Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Shameful beginnings …. But we all have to start somewhere

I've come to confess.

I’ve thought long and hard about this and it was not an easy decision. I’ve let my eating get out of control. In the last four weeks I have really piled on the weight. I do not like it. I do not like myself. I’m dealing with lots of things at the moment and one thing I don’t need is to be carrying this extra weight. It’s destructive and eating away at my self esteem and I can’t let that happen.

I have also attended two funerals in the past couple of weeks. Both died too young. I owe it to my husband and family to hang around as long as I possibly can so I need to get fit and healthy.

I’m going to turn things around with the help of this blog. So I’m going to start with the hard bit. I wasn’t going to do this but this morning I weighed:

77.6 kg.

I don’t like it and I’m very ashamed. But it’s only going down from here.

I’m going to weigh in every Thursday and post it here. The good, the bad and the not so ugly.

And the wedding photo’s ARE coming. Along with the story.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Busy times ....

Amazing how time flies. I'm sorry we still don't have the wedding photo's. Col’s BIL did our photo’s and his dad passed away yesterday so it is something that is out of our control and obviously something we won’t push at this time . We aren't worried because we know they'll be great. But I won't be posting about the wedding until I have them. Sorry. I know you're waiting to see them.

However Linda emailed me one signing the register ….

On Tuesday I went to Napier to a funeral. My girlfriend’s sister passed away and I needed to be there for her. Unfortunately Tuesday was not a great day to travel. I remember getting to Taupo and very nearly turning back. Visibility was nearly zero and the roads were heavily flooded. I had the wipers on full all the way to Napier just so I could see, the rain was that heavy. But I kept going and I made it doing between 70 & 80 kmph most of the way. When I saw her it was worth it. The drive home was just as horrendous. It wasn’t till later that night when I switched on the late night news that I heard about the tragedy at the Outdoor Centre. I certainly can understand how the stream filled up so quickly. It’s so sad.

My ribs are finally feeling a lot better since I slipped in the pool at Raro. It’s taken nearly three weeks to heal properly. Finally I’m able to sleep through the night instead of waking every time I move. It has not been nice.

So now I can start walking every other night to get ready for the half marathon in Taupo in August. I certainly need to raise my energy levels and this is an achieveable goal to work towards. I have been so inspired by Jaxx and what she’s accomplished so far this year. I’m going to try my hardest to switch my lightbulb on like hers.

The over indulgence in Raro caught up to me this week so it’s back to the drawing board. I was not at all organised this week and ended up eating a bit of crap so this week I’m going to sit down and plan ahead and shop for what I need.

Okay well I shall disappear now it’s nearly wine o’clock and I am looking forward to a bit of relaxing. You all have a happy and safe weekend.


Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Rarotonga ...

We flew out of Auckland at 5.30pm Sunday evening and arrived in balmy Rarotonga at 10.20pm Saturday night. (Wedding night again!!!!)

It didn’t take us too long to get our bags and go through customs and before long we were sitting in our coach waiting to be taken to our Hotel. The hotel policy is that when visitors arrive late at night they are taken straight to their rooms and check in completed the next day. A very welcome policy I can tell you.

So we’re driven down these little paths and shown where everything is and I’m thinking to myself how the hell am I going to remember this tomorrow. Then we stopped and walked the last little bit to our villa and wowee – it was just so breathtaking. It was everything like the photos but more. The porter brought in our bags and left us. There were flowers everywhere. On our bed, by our bed, coffee table, bathroom, kitchen, toilet even. And also a lovely bottle of champers cooling in a bucket. So we quickly changed took the bubbly and sat under our gazebo and relaxed. The pool was divine. In fact we spent about 2 – 3 hours a day in our pool. It was a lifesaver from the humidity.

Sunday everything is shut in Rarotonga while everyone goes to Church. Didn’t worry us, we had everything we needed. We went to breakfast and then finished the rest of our check in which took all of about 5 mins and went for a wander around the resort to get our bearings. The beach itself had a bit of rubble but not much. They rake it continually by hand. It is always clean and tidy. The reef was quite rocky and perfect for snorkeling. They had all the snorkeling gear and kayaks for you to use. There were plenty of hammocks and deck chairs along the beach and they would bring your drinks down to you. It was perfect. Of course we got to know the bar staff quite well at the Oceans Bar. We made sure we were there for happy hour most nights as well.

We went back to our room – opened the wine - Glenfidich for Col, and got in the pool. And so began our daily ritual only we did it in the afternoons not the mornings like the first day. We only scared the staff once too. Smooching in the pool we heard a knock at the gate, we quickly swam to the side as a head popped round. Here to service your room, can you come back later, you are later – you are my last service. Okay, give us 5 mins. Sorry. We learn’t too that if you turn the please service card around it says DO NOT DISTURB. We used it every afternoon from then on.

The staff were really friendly and helpful. We had our own pool boy that came every morning to vacumn our pool. We had the girls that serviced our room daily. The girls that came every night to turn our bed and leave us little pressies. Then of course there is the restaurant and bar staff who got to know us very well. We certainly provided them with some entertainment.

