Saturday, December 20, 2008

Fark ... I'm a legend

And very modest to boot.

Last night I came home from work totally exhausted. Bed by 9 and had 10 hours straight sleep.

This morning up and at em. Worked till 3pm, did my chrissie shopping, even got the groceries, Home unloaded and I feel fantastic.

Next week will be a breeze. Just 1 1/2 days of work left. Got it covered.

Then 10 totally free kids days. I know - you must hate me.

But god, as my witness, I damn well deserve it.

Oh, the scales have been very, very nice to me this week.

Down 2.3 kgs.

Yay, finally I'm happy.

Will be doing a xmas post, but not here. I will send it out to everyone on my email list. If you aren't there then let me know. leeanneb dot xtra dot co dot nz


Friday, December 12, 2008

I'm back .....

and I'm feeling like a huge weight has lifted off my shoulders.

I can't believe I've been away from blogging for so long. I've gotten over quite a few hurdles in the last couple of weeks and finally I'm starting to relax. There's still plenty to do but it's not of the stress kind.

I did my formal workplace assessment on Monday and Tuesday. I'm so glad that is out of the way. I'm going to take a wee break now. Still have some assignments to complete, but for now the pressure is off. Thank god for that.

Last Friday I was in agony. I woke up at 3am in excruciating pain. I don't know what was wrong I only know that I could not find any position which didn't hurt. Mr T was a lot worried. It went on for about 7 hours and then the pain slowly eased. Next day I was fine. I was going to the doctor but .... the pain went. If it happens again tho I'm straight up to A & E. After talking to a couple of people it seems it could of been gallstones.

One thing I will tell you tho. While Mr T and I have 6 kids we haven't had one together. However after Friday I can honestly say that it felt like labour. Mr T was holding my hand, rubbing my back, running my baths and holding my head while I puked. (Isn't love wonderful!!!!) At the end of it I had no baby and no instant weight loss.

When we set up our new bed we only had the mattress on the slats. Far too hard so we ended up putting the base on as well. Now we have a high bed. Perfect height for Mr T but for me I certainly have to climb into bed every night. But I love it. I feel like a little girl in a giants bed.

Shocking photo of me. I'm just exhausted. I'm looking forward to a holiday and some me time.

Christmas next week. I've done NO christmas shopping. Zilch. Am I worried. Not at all. I'll do some speed shopping at the weekend.

After living with stress for the last few months stress free is bliss.

So now I'll post this and go catch up on everyone's news.


Monday, December 8, 2008

Two steps backwards ....

That’s me. The last couple of weeks I’ve had two gains. Not overly huge ones but not quite the direction I was heading.

300gms and 500gms.

Last week was TOM and my appetite just went through the roof. I was constantly battling not to put food in my gob. The horrible thing was that I didn’t feel hungry but I just had a need to eat and eat whether it tasted good or not. I am so over this hormonal rollercoaster. I never use to have this problem before it’s only the last couple of years or so.

I know where all the weight has gone too. It’s on my boobs, round my middle and on my face. Ick. Saturday the weather was gorgeous and we had an afternoon to relax doing nothing. I felt so uncomfortable. Finding clothes to wear is a problem because my loose clothes from last year are too tight. Okay, whinge over. I know what I have to do. I polished my halo this morning and I’m doing fine so far.

I’ve got my head down and bum up at the moment. I am so busy. Not sure if I mentioned it but I’m doing a diploma in Business Administration and next Monday my tutor is coming up from Auckland to do a 2 day workplace assessment on me. I’ll be glad when it is over. There’s an awful lot of work to do and on top of my workload at present there’s not much time for anything else. Hence my lack of blogging of late. I will be glad when it’s over.

I am thoroughly enjoying the weather. Mr T and I had a bit of a bonus this past weekend. We went to a Christmas dinner, ended up staying the night in the hotel, had breakfast the next morning then headed down to the workshop. I thought we’d be there all day but I was wrong, we did what I had to do and a few quotes and we were home by lunchtime. Which meant we had the rest of the day to ourselves. Mr T mowed the lawns and I potted in the garden. Then we opened a wine and relaxed. It was just bliss, the day was so gorgeous. We couldn’t stay out in the pool area cause it was just too stifling.

The next day I went to work to do my study and left Mr T in charge of getting the groceries. He didn’t do too bad a job, not too many extra’s and I got a lovely bunch of flowers. Then he cooked lamb for dinner. Yummo.

So another week has begun and I have to make it count. So I figure it’s four giant leaps forward to make up for the backwards ones. What do you reckon…

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Who's a naughty girl then

Had a blow out yesterday, was rather naughty. Raided the snack box – had a bag of chippies and felt yuck straight away.

Then I was too tired to cook dinner so I talked Mr T into taking us out to dinner. Chinese smorgasbord! I did not like it. Thankfully I did not gorge myself. I don’t even know why I suggested it in the first place.

Then I said it was too late to get on the tready and I needed to go have my shower and go to bed because I was sooooo tired.

Excuses. I was just lazy.

Too make up for it I’ve been acting like an angel today. Drinking my water, eating properly, no snacks out of the snackbox.

Tonight I’ll go home and make something nice and healthy for dinner and weather permitting go outside and do a good half hour’s gardening and I won’t forget the tready either.

That is as long as my halo doesn’t slip down and choke me ….

Monday, November 24, 2008

Two weigh in's to report .....

I was suppose to update with my weigh in which I never got around to. So now another weigh in has passed.

Last week I weighed in at 76.8.
This week I weighed in at 76.6.

All up I've lost 1.6 kgs. I could have lost more last week but it's the silly season and had a few functions and a christmas dinner to go to can't be a bloody saint all the time.

But in saying that I was naughty cause I only did 3 days on the treadmill and I would have been lucky if I had ONE glass of water a day. I could have done a whole lot better.

So far have nothing planned this week so it's back on track for me.

Time is just disappearing way too fast. Lawdy, next Monday is suppose to be the first day of summer!!!!!

Had a slight panic attack yesterday as we were counting down the days till christmas. 32 would you believe. Yikes. I haven't thought about it, haven't planned anything, nadda. Mr T in his absolute wisdom said don't worry about it. We'll do it all the day before. what madness. They only good thing about it is that we aren't going away for a hliday this year. We're just going to stay at home, childfree for 10 whole days (know you're jealous) work on the house and go fishing when we want.

Can't wait. Just one problem - there's too much to be done before it can happen.

About six weeks ago an opportunity arose for me to get my Diploma in Business Administration. Normally this is a three year degree with course costs of around
$8k plus. However I could do this through Work Assessment which basically means they incorporate what I do in my current job and relate them back to the unit standards as required. As a bonus I also was granted a subsidy which covered the majority of the costs. All sounds great and it is. Just the workload is immense. I have till the 15th December to to collate at least 80% of the evidence required. I'm just hoping that I haven't over committed myself. My Sundays now are gone as I come to the office and study where I have peace and no distractions - besides this is where the majority of my evidence is. So fingers crossed for me peeps. I hope I don't wear myself out and end up spending my holiday recuperating.

Better head back to work I suppose .....

Monday, November 17, 2008

Weekend roundup ....

Well, I have to tell you I couldn't wait to give Mr T his pressie on Thursday. I think he couldn't wait to get it either cause he beat me home from work. Lol. I have to say both the card and the pressie were a big hit. The card has been thrashed and amazingly still works. For his birthday I got Mr T a bait tray for the back of the boat. I know it probably doesn't sound very exciting to you but Mr T was over the moon. It gives us a lot more room to move about in the boat and not worry about tripping over knives and fish etc.... Anyhow suffice to say he really loved his present especially since it meant he'd be going fishing!!!!!

Unfortunately for me it meant early morning wakeups. Only time I can get him out of bed early. But I didn't see why I had to suffer. But the boat had to come out of the lockup, started up, gassed up, etc. etc. and of course the bait tray had to be assembled. Unfortunately the day ended up a bit hectic for Mr T and he didn't get around to putting it on the boat so we left it till next time and just headed over to Tauranga.

Booked into our normal motel over there, rushed out to get a few things from the supermarket for lunch the next day, grabbed Subway for dinner and went back to our room. Finally it was time to relax and no better way than a nice soak in the pool.

Mr T's bedroom look. Actually he'd just been checking out the marine forecast.

So next morning up bright and early, too damned early if you ask me. I pretended to be asleep until the thumping, toilet flushing, banging got too much. It didn't take us long to load the boat and get organised and 45 mins later we were on the water.

