happy. In fact he reached the weight he had to be to come home but because of this setback they're going to keep him in Waikato a bit longer.

So that's the news at the moment. Have to finish a pile of work which will hopefully make the rest of the day go fast.

So I'll say Ciao and leave you with this funny .....

Have a good weekend everyone.

The boss wondered why one of his most valued employees was absent but had not phoned in sick one day. Needing to have an urgent problem with one of the main computers resolved, he dialled the employee's home phone number and was greeted with a child's whisper.

' Hello ? '

'Is your daddy home?' he asked.

' Yes ,' whispered the small voice.
May I talk with him?'

The child whispered, ' No ..'

Surprised and wanting to talk with an adult, the boss asked, 'Is your Mummy there?' ' Yes '

'May I talk with her?' Again the small voice whispered, ' No '

Hoping there was somebody with whom he could leave a message, the boss asked, 'Is anybody else there?'

' Yes , ' whispered the child, ' a policeman . '

Wondering what a cop would be doing at his employee's home, the boss asked, 'May I speak with the policeman?'

' No, he's busy , ' whispered the child.

'Busy doing what?'

' Talking to Daddy and Mummy and the Fireman , ' came the whispered answer.

Growing more worried as he heard a loud noise in the background through the earpiece on the phone, the boss asked, 'What is that noise?'

' A helicopter ' answered the whispering voice.

'What is going on there?' demanded the boss, now truly apprehensive. Again, whispering, the child answered,

' The search team just landed a helicopter '

Alarmed, concerned and a little frustrated the boss asked, 'What are they searching for?'

Still whispering, the young voice replied with a muffled giggle...

' ME . '

Monday, August 31, 2009

Nana visits Lucas ....

Isn't he just gorgeous

See how tiny he is, I'm rubbing his leg ....

holding hands with nana ...

I had a lovely visit with Lucas yesterday. My goodness he's growing. I can see the difference from last week. He's starting to full out and he's getting a bit of tummy and he's just looking so gorgeous.

Everyday he seems to be getting a little bit stronger. He's starting to put on weight slowly but steadily. He's having more time breathing on his own. Six hours by himself and then two back in the incubator. Although yesterday he had to go back in a bit sooner as his heart rate went up a bit fast. He calmed down once he was back in though. I reckon he was just too excited because he knew Nana was coming for a visit.

He's 32 weeks now. Weight 1.115 kg. He's just so perfectly formed and adorable, he's just so tiny.

When his Daddy was a baby (5 weeks old) he ended up in hospital too. He had a viral infection and was put on a drip for fluids. His Aunty Sue bought him Mickey Mouse. Mickey Mouse slept with Nick and was dragged around the house for most of his childhood. Unfortunately so was Donald Duck as Matthew wouldn't part with him either. I still remember the time I washed Mickey and Donald and hung them on the line. Matthew screamed at the top of his lungs, and he was loud I tell you, that I had no choice than let him walk around with a soggy Donald for awhile until I could sneak him away again.

So when I saw Mickey Mouse in the shop I knew I had to get him. Oh, and Winnie the Pooh too. But it is Mickey Mouse that now sleeps with Lucas. So what that he' a tad bigger than Lucas. It won't be for long.

Anyhow Janelle's going to forward me some more photos which I'll put on here.

So for now I'll say Ciao ....

Monday, August 24, 2009

Spring is in the air ....

Some days I can feel it and I can smell it. The great thing about it is the best is yet to come. I can feel myself coming out of hibernation and it’s a wonderful feeling.

Things are continuing to pick up and still have my head in the right headspace. I’m on track with my healthy eating and my portion sizes. Over the weekend I have left food on my plate both nights. That is really amazing. Even though I dished up smaller portions I was still able to say okay that’s it I’ve had enough and put my knife and fork down. That is a big achievement for me.

Consequently the scales have gone down 900 gms in the last two weeks. That is a good steady loss.

The exercise front tho isn’t looking that flash. The treadmill is still not working and Mr T will have to take it apart and fix it. Now I know that isn’t going to happen any time soon. However we will be starting to go for walks in the evening very soon. I won’t be overdoing it just yet as I do have asthma. It scares the shite out of me at how easy I can get out of breath. But I still believe it’s the cold that triggers it. Carrying extra weight around my chest can’t be helping either so I’m quite determined to lose more weight and get fit.

This afternoon I’ll be writing out my grocery list and stocking up on lots of lovely fresh fruit and veges. It’s so much easier to eat healthy when you’ve got the right ingredients at your fingertips.

Lucas update.
Our wee man is continuing to do really well. He had his first flight in a helicopter last week. He was moved from Starship hospital down to Waikato. He liked the flight but wasn’t too crazy on the lifts. He lost 50gms from his birth weight but has since regained that and a wee bit more. He spends a bit of time out of the incubator now and this is the time that Janelle and Nick get to cuddle and bond together as a family. I got to see this first hand yesterday when we went to visit. What a beautiful family. Yes he is wee, and tiny but everythings all there, he is quite alert and his eyes open wide. I got to stroke his tiny wee feet while he was snuggled up to his mum. He is quite long, but he just lacks the meat on his bones. The next step is to add some protein to Janelle’s milk to help him put on weight. Once this happens we can look at him being moved to Rotorua hospital which will make it so much easier for everyone.

