Thursday, August 28, 2014

Achey breaky heart . . .

On Saturday my son told me that he and Janelle were separating.  I am so gutted.  They put off telling us for two weeks because of Lucas's birthday and the family coming home.  The decision was mutual apparently and everything is very amicable.  But mine and Mr T's heart is breaking.  We both know what the reality is like when couples separate.  No matter how amicable it is - there  still is pain.

I'm so worried about Lucas and Sophia.  How they handle it depends on how they are in front of them.  Kids pick up on the atmosphere that is going on around them. 

Mr T and I are moving him on Saturday.  

We also had Kayla and Jaxon on Saturday night so their mum and dad could have a break.  I finally managed to get photos of them when they were still.


Gorgeous bubbas.

Everything else is going fine.  The no smoking is hard, but pushing through.  Some days are easier than others.

Eating is going well - I'm slowly losing and Mr T is slowly gaining. I'm being very careful not to use food as a substitute for not smoking.

That's about it for the moment.

Ciao for now.



Friday, August 22, 2014

Been a busy few weeks ...

Lots of family activity.

First off, our wee premmie boy turn 5 and is now a school boy.  

My first visit.  My finger was nearly as long as his leg.

Lucas and Sophia

First day of school

Then last weekend we had all but one of the kids at home and the grandchildren. I was so dumb, I forgot to get photos.  I was just so busy enjoying them all.  

Then on the Sunday we went out to Lake Okataina to check out the wedding venue for Kelly's wedding next February.  Krystal took a photo of us which is not too bad.  Just wished I'd had more sleep the night before and my face wasn't so fat.  

So now I confess to the eating not being flash.  Two weekends of takeaways and lunches doesn't aid weight loss.  

 Now really is the time to start clean healthy eating because we've had a health scare.

I've been umming and ahhing this past week whether to blog about it or not, but I've decided to simply because it's somewhere I can keep a record of everything.

Here goes.

Probably one of the reasons my face looks so fat was because I was up most of the night bawling my eyes out.  Mr T blurted out the night before that he had leaukemia.  God, my world completely dissolved.  I knew he went for the results of his blood test on Friday and he told me everything was fine.  He waited till Saturday when it was just us and my son Matt and his girlfriend.  He didn't want anyone else to know but Matt so that he could give me some support.  It was a pretty sucky night.  Lots of talking and discussion trying to get my head around it.

Then when I got up in the morning he told me huney I got it wrong.  It's not leaukemia, it's emphysema.  Still not good but a better outlook.

This week I've done a lot of research, as you do, he's been back to see our doctor, he saw a locum last week as she's been on leave.  She explained it to him really well, and relieved his mind a lot.  It cannot be reversed, but he can stop it from progressing if he stops smoking.  That means me too.  I don't smoke during the day, but I do at the end of the day.  For me it's all about changing the routine I'm in when I get home from work.  For Mr T it is going to be harder as he smokes all day, he won't eat, but will smoke.  It's going to be real hard but in saying that, this week he has had 4 smokes a day.  Today is day 1 on champix.  We know it could make him sick but he's been through all the side effects and he's very determined.  And I am very determined. I've been making him eat breakfast this week and it seems to be helping.

The prognosis is good.  The emphysema is in the very early stages and if he stops smoking now his life expectancy is normal.  If not 2 - 5 years. End of story. 

Plus a change of lifestyle, eating healthy, keeping active will help with both of our wellbeing.  We've spent the last few years under so much pressure and stress we need to start reversing things.  

This weekend we will be busy.  I have to spend a day in the workshop, then we have Kayla and Jaxon for the night.  I'm going to keep myself busy by cleaning and hoping to have a day in the garden.  This week I got someone in to tidy up the front of the section, trim trees, weed, mow and edge and now I just want to get out and get some flowers in ready for spring/summer.  

I'm going to embrace this full on and hopefully I might be able to get Mr T interested in cooking too.  

The next week or two is going to be hard but I'm just going to have to keep him focussed on the positives.

Looking forward to a brighter future.

Happy . . .

Life is great, things are going way better than expected ( I hope I don't bloody jinx it)  we are good, we are happy, we are relaxed....