We headed out to sea and ended up on the reef. There were quite a few other boats out there and day seemed quite pleasant. Very choppy though. In fact the boat never stopped rocking and for the first time I got quite seasick. I deserve a medal though cause I toughened it out for nearly 4 hours before I said enough is enough take me into the harbour.

The fishing was not good. Mr T hooked a kingi but it ended up taking his line. Then we both caught a couple of barracutta's. Bloody awful things. They have some mean looking teeth. Damn scary. So after that I said Mr T take me into calmer water. We headed into the harbour and only succeeded in catching seaweed. So then I changed my mind again and said lets go just outside the harbour entrance. By the time we got out there it was about 2 o'clock and it was starting to turn into a really lovely day and my motion sickness disappeared. We had a few nibbles but no fish. But then nobody else looked like they were catching anything anyway. So we just put our lines out, relaxed and watched the world go by. It was lovely.

Watched a couple of freighters come into the harbour .... out at sea

coming past the Mount....

Where's your hat Mr T!!!!!

I've got mine on. Okay, so I'm not going fishing to look glamourous.

Maybe I will treat myself to something a bit nicer.

We ended up about 9 hours out on the water. No fish, but it's such a good feeling sitting out there on the ocean and a wonderful way to relax. When it's not choppy of course.
All in all we had a nice break away, our last one till christmas as everything is full on.

Will load some more photos hopefully tonight.

Here's one of Josh. He's army, army, army. Likes having his photo taken - the poser. Just as well I have a jungle out the back. He blends in quite well.

I'll update last week's result next post.


Thursday, November 13, 2008

Celebration ....

Mr T got an early birthday pressie yesterday.

We received word from our lawyer. The custody suit is over. she's filed for discontinuance of the custody order. It's all over rover. We won. What's been hanging over our heads this past year is finally gone. Hey, it only took 10 months and a shite load of money to find out that everything is going to stay exactly the same. Go figure. Nevermind time to move on.

I realised last night that it wasn't Mr T's birthday tomorrow, it's not till Sunday. For some reason I got Friday stuck in my brain. Lol, he never cottoned on either. So now he's got to wait a few more days. I think I might take pity on him and let him have his pressie tonight. I can't bloody wait to give it to him either and besides he'll need to get it sorted tomorrow if we're going to use it this weekend.

Had a good night last night. Did my tready and I even ran in intervals. I felt really good. Aiming for a good week.

Life is good.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I’m trying not to get excited, but …

Two gorgeous sunny/warm days in a row – I am excited. Bring on summer!!!!

It’s Mr T’s birthday on Friday. He’s been acting like a kid on xmas morning. He’s been bugging the bejeebers out of everyone trying to find out what he’s getting. Keeps telling me everybody’s told him what he’s getting but not to be angry with them. Considering I haven’t told a soul I’ll just leave him to his delusional thinking. I own up to giving him a lot of teasing and dropping hints – whether they are in the right direction or not.

I can’t wait to give him his pressie tho because I’ve been planning it for ages. I found the perfect birthday card for him about 3 months ago and it’s been in my filing drawer ever since. I pull it out every now and then to have a laugh and give the girls a bit of a giggle. Chris, you will know exactly the card that it is – I think Stew gave it to you for your birthday.

I have had an excellent day today food wise. I’m also giving myself a big pat on the back as so I’ve drunk over 1.5 litres of water today. By the time I’ve finished the tready tonight it will be well over my 2 ltres.

Well it’s nearly 5 and tonight I’m ready to go home. I want to get outside and enjoy some of that lovely sunshine.


Monday, November 10, 2008

Mr T is calling...

So just a quickie, I weighed in at 77,6 yesterday which is 700 GMS Loss from last Sunday. That's a loss of 700 gms last week which is good as TOM arrived on Saturday. Quite pleased with that. Eating was good, exercise was good. Water intake was very bad. That is my focus for this week. Water.

OOps gotta go can here Mr T, woman why arnt you in bed.

Good night. Post tomorrow.

PS: Mr T is relentless on the exercise. Probably cause there's no nookie points to be had this week.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

What a day ....

Bit of a slow start to the day. Woke up at about 7.10. Mr T slept till after 9. Had our showers, got our act together, went and voted then headed down to the workshop. Put in a good days work. Got home after 6. A normal Saturday really.

I got sidetracked last night and didn't do my tready so I made sure I did it when I got home. Mr T did a bit of trading on trade me while I got all hot and sweaty. Finished, went and put some washing on, changed the sheets moved a few things round the lounge, watered the plants and now I'm relaxing, uploading photo's and doing this post.

Glass of wine at the ready.

Uploaded a few photos. Will give you some proper before and after photos of the bedroom when I can find them. Mr T copied them all to CD and damned if I can find them.

But here's some to tide you over.

Melbourne Cup Day. I was very good too and sustained from the food.

My new haircut. Not a flattering photo. Will get Mr T to take a decent shot. But it is a lot shorter.

When I went to get the paintings for the bedroom I was really gutted to find that they had been sold. So I had to go searching and found some more at another shot. This is one of them.

This is the other one over our bed. I love that our room now looks so clean and fresh.

Oh, these are our wardrobe doors. I didn't make them either. Mr T did them last Friday and put them in last Saturday morning. Looks so much better.

Okay, Mr T has cooked dinner and it's up. FYI I'm having pork chop, broccoli and roast pumpkin. I've asked for grated cheese on my broccoli and Mr T says only if I'm good. Buggar.

Will let you know if I was good. Tomorrow is busy. Going to mow the lawns, do the gardens, clean the house, do the washing and hopefully plant some begonias.

Lots of bonus points. Oh, and I weigh in tomorrow. Fingers crossed peeps. TOM arrived last night so I hope he doesn't do too much damage.

Alrighty, I'm off to watch the election results.

Time for a change. Who knows.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Honesty .....

Mr T is a hard man ....

He's been making me get on the treadmill every night. I think he's loving this - watching me get all hot and sweaty. He tells me I'll feel better after I've done it and of course he's right. I know that. At the moment I'm only doing 20 mins but on a high incline which I can really feel in the backs of my calves and butt cheeks. He's been a big help to me this week, still not quite understanding points values etc, but he's really cottoned on to earning bonus points through excercise and being the man he is has turned this fully to his advantage by initiating the nookie bonus points. Afterall he is only trying to help me. Yeah, right.

I'm enjoying spending more time in the kitchen making different meals from different recipes. Thankfully, Mr T is liking them as well. I'd hate to have to make separate dinners. Being honest with myself, from going back to basics this week it has really hit home just how much my portion sizes had slowly got that tad bit bigger. Last week I told Mr T how much I weighed. I had too. I had to make myself accountable. I am definitely a yo-yo dieter. This year I have gained another 5kgs. I haven't posted my weight on my blog for a long time. Why? Because I'm ashamed and feel like a bit of a has been. But no more burying my head in the sand. It's time to be upfront.

Last Sunday I weighed 78.2 kgs. That's it. On a 5'2" frame it's way too much. No wonder I struggle with lack of energy.

I'm looking forward to weighing in this Sunday. I've done good.

The only thing I've really struggled with this week is water. It's been too damned cold!!!! But with my bonus points (which I haven't used) and nookie points I'm onto a winner this week.

I've also spent this week getting my head around a lot of things and working out what is important to me and prioritising. I'm in a good head space now. I'll feeling quite settled and relaxed. I've peaked at your blogs but not commented which is naughty because we all need that encouragement and support from each other. At the time I felt like I had nothing to say.

Time to move forward.

Friday, October 31, 2008

a new approach

I’ve been thinking I can’t do this weight loss thing on my own. I just can’t be strong with Mr T around and whether he knows it or not he is my partner in crime simply because I just suck big time when it comes to willpower. He is the complete body opposite of me. He’s tall and extra sk slim. I’m short and dumpy. His metabolism is through the roof, mine’s struggling to get off the floor. I’m not blaming Mr T ok. It is all me. It’s just that he makes it so easy to give in all the time.

So tonight we are going to talk. All about me. God help me I’m going to let him see my weightwatchers journal that I keep online. I’m going to get him familiar with points, tracking, portion sizes etc. He’s going to learn all about the Plan. He’s going to learn it so well that our topic of conversation will start with – how many points is that. He’s going to make sure that I do the tready ever night to earn bonus points so that I can sit down with him in the evening and have a glass of wine with him. He is going to go through the recipes with me and we’ll decide and plan our meals for the week before we go get groceries. He can find meals that will get him back in the kitchen cooking. Basically he is going to be my willpower, my voice of conscious until I can get a grip on it myself.