Have I told you how adorable he is and cuteness plus. He is so contented. Despite his early arrival and having to deal with tubes and everything he settles so well, doesn’t get upset. His little limbs are having a good work out as he likes stretching his toes out and his fingers. My god they are so long. We’re going to have to try and find some little mittens tiny enough otherwise he’ll start clawing himself. He is going to be one very determined, happy and spoilt young man.

So all in all everything is going well all round.

Catch ya soon.

Friday, August 14, 2009

All is well ....

Lucas had his scan yesterday and all is looking good. The kids had a great day with him yesterday and it really helped to lift their spirits.

Sometimes I think the internet can be a blessing and a curse. Naturally I've been googling premature babies and reading their birth stories. Some are great - some are not. When I've told people I'm a nana they go congratulations. Then I tell them he was born 28 weeks prem and some automatically think the worse. You can see it in their expressions. But I know he's going to fine. At the end of the day he's my grandson and nothing will change that.

Well other things have been happening as well. Last weekend I was in Auckland for a conference. There were some fantastic speakers and there was one that spoke on nutrition and she was great. Some very useful tips which I'll write down and post.

My stomach seems to still be shrinking. I'm beginning to find that not only are my portion sizes smaller but I'm struggling to eat them. Also if I feel full I have no problems pushing my plate away. This is a huge thing for me. Especially as last week was TTOM. I have been rewarded with a 1.2kg loss. I'm going to do my best to make sure I keep plodding along this path rather than worry about numbers.

Phew I'm glad it's Friday. I am so looking forward to a lie in the morning. I have felt quite exhausted this week. I can't remember when I've spent so much time on the phone and txting people to keep everyone updated. Tonight I'm going to snuggle in front of the fire - find something decent to watch and chill out with a wine. It looks like we're in for a very wild and wet weekend.

Hope you all stay warm and dry.

Catch you later.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Our tiny wee man ...

It's not a great angle but I was trying so hard not to disturb him.

He's so adorable with his little beaney. Everything is continuing to go well. Janelle is spending a lot of time with him and she says he's responding to her voice and settles well when she strokes him. Nick came home last night to sort a few things out money wise and get a few more things as they'll be up there for a few weeks yet. He's going back tomorrow. Lucas has a brain scan on Thursday and so I guess we'll really find out then how well he is doing. I'll make sure to post as soon as I find out.

I can't wait for the day when I get to hold him.

Welcome to our world

Lucas Adrian

Born 11.50pm,
Saturday 8th August 2009
at Starship Hospital

Weight 1 kg
28 weeks

Mum and Baby doing well.

Hey guys. I'm a Nana, can you believe it. It's amazing. I have to admit it's still sinking in. Everything just happened so fast.

Thursday Janelle ended up in Waikato Hospital with pre eclampsya. Then on Friday they made a decision to induce her so they put her on steroids and transferred her to Starship which was where our little man was born.

It's scary but thanks to the steroids he is breathing on his own. He is naturally in an incubator but the doctors say he is doing well and is fine. He's also taken to breastmilk really well. He's got a long stay in hospital ahead of him but he's going to be just fine. I know he will.

Anyway just thought I'd pop in and share the news with you. Lots to tell but will just leave there for the moment.

Ciao for now

Nana Lee

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Well whaddayouknow ....

The treadmill is still not in action. Mr T has figured out what IS wrong with it, but not how to fix it. I said we'll just get someone out to fix it. Easier said than done. I've phoned everywhere that sell the equipment but they don't do servicing. How stupid. So I just googled treadmill maintenance opened up one. And there it was. "If your Treadmill Reads Err7 it has got out of balance. It is a mechanism to protect the incline motor and is easily set. " Could have laughed out loud. And is easy to reset - if the instructions are as easy as they say they are.

I was disapointed on Monday to get on the scales to see a wee gain, but this morning I'm happy to see it all gone as well as a few extra grams.

My eating has been pretty decent lately and I'm even managing to drink water. Normally a couple of 750ml bottles. The real nice thing is that my appetite has decreased a lot. I'm not feeling hungry and when I do eat its not that much. So watching my portion sizes is definitely helping. I'm wearing a skirt today that last week I couldn't do up. What a boost is that. Life is continuing to be nice to me and I'm making the most of it.

On Sunday, our first real nice day we've had for ages - we decided to go for a walk through the Redwoods. Decided to take the hour walk. First half hour was great. Then just into the second half I just couldn't breathe. I had to stop. I was wheezing and just able to take short breaths. I started to freak out and I was panicking. I managed to get a grip on myself and just concentrate on short breaths to try and calm myself. the wheezing never stopped but I was able to keep going by taking short breaths. Now I knew I was unfit and expected I might be huffing and puffing but it wasn't that. Three hours later I was still wheezing. I've had nights that I've woken up, gone to the loo and ended up out of breath. I thought it was the slight cold I had at the time. Now I don't believe it. I think my symptons are more asthmatic. I've never had asthma. But I've looked at the symptons and they seem very familiar. I just didn't think you could develop it as an adult. So off the the doctor to get it checked out. At least I might be able to get an inhaler so it won't stop me from walking.