There’s another reason. We are back to the two of us and Josh at home now. The past couple of weeks have been tense and stressful. We have both been worn out, stressed and grumpy with each other. We have both been sick. No two ways about it – the cause has been stress. We haven’t eaten properly and our bodies have rebelled. We need to start re-evaluating our lifestyle. I want him to learn that eating healthy tastes just as good if not better than his KFC, McDonald’s and steak and mushroom pies. So he needs to learn different ways of cooking and creating.

I’ve been searching through the recipes this morning and found a few that will be good for him to start with.

Chicken Cacciatore

Beef Stroganoff

Italian Spicy Chicken

I have no doubt Mr T will become my ally.

I feel rather peaceful and strangely content. I really like it. Tomorrow I have to go on a course which I totally forgot about. I don't know why I get myself into these things. The upside is it is in Taupo and Mr T is coming with me and we're having a night away.

I'm going straight home after work tonight and hope to be able to upload some photos before Mr T gets home.

I'm really looking forward to the weekend.

Have fun everyone ....


Thursday, October 30, 2008

Where to begin ....

There's so much shite that's been happening the past couple of weeks that I don't really know where to begin or even if I want to begin.

Needless to say I slipped myself into a deep hole and I'm slowly digging my way out again.

Stressful times means irrational eating. Sometimes eating for the sake of eating, sometimes not eating at all. Haven't been near the scales but I'm not too worried. I figure it will all balance out eventually.

Oooh but one thing - I did get my hair cut last week into a bob. And I love it. Everyone says it makes me look younger. Who am I to argue. I have some pics to post causes I know you're going to want to see. I also owe you some bedroom pics too. The room's not quite finished. We still have to make the wardrobe doors. Apparently I'm going to be making them. Should be interesting.

Everything is just full on here moving along at 100 mph. I'm going to open my eyes one morning and it's going to be christmas and I'll be thinking how the hell did that happen.

So I guess I'd better cut the crap, kick myself in the butt and get my act together.

I'll be back on a more positive note.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Keeping the skinny going ….

I took a few days off work last week and went to work down at the workshop with Mr T. I loved it!!! We work together on Saturdays but it’s not quite the same. This was during the week – when all the builders and people wanting joinery and quotes walk through the doors and I get to see our little business a hive of activity and Mr T in action. It really made me feel good and proud inside. It was neat seeing it “all come together” so to speak. And of course there’s always a joke to be had with tradespeople. It also made me want to be there all the time. One day ….

The bonus was I lost 2.2kgs last week. Fan-freaking-tastic. I just did not feel hungry at all. I had smoko (that’s what us manual labourers call morning tea) around 10 and it kept me going till dinner time. I only had a sandwich too. I can’t believe I never felt hungry. But I worked. I was on my feet most of the day. Time just flew by. I could feel the weight melting off me. My jeans were just getting looser and looser. Hell, if I could give up work right now and work down at the workshop I would. I’d burn this fat off so fast I’d be a shadow of myself by Christmas and not even be aware that it was happening. I also picked up a tummy bug on Saturday that meant not much found it’s way to my mouth. So last week really helped to give me a good push in the right direction and I believed I'm going to lose this weight.

So that’s why it’s really important now that I keep the skinny going. Cause right now I’m back at work, sitting down in front of my computer screen and fighting off the niggles that's telling me I’m hungry when I’m not.

My skirt is fitting nicely around my waist and hips, my top seems a bit looser around my boobs. It’s a nice feeling. One I want to keep. I don’t want to sabotage this feeling. My tummy is nice and flat and skinny. No bloat going on. So keep it this way girl. Get some incentive.

Alright - I just have. I just booked the hairdressers for Thursday. I badly want a cut. Not short, short – but more of a bob I think. It’ll probably still be a bit of a shock for Mr T tho.

Today I’m going to :

Drink 2 litres of water
Do 20 mins on the tready

And clean the bathroom.

Sounds like fun.

I’m outta here.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Back to normal

Just a shortie .....

A quick jump on the scales this morning and I’ve had a gain of 100 grams. So what.

Due to lack of food in my fridge at the moment ( school holidays ) I ended up buying sandwiches for lunch today. So I’m going to have go home via the supermarket. If not I just know I’ll be making bad choices tomorrow.

Life is back to normal. Well will be shortly.

Krystal flew home at lunchtime and Josh went to his mother’s later this afternoon. When I get home it will be silent. I will be able to relax. No fifty questions. No fast talking. Just peace and quiet. A quick bit of tidying up, a light dinner and bed.

No kidding – I’m stuffed.


Monday, October 6, 2008

Here's to 47, married and 62 kgs ....

Four years ago I was 42, single and 62 kgs.

Now I'm 46, married and around 14 kgs heavier.

I've always been better at losing weight and maintaining when I'm single. When I only have to be accountable to myself then I'm fine. Probably because I don't feel the need to cook the meat and three vege type dinners. I'm more happy with something quick and simple. Mr T is a big meat man. He use to do a lot of cooking in the early days - and he use to dish up big meals. Slowly I got use to eating bigger meals. I also got use to coming home in the evening, getting dinner started and then sitting down with Mr T and discussing the day's events over a drink or two.

Can you see the bad habits forming. I figure if it wasn't for my constant attempts to keep on "starting over" I'd be a little buddha by now.

For the past couple of years I've been trying to find the "balance" to be able to "have my cake and eat it too" kind of a lifestyle because next year I want to be 47, happily married and 62 kgs. Love, happiness and lifestyle.

I watched a programme on tv on sunday called The Perfect Age. Well they figured it out to be around 47. That's me baby. This is my "prime time". I fully intend to enjoy it. We're suppose to have less hassles, be more financially stable, have a grown family, more likely to be successful, right brain power, exercise and attitude levels.

So the journey keeps on going. To smaller portions, less alcohol (which I have cut back already - but not completely lol), LESS STRESS and more exercise - gotta up the energy levels.

I raise my glass of water to you.


Well Mr T got the computer sorted last night and loaded the camera software again. So finally people, some photos. I have heaps more to load.

We've been really busy at the workshop lately so we've turned to Child Labour to do the cleaning. And they do it with a smile too.

However, I did not have a smile on my face when I got home and saw the mess their bedrooms were in.

They won't be saying to me that they're bored and what can they do again for a long, long, long, long time I can assure you.

A new lease of life ....

It’s a lot easier focusing on things when you have less to worry about I can assure you.

It’s wonderful to see and feel the “buzz “ that’s going around blogland at the moment. Great feeling. I think it’s contagious. Bring it on. That’s what we’re here for – to support each other. Nice to see some familiar faces and some new ones too.

Okay over the weekend I decided to do a week of low carbing to maybe help boost my energy levels and to combat the ravenous TOM effect that should be due to start happening very shortly. The benefits of this are: a flatter tummy, no bloating, heaps more energy, feeling good and looking good.

Today I have had absolutely no hunger cravings or to that matter even thought about eating. Why can’t everyday be like today. I had a high protein salad for lunch and I feel bloody full. Chicken, egg, cheese plus my favorite salad ingredients. Sue also gave me a great tip to help with getting my water down. I’ve set it up on my Outlook calendar and it pops up every hour to remind me to drink my water. If I haven’t finished my glass, I chug it down and then go refill it.

I’ve been taking lots of photo’s but will have to wait until Mr T has revamped the computer at home. It’s been running so damn slow. I’m gone and bought a stack of CD’s so we can back everything up. Didn’t realise I had so many photo’s loaded. Hopefully if he doesn’t get sidetracked he can do that tonight.

Had a great weekend. Kids are all good. We ended up playing Pictionary yesterday. My two, the young two and me and Mr T. Lol, what a hoot. Then Matt and Nick took Josh downstairs and they played on the playstation and apparently Josh thrashed them. He was one very happy boy.

Matt’s looking after them for the next couple of days and Josh is rapt. It’s great to see the big brother thing happening.

Well that’s about it – I’m outta here.


Friday, October 3, 2008

Oh happy days .....

All of a sudden I feel really motivated again.

I'm on top of the world and eager to get started again. If I dig in deep I can lose a reasonable amount of weight before the christmas hols begin. That would be heaven. Not to feel fat and frumpy in the heat. To feel cool and loose in my clothes. Back to tracking like you all are doing. To write everything down that passes my lips. Not to cheat. And that problem of drinking water - I'm just going to have to do it. I will find one article of clothing that I want to fit into again (I will be realistic) and every week at weigh time I will try it on to see if it's getting looser. That will be my gauge along with the scales to let me know how I'm going and keep me motivated.

Tonight we're going to load the software for the camera again so I can post some photos. I've got plenty.

The sun's shining, it's warm, it's the start of the weekend. My house will be clean when I get home. Well I hope so. Krystal's home for the school holidays. You should see what her bedroom looked like after being home for three hours. OMG.

Feeling good. Feeling great. Just got back from the lawyers. Josh doesn't want anything to change. That's what's going in the report. Things will stay the same. Hopefully there will be an end to this real soon. What a waste of time and money.

Looking forward to a lovely weekend and a sunny happy days.


Thursday, October 2, 2008

Missus .... can I have a weigh pass please

I think if I was a guy I'd be an alcoholic. Is there a male version of this???

No weigh in today. Could say I forgot but that would be a lie.

Yes I chickened out. Yes I feel bad. Yes I took the easy way out. I'm sorry.

I had a hungry day yesterday. I was grazing all day and then we went out for dinner. I had soup and a bun, oysters, a couple of tiny bits of raw fish, slice of pork, four tiny baked potatoes in jackets - about the size of a ping pong ball - with chopped bacon, onions and rosemary, slice of pork, broccoli and a small piece of steamed fish. I didn't have any deserts or cheeses. So that's something in my favour. But I did have one glass of wine.

Had quite a miserable night last night with the kids. Was quite upsetting. As I'm writing this Josh will be in seeing his lawyer. His mother is taking him. I'm hoping she's finding that very difficult. Our turn tomorrow.

On the good side tho it's a lot warmer today. The chill's gone out of the wind, the sun is shining, I remembered to pull the chicken out for dinner, I can go home and relax, I can destress a wee bit, it's Thursday and I'm going to have a drink tonight and tomorrow's Friday.

Things can only get better .....

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Times they are a changing ......

Lately there’s been so many bloggers saying, goodbye ….. farewell.

Bye Becks, bye Emily ...

It’s a wee bit sad. Over the past few years you get to know them and become friends and become involved in the day to day ups and downs that we all go through and offer support and comfort to each other.

But there are still a few of us here and I need this forum to have an outlet. I do get support here and I’ve made some wonderful friendships. So I don’t plan on going anywhere even tho I don’t blog as often.

Righto then. What’s been happening.

Well on the weight loss side last Thursday I lost another 800 grams bringing me down to 3.1 kgs lost – another 6.9kg to go to get to my 10 kg goal.

I’ve been 50% good and 50% bad. I think you can measure my motivation at the moment by comparing it with the weather. I’ve had days when the weather has been cold and wet and I just feel like eating. The minute the sun comes out I feel inspired and only want to eat nice light, healthy foods. Thank goodness it’s only the “start” of the better weather.

I’ve also hated this past winter with a passion. I have been in such a hole the whole time. So many things have been happening and I feel like I’ve been running on overload ready to explode at any time. I have not been happy - but trying to be happy on the outside. Mr T is my one bright light.

Sunday I shocked the pool to ready it for the summer. Mr T and I sat out in the pool area and had a drink and a yak. The sun was still shining and it was warm. It felt wonderful. I felt alive. This is how I want to feel everyday. Finally the weather’s changing ….

The weekend we also changed the light sockets and plugs and put up the new light fittings. The bedroom is looking great. Mr T hung my paintings up and now the room has some color. It looks lovely. I just don’t have my wardrobe finished. The last thing. I’m also not going to rush into buying a new duvet set. I’m looking but haven’t seen anything to take my fancy tho.

Our bed is huge. We still have a queen size bed but when we put our mattress on the slats – it was just too darn hard for Mr T to sleep on. So we ended up putting the base on as well. Our bed now comes up to my belly button. I need a step ladder or a mini tramp to get into bed. Mr T gives me a leg up sometimes. Lol, it is so funny. I feel like a little person in a giant’s bed. The morning after the first night we slept in it I woke up groggy and went to get out of bed – and I had the sensation of falling – until at last my feet touched the floor. I guess we will need a new mattress.

I have been trying to download photos onto my blog since Thursday. I have not been successful at all. For some reason it’s just not working for me. I’ll have to get Mr T on to it. I’m sure he’ll sort it out in no time.

On Thursday, Josh see’s the lawyer. We see the lawyer on Friday. This custody battle is coming to an end. Josh has been quite funny ever since he came back from his mother’s this Sunday. Quiet, moody and very grumpy. He’s become quite demanding. Something’s up. Either his mother has told him something or he’s sensing things.

We too are at the end. It’s all been very taxing for us. I am so over it people. I haven’t realised how much it has affected me until lately.

I just want everything sorted so we can move forward with our lives.

I admit this is a funny kind of a post. A bit over the place but just letting out a few things that have been running through my head lately.

I’m going to make it a priority to start relaxing and enjoying things from here on in and try not to stress.

Well that’s the plan anyway.


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Good to be back ....

My god it’s great to be back.

What a week it’s been.

I have to say for many years I’ve been called up for Jury service and each time had written back to be excused which in the past has been accepted. So it was a bit of a shock this time to get a letter back telling me that this time I wasn’t excused and to turn up to Court.

My workmates reckoned I’d probably get challenged and Mr T said I would get picked.

Mr T was right.

5 day trial in the High Court.

A logging accident where a log came off the back of a truck and went through the windscreen of a passing truck, decapitated the driver. The driver carrying the logs was charged with manslaughter for failing to secure his load. The driver claimed he had.

I can say it was very interesting to watch how the justice system works. Not quite like the television dramas tho. We had the expert witnesses and then we had some real characters. Made me laugh out loud a few times. I’ve learnt quite a lot about logging trucks and logs and I tell you I’m never going to travel behind a logging truck again. I’ve seen some pretty scary stuff I can tell you.

Verdict. Not guilty. We all believed his load was secured, the crown couldn’t give any evidence to prove it wasn’t. Only assumptions. In the end it was a freak accident that happened on a dark and foggy morning. A tragic accident.

It was a relief to get it over and done with. It was quite draining and at night you couldn’t help but go over everything in your head and of course you can’t talk to anyone about it but the other jurors.

So now I have done my civic duty and I won’t have to worry about it for at least another couple of years.

After last weigh in I lost another kg then quickly found it with the arrival of TOM. Thankfully it’s gone again now plus a little extra so will look forward to a loss tomorrow. Eating has been okay but not flash. Got out of sync last week so I’m trying hard to get back on track.

I’m trying to lay off the caffeine and drink more water. It hasn’t been too hard - especially now that the weather is a bit warmer and a lot sunnier.

Finally after three tough weekends, our bedroom is finished. Well not quite. We still need the light fittings and sockets and the doors for the wardrobe and our room. But we’re all carpeted and painted and wallpapered and it looks so lovely and clean and fresh. I put the curtains up last night and tonight we’re going to set up our bedroom suite. I can’t wait. It’s been sitting in the entranceway and in the lounge for the past month. I get to declutter my house again. Bliss.

So tomorrow everything is back to normal for me. I’m loaded up with my crackers and tomatoes, and low point snacks.

I've been promising photos and not getting around to it so I was going through some photos at work and found our pics for the last annual report.

This is the one from 2001. Me with short hair.

Catch ya tomorrow.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Just a quickie ....

Hi everyone.

I know I have been absent. At the moment I'm on jury service. I'm on a 5 day trial at the moment. Pretty intense and interesting.

I have just checked my emails and I am blown away with the number of emails I've received.

Rest assured. All is good in my world. Things going to plan I hope to post again over the weekend. A photo post.

Anyhow I must go to bed now. Tomorrow the jury retires for deliberation. I hope we can decide on a uanimous verdict otherwise it might be a long weekend and one my husband won't enjoy.

Till later ....

PS: Mr T is in trouble. While I've been out of action he's been doing a bit of shit stirring. Rest assured I will deal with him accordingly.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

The brighter side ....

Sometimes having a grump and a whinge is a good thing. Today I feel better. I’d actually forgotten about the “M” word thanks Anni. Thanks for the reminder - I think. Lol.

Despite my moans and groans of yesterday the past couple of weeks I have been very good with my food choices and with sticking to plan. I’ve been cutting back on the caffeine and started drinking a lot more water. I’m eating plenty of fruit and veges and snacking on low point foods. I dusted off my pedometer and started wearing it again. Apart from a couple of sedentary days I’ve been averaging between 8,000 – 12,000 steps a day. On the weekends when I’m wearing my jeans I clip the pedometer onto my undies instead of my jeans. It works. Before the band use to fold over and wouldn't record my steps.