Mr T and I are heading off to Auckland tomorrow for a few nights. I will be attending conference and he will be relaxing. I think we're both really looking forward to just getting away for a few days. A sort of a mini honeymoon. Bliss.

And I do have photos in my camera and I will post them just as soon as i can get off FB and that wretched Farmtown that's consumed me and load them.

Catch ya later, Ciao.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Can you believe it ....

Just when I’m ready to get on the treadmill – the bloody thing goes on strike. I kid you not. There I was all primed and ready, in my trackies, even the water on hand, I
get on, beep beep then Error 6 flashed on the screen.

I could of laughed, but I didn’t. I didn’t think it was funny. The thing has been dormant for the last six months and when I finally decide to use for it’s correct purpose instead of everybody’s hangar it decides to crack a mental at me. It probably decided it preferred the lazy life and didn’t want to have to expend any energy.

So poor Mr T is trying to figure it out, which he has – he knows the problem. But these things take time to fix. So I’m told. Hmmm why did the Tui’s billboard flash before my eyes just then.
Anyhows I did get a bit of exercise in. Not quite what I had in mind but probably a better cardio workout. I went and stacked the wood.

I also had a mini hornbag makeover at the weekend. I am now all plucked, shaved, dyed and painted. I’ve also made up my mind after growing my fringe out for the last year – I want it back. So in a couple of hours I’m heading out for a cut which is badly overdue.

Well operation shrink my stomach is working. I lost 1.5 kg last week. Makes me feel a lot better and helps my frame of mind. Which by the way is a lot better as well.

Yep, I can feel my happy, happy, joy, joy fuzzies coming back. I actually have a smile or two on my face these days as well.

Spring is in the air!!!!!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Could this be my lightbulb moment ....finally

I have a few meetings and a conference coming up in the next couple of weeks so yesterday I thought I’d do a bit of shopping and add a few new items to my wardrobe. OMG what a disaster was that. Those dressing room mirrors made me want to weep. Was it the biggest wake up call???? Boy do I hope so. Not only did I look like a telly tubby with short fat legs I also looked drab and washed out.

So I’m over feeling sorry for myself. My half hearted attempts at trying to lose weight. I’m going to pull out the stops and go for it. I’ve been lazy and just too casual about everything. Last weekend I took Krystal shopping. We did a bit of walking and I was really disgusted with how out of breath I got. Well all I can say is that lounge accessory that I’ve got is going to get a shock because it’s going to start being used for the purpose it was designed for - exercise equipment. Also known as THE TREADMILL.

I’ll start tracking my food and drinking water.

This weekend I’m going to take care of the drab and washed out side. I’m going to take a lesson from Nola on how to be a hornbag. A lot of pampering. By the time I’ve finished I’ll be smelling like roses and have that twinkle in my eye again.

I’ve got my mojo back!!!! I’m going to do it.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I'm back ...

No excuses. The simple truth is that I’ve been stressed and depressed and in a bad place. End of story.

But I’m back now for better or worse because I have to get myself back on track.

So naturally I’ve done what everyone does when they are feeling down - I’ve been eating lots. My hunger has been out of control. My portion sizes are out of control. I feel real blah.

So this week. I just said enough. It’s time for Operation – shrink that stomach. I’m on day three now and going alright. Already I’m down a kg. Funny thing is I haven’t even felt like eating. But my portion sizes are smaller and I’m just being conscious of everything that goes in my mouth. I’ve been managing about 1 ½ - 2 litres of water plus I’m having a cup of green tea in the morning and another in the afternoon. I definitely had a smile on my face this morning. Hopefully not only will I keep on losing but it helps snap me out of my mood that I'm in.

School holidays are here. Like I’m sure all you mothers know. We went to Auckland to pick Krystal up on Sunday. She’s home for the school holidays. We had the family around for dinner on Sunday night and I got some belly shots of Janelle and my grandbaby.

Jackie popped in for a visit and we got to meet the new beau. Nice guy. He’s very taken with her. She’s got a big grin on her face too. Me thinks I might be seeing her a bit more as he lives in Rotorua.

Everything else is pretty much the same old same old.

But I’m back.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Congratulations Brother dear ....

On Sunday we went to Waitoa for my little brothers wedding. He's like his sister and has the blended family thing going on - only he's gone one better than me.

Seven kids!!!!!

My brother and his four boys .....

My new sister-in-law Rachel and her girls .....

their brady bunch plus one .....

.... look how young they all are. The oldest is 17 and the youngest is 9. Should I tell them what's in store for them or just sit back and snigger.

John and Rachel cutting the cake.

I did have a few more photos on here but Mr T was in a hurry to get onto facebook he exited without saving. Men.

So will redo them tonight.


PS: Didn't weigh in. Blame it on the KFC I had on Saturday and the hangi I had on Sunday. But I'm a real little angel now.

Happy . . .

Life is great, things are going way better than expected ( I hope I don't bloody jinx it)  we are good, we are happy, we are relaxed....