A couple of weeks ago I set myself a goal to lose 10 kgs. I didn’t put a time limit on it. I just wanted to have something to work towards. As of this morning I’ve lost 2.3 kgs. Today I feel great. Not only are the scales kind but my skirt is slipping on my waist.

These are the “feel good” things that help to spur you on and keep you going. When you know you’re succeeding and you get those happy endorphins rushing around inside you it cranks up your confidence and willpower another notch.

Mr T has been quite brutal with me lately I have to confess. He’s told me I have to get rid of all the clothes I don’t wear out of the wardrobe and my drawers. He’s been very firm about this too I might add. I finally achieved this mammoth task at the weekend. I have to admit that I really didn’t know I had that many clothes. I also managed to “find” a few items that I had forgotten about.

I’ve put aside a suit and a dress that I really would like to get back into this summer. They are both size 10. I am going to keep them in the front of my “new” wardrobe. They’re going to be my “dangling carrots” so to speak.

At the end of this strenuous and difficult exercise, trust me it was very difficult, I have now culled my wardrobe by well over half.

I was very pleased with myself and Mr T was very proud of me too. So I thought it was a good time to show him the two new dresses that I’d bought. Should of seen his face. Priceless!!!! Ha, ha.

The only thing is that now I have a new problem.


No seriously I do know. I just have to break it to Mr T very gently.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Flat as a Dodo ......

I’m still waiting for spring. Stupid me thought it was here. I’m just so flat at the moment. No motivation at all. I’m feeling overwhelmed and fed up with a lot of things. I feel very tired, used and taken for granted. I want to say stuff everything – I’ve had a gutsful. I want to be selfish.

Three days ago I was fine. Quite bouncy and full of energy. Just like the weather. I was really pleased with myself and the effort Mr T and I put into the bedroom at the weekend and the decluttering that went on. We’re on countdown now – we have a two week deadline.

Now, three days later, I’m feeling as flat as a pancake. The weather has changed to cold, wet and windy. Bloody miserable. I’m so over this winter. I want to go home in daylight, stay outside, eat outside, socialise outside, just be warm outside!!!!!

The weather is affecting my moods at the moment. They swing faster than Tarzan whipping through the jungle. When I’m down, I’m really down. And when I’m up, I’m on cloud 9.

According to the weather powers that be, it’s going to be fine for the weekend and things are going to get much better over the next three months. Well hello. It damn well better be otherwise I'm selling up and moving to the equator.

Wouldn't you know it. It's stopped raining, the wind's died down and the suns come out.

I'm still grumpy though.

Bah humbug.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Saturday ...

What an awesome weekend. All round.

As we all know it was Chris's journey to Jafadom.

We had arranged to meet up in Tirau. I knew it was a big day for Chris. The day she had been waiting for, for months. So I wanted to make sure that I didn't hold her up. Col and I arrived an hour beforehand. Had brunch and a walk around all the craft shops.

It was lovely catching up with Chris again. It's been a year since I saw her last and that was the bloggers meet last August in Palmy.

We had a chance to catch up over what's been happening lately. We have something in common. Lots of kids!!!!

Chris, it was great to catch up with you again. We'd just come off a hard week. The repercussions hit us the next day.

Congratulations on becoming a Jafa. Will try not to hold that against you, lol.

Anyhow here's master griffin with a calipso all round his gob.

And Princess Brylee. She did think she was a Queen, but as we all know there's only one Queen in any family .... Chris isn't ready to relinquish that post just yet.

Chris and I. The obligatory bloggers pic. I mean when Bloggers get together you just have to take a pic right.

I would also like to share with you the wonderful pressie Chris gave Col and I as a wedding pressie. As I said to her, especially after the week we had, it's what it means to us.

Thanks so much Chris. It's beautiful.

This will be it's final resting placed, once the rooms been redecorated. It's the family room. The perfect place.

The rest of the weekend was pretty good too. Well for me anyway. Really productive.

Okey dokey... if blogger is good, more pics tomorrow.



Do you think it's wise to drink nearly 2 litres of water just before you're heading off to the supermarket?

Nah, I didn't think so either. Oh shite.

Back later with photos. Had an awesome weekend. Caught up with Chris, sorted out the bedroom suite, bought some paint, did some gardening and did some stripping.

Phew!!! It was great.

Awesome to see the sun.

Off to empty the bladder - again.

Monday, August 25, 2008

So another week begins ....

Mondays are always a good day to start over. Day 1 so to speak.

I am absolutely rapt that the whole pms/menopausal eating is over and done with – for another 2 – 3 weeks at least. I have never had this problem before but the past twelve months or so - pre Tom - before and during I just eat and eat. I don’t necessarily feel hungry but I still seem to manage to shovel things into my mouth. I swear I’m a god damned eating machine.

Anyway, it’s behind me for a while. I’ll have to devise a cunning plan so it doesn’t get the better of me next time.

My god my bedroom was hot and steamy this weekend. Lots of stripping going on. Wink, wink. Love it. I plan on getting all steamed up again tonight too. Stripping – wallpaper. Got some big incentive to get cracking on the bedroom reno’s. Found my bedroom suite last week and after showing it to Col we got it. I want it in my bedroom right NOW!!!!! Lol. Probably won’t pick it up till the end of the week, but you can bet everything will be happening in overdrive now to get my bedroom all finished ASAP.

And that brings me back to eating sensibly again because I want to look and feel sexy too in my new boudoir. Don’t want to look like an ole hag. I want to look and feel beautiful and sexy and give my husband the bedroom look and use my womanly wiles on him. Better change the subject, I’m getting flustered.

Alright – fruit and veges – here I come.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Hectic .....

Sorry for my absence but things have been hectic. Not saying it's all bad because it's not.

So weighty things first. I've put on 2kgs in the last week and a bit. Partly because I have the mother to end all TOMS and the other part because I've just been so ravenous I feel like always grazing and naturally it is ALL the wrong food and I can't stop myself. I'm a bit out of control.

This weekend I plan to do something about it. God knows what though but I have to stop eating. I feel so yuck.

The bedroom alterations are moving slowly. Not the plan. So this weekend I'm really getting stuck in. I still haven't bought my bedroom suite. I can't find one that I like. Some of the drawers are quite small and you wouldn't get a helluva lot in them. I want/need big deep ones.

I haven't stressed too much about it as I have nowhere to put it anyway until the room is finished. Remember we had one kid move out - well now we have another kid moved back. So now Matt's moved back home along with all HIS stuff, so I have no room. If I do find a bedroom suite in the meantime I'm sure they'll hold it at the store until I'm ready. Hopefully.

So another teenager home. I'm sure they take turns. We've been told it's only temporary. We'll see.

The last week I've been busy arranging extra finance for the business and for home. The business because we're working, but people aren't paying and it's put an awful lot of stress on us. (Go figure, now we've got money in the bank people have started paying up.) For home, because we're working nearly every weekend nothing is getting done around the house and we just have to realise if we want it done we will have to pay to get someone to do it. Not all of it but the bits that are holding us back, like plasterers and we're going to replace the ceiling in the lounge and dining room. It's that yucky textured ceiling.

So everything is in place financially and the stress relief is immediate.

The only real cloud over our heads at this moment is next Wednesday. Finally we go to Court over the custody order. So please keep us in your thoughts.

And while I'm on the subject of law and order I'll be doing my civic duty shortly. I got called up for jury service and duly put in my excuse. Unfortunately it was declined. Don't know who would want me on the jury. Guilty, guilty, guilty .....

One thing I am enjoying at the moment is driving home and it's still really light till at least after 6. While I'm driving home I've also got the heater on so it feels a wee bit like summer. Ha, ha.

Only 10 more days till spring (and hopefully warmer weather)

And on that note people, have a great weekend. I'm outta here.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A touch of summer ....

That’s almost what it felt like on Sunday. Started off chilly but then the sun shone through. For the first time in god knows how many weeks it wasn’t raining on a Sunday. It felt so good and I knew where I was heading. The garden. Badly in need of some weed pulling. There we were quite happily working away – me out the front, Col out the back pulling the pungas down. We’re having a bit of a working bee in the next couple of weeks, everything can be cleared and loaded onto the trailer. Have to get ready for spring and summer. Which is only 20 days away.

Environment Planning ……

Planning is almost finished. Already had the outcome but hopefully all will be in place in the next day or too. Now I look back and think why didn't I do something sooner.

Food has been on the edge as I did not get any groceries over the weekend and I’ve been pushing it the last couple of days because the cupboards are starting to look a bit empty. So lunchtime today I went out and replenished a few things before I started making a few bad choices.

For the record though last Thursday we had morning tea for someone who just passed an exam at work. It was full of savouries, club sandwiches and ham and cheese sticks. I found myself feeling Moorish all day and it was like I was grazing or wanting to graze all the time. All those carbs. I felt quite blah.

So back into it.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

To breakfast or not to breakfast ....

I’m one of those shocking people who always skips breakfast. I know, I know but I just really find it hard to eat so early in the morning. I need to be awake and on the go for a couple of hours before I feel like food.

But I know that eating breakfast is important to kickstart the metabolism. But I find that sometimes it kickstarts a feeding frenzy within me as well that lasts right through the day.

At the weekends I generally have something to eat around 10 ish like eggs on toast, muffins etc. Funny enough food never enters my brain until teatime. Maybe because I’m busy and more active instead of just sitting down in front of a computer.

So with that in mind this last week I have my “breakfast” at 10 am. During the week I chop up some fruit and mix it with a tub of yoghurt. Then at about 12.30 I have a chicken salad or some other kind of meat salad for lunch followed by an apple around 3. Sticking to this timeframe I’ve found curbs my food cravings. I’m not tempted to attack the snack box. In fact I don’t think about food. Dinner I have no carbs at all.

I’m hoping in three weeks I will no longer have the desire or need to eat for the sake of eating.

I’ve also taken steps to change my environment too. I’m hoping by this time next week all will be bright and cheery in my world again.

What timing too. My spring bulbs are starting to flower, it’s daylight till around 6 at night, daylight savings starts next month (28th September) and it’s only 26 more days till spring.

Now that’s something to get excited about.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Springs coming ....... and so is summer!!!!!!

Well last Friday being the 1st means that it’s only 4 months until summer begins. By crikey I can’t wait. Seems like the first half of this winter was the exceptional cold and the second half is wet, wet, wet. I am so over wet weekends.

So it’s normally around this time that I start making plans to lose a few kgs before the warm weather is upon me and this year is no different.

I was having a bit of a chat with the girl who does my nails on Saturday and we were talking about the whole weight loss dramas. She recently joined a gym and she’s looking fantastic. She goes about four or five times a week and she loves it. She said I would love it too. I’m sure I would but the truth is it would not work for me. It does for her because she is flexible with her time between 9 – 3pm. I have no spare time. Mornings are out as Col starts early and I have Josh to drop off at school. Lunchtimes are generally down at the workshop. After work – well I get home around 6 o’clock NOW, that would mean I don’t get home till after 7 at least and that’s just too long a day. At least at this time of the year. If you’re going to do exercise then it has to be something that easily fits in with you and what’s happening in your homelife. If you have to juggle too many things around to fit it in then it quickly becomes a chore and ends up in the “too hard to basket” and before long is non existent. For me the answer is walking. That’s something that is flexible and can easily be slotted into my daily life without requiring an awful lot of sacrifice on my part.

Next the food issue. If you were to ask anyone who was overweight what foods they needed to eat to lose weight pretty much 95% would tell you they know what they can and can’t eat. Personally I’ve been on that many diets over the years and lost enough to know exactly what I should and shouldn’t be eating. I know we’re all different but I do have to say I need to cut out a lot of carbs. They just do not agree with me – especially as I get older. If I have too many carbs I get bloated and full of wind which is definitely not a good thing. I have always had success losing weight when my diet is made mainly of salads, veges and fruit and small portions of protein. Surprise, surprise. Guess what, I also have heaps of energy and feel great too.

So then why when I know what exercise I should be doing and what food I should be eating why aren’t I losing weight.

Answer: Because I’m human and also because of my environment. I react to things that are happening around me. I can be motivated and on fire and going great guns then something happens in my personal life that’s similar to running into a brick wall. Okay I might get over that one and start running again but then there’s another brick wall, then another. It normally happens in three’s doesn’t it. Before you know it, I’ve had enough. I give up. So what’s a girl to do????

Well personally I blame the weather, kids and everybody else who conspires to make my life hell. Cause it’s not my fault. How could it be.

I should be the one putting up the brick wall to keep all the crap out of my life.

So I’m going to start on working on ways to sort out my environment. I’m going to aim for the “balance” in my life. I have a few ideas of where to begin but if anyone has any feel free to pass them along.

But in the meantime when I was driving home on Friday a woman drove past me and her number plate read - O4SUMR.

I want that number.

PS: Will post the photos when blogger will let me.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Storms arrived ....

Only wished I was snuggled up at home instead of at work.

I had every good intention of going home last night and loading some photo’s onto my blog, but after I walked through the door I was just overwhelmed with tiredness. All I wanted to do was go to bed. It was an awful feeling, kinda scary actually. I just had zilch energy.

I really must get on top of this. The last couple of nights have been a bit sleepless, maybe change of bedrooms & positions. (of bed for you lot that have grubby minds ) I think I’ll grab some more antihistamine tablets and multi vitamins at lunchtime. I just have to do something.

I haven’t done a grocery shop for a while now but I’m looking forward to the next one. I can really stock up. Now that it’s just 2 adults and 1 child I can afford to spend more on fresh fruit and veges instead of the frozen stuff. In fact we went through our spending last weekend and we’re going to be saving quite a bit without no teenagers around – not only in food but power and other things that add up without you even realising it. Things have really got a lot lighter on the shoulders – just need to get use to the feeling.

I am looking forward to this weekend because I am going to get my new bedroom suite.
And now that the bedroom is empty it will be started. Col can get stuck in to his heart’s content.

I better make sure I post some photos tonight.

Catch ya later.

PS: The storms gone.

Monday, July 28, 2008

I didn't get to strip afterall ....

Neither did I get my bedroom suite. I ended up with a new washing machine & dryer and a couple of 14” t.v.’s

Our washing machine packed up last year and we’ve been using Jamie’s instead. Of course now he’s gone he snuck home on Friday and took it. Along with Josh’s t.v. which either belonged to him or Kelly. The point is he didn’t need either as he has no where to live and it’s just in storage. I’m afraid he has burnt his bridges, his dad is ropable and I’m just disgusted.

Saturday morning we woke up and decided we had better get into town and get a new washer and dryer (the old one was packing up too) before the bad weather hit. After a bit of a wait because their computers were down we ended up with a washing machine, dryer and two telly’s for just over $1100. By the time we got home I knew there was no way I was going to get him to go looking for a bedroom suite.

Instead we ended up getting dvd’s, a couple of roast dinners, cranked the fire up and snuggled down waiting for the storm to hit. Which didn’t happen. We missed out on the storm of the decade.

Sunday we woke up bright and early and his lordship was ready to get started. He wanted everything done right then and then. Hellooooo. I don’t think so. We have to get the furniture out of the end room and move the bed in first. Done that. Then he expected me to get all the clothes out of the drawers and clear the wardrobes so he can start demolishing. Excuse me – where am I going to put the clothes. On the floor. I don’t think so. Well I want to get in and get started. Well it ain’t going to happen. I need somewhere to put the clothes in like my new bedroom suite and sort out the personal stuff I want to keep. This is 10 years worth of stuff. Yes I’ll declutter but it’s not something I can do in half an hour. So in the end he realized that it wasn’t going to happen as fast as he’d like. However I have emptied the bedroom. We have a couple of big drawers in Krystal’s hutch that we’re using and the rest can go into our big suitcases until I get my my new bedroom suite. We’re quite snuggly in Krystals room but not much room to swing a cat. Our room is quite big and once the fixed furniture has been removed it will be even bigger.

I will take some photos but I’m ashamed and don’t know if I will post them as it’s so dingy looking and the ceilings and curtains are yuck and old 70’s wallpaper. I look at it now and think how did I put up with it for so long. But no longer.

Well as I type this I’ve just gone online and seen that Kelly’s flight to Dubai is due to leave within the hour. After all the talking and the planning the day has arrived. We got together last night and the boys came round and had a few drinks, some laughs and we said our goodbyes for a while. Her boyfriend is taking her to the Airport. We’re all going to miss her and we know that it won’t be easy for her either. She’ll be totally out of her comfort zone, but it will still be the opportunity of a lifetime.

Col’s not saying much at the moment, I’ll just let him adjust to his little girl going away and give him a few extra cuddles.

It feels like a bit of a new beginning all round.


Friday, July 25, 2008

Weekend Stripper ....

Woohoo, bring it on.

I’m so excited and I just can’t hide it …….

About three years ago I refinanced my house to pay out the ex and to do a few renovations/redecorating around the house plus a wee bit extra just in case the opportunity to purchase the business came up.

Everything went perfect and all went to plan. We went on one big shopping spree over the holidays while the sales were on and we bought a new shower, bath, vanity etc; along with gib board, paint, wallpaper etc. to redo our bathroom, bedrooms and the hall and entranceway.

The bathroom was a major mission as it was completely gutted, but six weeks later I had spanking brand new bathroom. My job was to strip the wallpaper in the hallway, entranceway and end bedroom. Which I did. But then it all stopped.

We bought the business. So began our 6 day weeks and no time left for anything let alone painting or sanding. The end bedroom finally did get finished though and also the room downstairs was painted, carpeted and new curtains hung. But nothing else.

This week we’ve been planning. We’re taking the WHOLE weekend off. Now that we have two rooms not occupied we’re going to move the furniture out of Krystals room and put it downstairs and move into her room – and attack our bedroom!!! We’re both looking forward to it and I know/hope it will get done fast as it’s easier to work with an empty room right?!!

This is all exciting because we don’t have a bedroom suite. Our bedroom has all the drawers built in. So they’re coming out. So I have to have somewhere to put my clothes don’t I. So tomorrow I get to pick out a new bedroom suite. Yes!!! Then of course I need a new duvet set and sheets, lol. Not to mention new curtains, lights ……

The exciting thing is that finally after 3 years my bedroom is finally going to get it’s makeover.

You know what else, food takes a back seat when you’re motivated towards something else.

Everybody take care this weekend too. Sounds like a bad storm approaching. Stay indoors and keep warm and dry.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Where does the time go ....

It’s been a very busy week. Lots of things happening.

We’ve had a very sick wee boy. He’s got a viral bug. He came back on Sunday quite dehydrated and he hadn’t eaten or drunk hardly anything since he left on the Thursday. His mum took him to the doctor on the Saturday cause he was burning up but he just refused to eat or drink cause he was scared of vomiting. We had a real battle getting fluids down him and some food but told him if he didn’t try he’d have to go to hospital. He’s been drinking and eating now for the last couple of days and is on the mend. Very happy that he has the rest of the week off school too I can add.

Jamie came and got all his stuff from downstairs on Monday and gave us the keys back. He’s found a house to go to and has a couple of job interviews lined up. So we’re quite rapt. I’m still a bit angry but I will get over it. We’re just glad he seems to be heading in the right direction. Lines of communication are still open which is important – for all of us.

The atmosphere at home is unreal. It’s so calm and quiet, peaceful even. I know we still have Josh during the week but it’s different. It’s like there’s order in the house. I love it. It’s going to be good for us. For the first time I feel like I have room to move and breathe again.

So plans are afoot. I’m feeling great and fantastic and on top of things. I’ve got a couple of things motivating me at the moment which I’m going to share with you. But not now cause I have to go some work.

Back soon.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Mixing it up ...

I need to give myself a bit of a kick start so I’m going to mix things up a bit.

I have good intentions but some days I just really struggle to eat breakfast. So the next best thing is to take a sandwich for morning tea which will fill me up till lunch time.

Chicken salad or a weightwatchers meal for lunch.

Fruit in the afternoon to counter attack the mid afternoon munchies.

Veges and protein for dinner. No carbs.

If I’m lucky this might just give me the energy boost I need.

Another Friday rolls around. Lol, they’re rolling fast. Be Christmas before we know it.

I’m really liking Fridays. I get to go home to a lovely clean house. It’s a wonderful feeling. It makes the weekend seem so much more relaxed. The funny thing is – the house gets nowhere near as messy as it use to.

So tonight just go home, light the fire, glass of sauv blanc, cook something nice for dinner and relax.

The weather for the weekend is looking like crap. I know it’s an excuse to do nothing, but just lately there’s been too many weekends like that and I want to get out and tidy up my gardens. All my spring bulbs are popping up and I want to get rid of the last of the leaves ready for everything to burst into bloom. I have some of my earlicheer starting to flower.

Well I suppose I’d better go organize everyone’s drinks.



Thursday, July 17, 2008

Good to be back ....

Thanks everyone for your comments on my email. It was really nice to vent it out. Things have been pretty quiet on the homefront since then - so hopefully let's keep it that way for a wee bit longer.

Well, Krystal flew home this morning. Obviously, that's why I've abled my blog again. We had good time with her home. She's definitely growing up. I've had a few really good talks with her, where she's opened up. I know she misses us a lot and she does love it up in Whangarei but there are a couple of things that she said that has me thinking if maybe she might want to come back to stay with us. We'll just wait and see how that pans out.

We also had a chance to talk to her about the looming custody case and let her know what was going on. She was really quite shocked. She told us no way would Josh want to be with his mother all the time. If he found out that his mother was trying to take him away from us he'd make her life hell. Those two are pretty close and she'd have a good idea of where his head is at. He loves us too much. We're set for mediation on 27th August. Interim orders have been put in place until this matter is resolved.

So, Thursday and no children till Sunday. With Jamie not staying at home anymore I don't think we'll see any kids till then. I am looking forward to having a bit of breathing space. My husband needs some pampering, he's had a bit of a battering lately.

So overall, right now I'm feeling pretty good. I haven't been on the tready, probably been eating more than normal, been out to dinner a few times and the pictures. With things returning back to normal I'm ready to pick myself up and charge full steam ahead. Did you know spring is only 46 days away. I've got to get ready for spring and summer.

For me it's becoming more important that I get myself into shape - both mentally and physically. At the moment our energy levels are low and with the stresses of late it really has taken a huge toll on me and Col too.

So I am ready to start again, to dig my toes in and make it work. I'm coming back again.


Thursday, July 3, 2008

Thursdayitis ....

So far the day isn’t going too well.

The scales gave me a small gain this morning of 0.8lbs. I don’t know where that came from but not worried about that. My clothes are pretty loose.

Managed to get myself, hubby and Josh out of bed, showered, fed and dressed. Bags packed, lunches packed, dishes stacked, benches wiped, quick tidy up and out the door. Kid dropped off at school, made it to work. Went to put my lunch in the fridge. Not in my bag. Why? It was still sitting in the fridge at home. I’d packed everybody else's but not my own. Buggar it. Just goes to show you can make all the plans under the sun but if you forget to engage the brain every now and then it doesn’t take much to stuff it up.

So I’ve been at work thinking about food most of the morning. Why???? Because I don’t have any. Why? Because I was really looking forward to my lunch today. It was yummy chicken specially made for me by moi. Now I’m just in a pooey mood and eyeing up the snackbox. For godsakes slap me. It’s only food. But I feel like I’ve lost control, that now I have to go and buy my lunch I’ll make a bad choice. OMG Lee-Anne get over yourself.

Day has to get better.

So far this has been a hectic week. Work issues, kid issues etc. Sorting out the worries and the stresses. Col wants us to go away Friday/Saturday. I’d like to but I’m not sure if that’s a good idea at the moment. There seems to be an awful lot of teenagers at my house lately. The “talk” is about to come. I suppose we could go for one night and not let on. That way they’ll never know when we’ll turn up. Another good reason for having a night away is school holidays start next week. It will be nice to have some alone time before the bombarbment.

Krystal arrives home on Monday. We fly her down from Whangarei now. It’s so much easier. With the cost of petrol, then feeding her, sometimes it’s an overnight stay not to mention the driving time it’s the cheapest and best option really.

So she’s getting excited and we’re looking forward to her coming down. I’m taking a couple of days off over the holidays so we can do a few things together.

Over the holidays I will be updating my blog but I will be turning it private for a couple of weeks. This is because with Miss K at home and on the computer I really don’t want her reading my blog. This will only be temporary.

If you still want to read then email me or leave me a comment and I will give you access.

Well I feel much better now and I’ve just remembered the boss brought back a case of kiwifruit from Te Puke the other day. Think I’ll go and grab a couple.


Monday, June 30, 2008

Planning ......

Hope you all survived the wild and wacky weather weekend. I had nothing major planned and no dramas, which is always a nice bonus. A couple of snuggly lie ins and the usual Saturday at the workshop followed by a snug laid back Sunday.

I’ve been reading a lot of success stories off the weightwatchers site as just like you guys I get a lot of inspiration from them. I figure if they can do it then so can I. In nearly every case they all say the same thing that has contributed to their loss. Track everything, drink your water and exercise at least three times a week. The other main contributor is to plan ahead.

For the most part I keep a well stocked fridge and pantry. I also have a well stocked family – ie lots of kids. One older one who lives downstairs who also has friends. So quite often when I go to the fridge or cupboard to get something, sometimes it’s not there or I’m missing the ingredients for a dish. When that happens I generally give up and normally it’s takeaways or something. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Sunday before going out to get the groceries I sat down and planned my meals for the whole week. Then I wrote out my shopping list also allowing for extras to replenish my cupboards. With the rising cost in food and petrol lately I’ve been adopting the stance of if I don’t need it then don’t get it. While that makes perfect sense and easier on the pocket my cupboards have become neglected.

Like for instance I always keep lots of pasta, pasta sauces, canned tomatos, soups, cook in the pot sachets etc. I also like to make sure I have cheese and sliced ham in the fridge because you always whip up something nice and tasty if you have them in the fridge. Now I know cheese is expensive but I’ve got a grater that grates the cheese finer which gives me the same amount of cheese for a lot less. If you know what I mean. I also buy between $2 - $3 worth of shaved ham. Makes a few sandwiches as well as adding something extra to a pasta dish.

So Sunday I went to the supermarket armed with my list. I pushed my trolley around and filled her up. I got everything on my list as well as a few extra items which were on special and too good to pass up. I spent $232. That’s not bad. It’s not including meat or much fruit and veges but I can feed my family for at least 3 weeks with what is in my cupboard now.

After putting my groceries away I prepared a beef casserole for Monday’s dinner. I cut the meat and the veges and left it overnight in the fridge to marinate. I popped it in the crockpot when I got up in the morning. For dinner Sunday I made a large pot of macaroni and cheese and ham for dinner. Went down a treat and there was leftovers for Cols lunch.

I’ve planned my week. Tomorrow we’ll have chicken, veges and rice. The day after lamb loin chops and veges, then chicken breasts in a honey mustard sauce, then silverside, and roast lamb.

I have a supply of weightwatchers meals in the freezer to counteract any weak or feeling lazy moments.

So for now I’m back in control on the food front and it’s a nice feeling. I just need to keep it up.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Signs you're having a bad day ...

Weigh in first ... I lost another 1.2lbs. I am now 158.6 lbs. Still heading in the right direction - I'm rapt.

Thought I'd end the week on a funny note.

Signs you're having a bad day

Bad Hair Day

You got caught in the rain

The boss chewed you out

Your diet's not working

Your lunch didn't agree with you

Get the feeling you're in the wrong place at the wrong time

Snuggle up everyone. It's going to be a wet, wild weekend. Keep nice and cosy and safe.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

It's that time again ....

I weigh in most days – for better or worse – it’s something that helps me from letting things get too out of hand. For the past two weeks I’ve watched the numbers slowly come down then on Saturday they crept back up and have stayed there till yesterday. TOM made it’s appearance Sunday morning along with full blown tummy cramps and tight stretched belly. So all was explained.

So I’m quite confident of another loss tomorrow.

Not much else to report. I’m in quite a good place at the moment. All the stresses of the past few weeks are slowly resolving themselves one by one and those that are still lingering are now manageable.

Life is good.

Shame about the cold tho.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Mondays come around too fast ....

What a wild and whacky weekend. The rain just pelted down. A great excuse to have a bit of a lazy day yesterday. I did want to get out in my garden and go for a long walk, but ended up staying inside in front of the fire and doing sweet buggar all. I survived the weekend without any damage I’m pleased to report.

I’m still in this great mindset and so far it’s working wonders for me in many ways. A little while ago I was starting to get very stressed about a lot of things happening in and around my life. I tried taking everything on board and it was doing me no favours.

Then I got sick of the doom and gloom attitude and a bit over two weeks ago I gave myself a good talking too. My walking around with a long face and looking like misery guts wasn’t helping anything or anybody. In fact it was doing the complete opposite. I was affecting everybody else around me so in fact everybody ended up being grumpy.

By focusing on the things that I can control in my life gave me the confidence and strength to deal with things as they crop up without letting them get under my skin. By me changing my attitude by simply putting a smile on face, giving a hug, paying someone a compliment my home is happier, my world is happier, I’m happier, life is so much better.

So if anyone is feeling down in the dumps, stressing out, feeling vulnerable and blah, then I say go make someone else’s day. Give someone a hug or a kiss, give them a compliment and a big smile.

You’ll get it back tenfold if not a hundredfold.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

My love handles ...

Hmmmm ....

So there I was thinking. I know it's always a worry. Can be quite dangerous too. But I was thinking about where all the extra weight has settled this time. Unfortunately most of it is around my waist, hips and butt. This isn't good. From a health point of view this is where all the vital organs are and you're putting extra stress on them ie heart, lungs etc. So I need to measure myself. I've never really done that before although I know that you should because you can lose inches instead of weight. I might even have to do some tummy exercises. Maybe.

So here's a front and side shot from yesterday.


Big bum, big tum.

So that's just about another Friday done and dusted. Roll on weekend.

To all you girls getting together in Melbourne this weekend " have an awesome time and can't wait to see all the pics".

And to the rest of us - have a great weekend.


A little experiment ....

But first I have to tell you I lost 1.7 lbs this week. I am a very happy girl and yes I’m still very determined that next week is going to be just as good if not better.

Now about this little experiment. I’ve said that one of my excuses is that my metabolism is slower now that I’m older. Well yes probably that is a factor. But let’s also take into account I sit on my backside in front of a screen all day. Up until the tready started getting a bit of use again I use to come home from work, fluff around a bit getting dinner and other things done and then usually just end up on my butt again. So yeah no wonder the ole metabolism’s slow and I have no energy. I simply don’t move.

Since I got my pedometer I have been averaging between 12 and 15k steps a day. And there’s been the odd day that I’ve struggled and done only 6,000 or so. Now I’m married to Mr Skinny. Mr Skinny is just that - skinny. Last time I’m going to call him that tho cause he prefers the word slim. Anyhow he’s on his feet all day. He never stops moving. When he’s on the phone – pacing, when he’s thinking something through – pacing, he’s the energizer bunny he just keeps going and going and going.

I’ve always been curious as to how many steps he would clock up in a day. So last night we decided he should wear my pedometer today. He reckons he’d do over 20,000. I’m pretty sure he would and then some.

When we were on our honeymoon he put on 5k. Simply because he slowed down and ate lots. So he can put on weight and quite fast too. But it was gone in a couple weeks when things went back to normal.

So I’m going to be very curious to see what number shows up tonight. I’m thinking it might give me that extra bit of gas to push myself further and aim for maybe 15,000 steps a day.

I just hope he doesn’t lose it down the loo or somewhere.

Anyhow I’m going to get myself a little treat today. Just a small bunch of flowers to match my bright sunny mood.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Determination really DOES pay off ….

You know it’s true too. You know you can feel the benefits of treating your body well after only a day or so.

After nearly 5 days I feel great. I don’t feel huge. In fact I feel like parts of me are smaller. My tummy isn’t straining to break over the top of my skirt. In fact it’s slipping down towards my belly button. Great feeling that.

I suppose in reality I’m heading towards that “make or break” time. Five days being good, can I keep it going or will I “treat” myself and undo the good of the past few days. How many of us sabotage ourselves by having a bad weekend then spend the next few days before weigh in desperately trying to undo the damage. If we’re very lucky we might have a wee loss – more likely a gain tho. Well my hands up. Guilty.

The problem is my little treat ends up another excuse to not care what passes my lips – and before you know it I’ve lost the plot completely. Sometimes I can undo the damage, but not always and that’s why my scales are rising instead of falling.

I’m grateful for one thing and one thing only. That is that at least I do try to undo the damage. What if I didn’t. Can you imagine what the scales would say now.

I’ve successfully lost weight three times in my life. Baby weight loss, weightwatchers and once without me even knowing it. It just happened. I’ll share them another time.

One thing that helped keep me motivated when I felt the need to eat was to find something to take my mind off food. One of the effective tools that helped me was going to my wardrobe and trying on clothes to see how far I’d come. Every time I found I could fit into something else and how loose other clothes were becoming on me. It was a buzz I can tell you. And then there was always the exercise I got from having to hang all the clothes up and putting them away again. Lol.

We’re buying a new bedroom suite soon. We have to because our bedroom is the next to get done. Our bedroom furniture is all “fixed”. The room’s being gutted. So I’m suppose to be downsizing the clothes situation. Things that haven’t been worn for awhile. Col walked in on Sunday and ahem said to me that the idea was to clear out MY clothes not HIS. But what if I want to wear it again. Then go buy some more. Okay then.

So now I have motivation and incentive.

Roll on day 6 and 7 and 8 and so on ……..

Happy . . .

Life is great, things are going way better than expected ( I hope I don't bloody jinx it)  we are good, we are happy, we are relaxed....