I decided that I would try a new cocktail every night. Didn’t manage to try every one tho. But we did keep going back for the Pina Coladas. They were just right.

On Monday we caught the bus into town. Not a pleasant experience. By the time we were picked up it was standing room only and we were squashed right towards the back of the bus. Hot, smelly and sweaty. Yuk. We were going to get our motorbike licences but the weather was very changeable and we decided to get a car instead. More convenient – can’t carry too many shopping bags on a moped – keep dry when it rains – gave us extra time on our last day to do a few last minute things instead of having to wait around an airport for 3 hours.

Shopping – to be honest it’s not that great. Most shops pretty much sell the same things but at different prices. A lot is quite cheap but then if you think along the lines of $2 shop or similar it’s pretty much the type of quality that you get unless you go to a souvenir shop where it’s a lot more pricey. The market was opened only once when we were there and that was when a cruise ship called in. We just bought the kids t– shirts and sarongs and little knic knacs. Saved an awful lot of money, lol.

The island took about 50 mins to drive around. There are lots of hotels and villas around the island. The beaches definitely are better on the Muri side of the island than the side we were on. But as I said ours was pretty good as they raked the beach all the time.

We went to Island night which was amazing. Dinner and a concert. The dancing is a lot like the “Hawaiian style of dancing” very romantic and wiggling of hips. They had a dance troupe called “The little darlings”. Wee things aged between 5 and 10. They were so gorgeous. You couldn’t help be captivated by them. At the end of the night the dance group picks someone from the audience to go up and dance with them. Both of us got picked by these little cuties. I mean I don’t know how anyone can say no to them – but apparently some did.

While we were there we saw quite a few different faces come and go. We’d go to breakfast, lunch or dinner and they’d sit at their tables with this bland face on, not smiling, not talking, eat and leave. WTF!!!! It totally amazed us. I mean why come to a beautiful place like this and look bored. Should have stayed at home. No wonder the staff liked us. We found the tourists were more friendly in town sitting at a cafĂ© than back at the resort.

There was a young couple there – I mean young looked like around 20. Thought they must have been on their honeymoon as they were both wearing wedding rings. They use to come down to the beach, hardly talking, reading their books, no hand holding, hardly smiling. They were sitting at the next table to us one night so I started chatting to them. Yes they were on their honeymoon and it was nice to see them smiling once they got talking. Col went and shouted them a drink and we left them with our best wishes and headed back to our room.

We had a wonderful time in Rarotonga. We ate plenty and drank heaps. Col put on 5 kgs!!!!! He can do with it though. I did put some on but not even 1kg which was amazing considering we ate three full meals a day, cocktails and wine. We would go exploring and shopping in the morning and return in the early afternoon. By then it was just too hot and we would spend the afternoon in the pool keeping cool, or under the gazebo having our drinks. Some days we’d have a nana nap and wake up refreshed and ready for happy hour.

The only downside was that I had a bit of a fall getting out of the pool. My foot slipped on the edge of the step and I fell back, twisted, gouged one arm, grazed the other and bruised the top of my ribs on the side of the pool. Thank god for big boobs, it could have been worse. Ribs are still quite sore tho and will be for awhile yet. Did not deter me from the pool and I was still able to get some tender loving.

We thought a couple of times maybe we should we go do a few more things but to be honest we did exactly what we wanted to do. We relaxed, we enjoyed ourselves, we did what we wanted and felt no pressure to do anything. We were on our honeymoon and we enjoyed just being together and talking about our future. Because of that we came home well rested with a clear picture of what we want and where we are heading.

So I’ll leave you with some photos.

You really to have one of these on your honeymoon ...... it helps

Our lounge area ....

The view from our bed out to our lovely pool ... now you know why we spent so much time here

Our bathroom ...

Our shower ....

Our pool again from the gazebo ....

Col relaxing ...

Me relaxing ....

My first Pina Colada

Cols first .....

Our second ..... he really wanted a photo of me serving him the buggar

The view from the bar to the beach ...

Special art getting into one of those hammocks ....

Cocktail no. 2 - Island l'affair - Midori, triple sec, curaco

Seafood platter at Trader Jacks

The little darlings - Island night

Island night dance troupe

The Mozzie and the Pina Colada

Cheers to the mozzie - quite sweet

Smooth as Silk - forgot what was in it - rums?????

Cheers to the Pina Colada ... can you guess it was my favourite

We had to have a bubble bath in this ....

Our ugly little men that we found ...

Midnight ... There were two cats that hung around the bar and restaurant. Midnight, below, did the day shift. Daylight , who was a ginger cat did the night shift.

Looking up from our Villa ....

The entrance ....

Inside ....

Looking the otherway from the villa heading to the beach ...

Hotel reception ....

The issue of the day in the Cook Islands. Wearing helmets is to be compulsory on the 14th April. The locals don't like it ...

Muri Beach ... killing time before we leave

The water is unbelievably warm ....

Goodbye Rarotonga .....

Hi . .

So many times and I have been meaning to do an update and just never got around to it. The longer you leave it the harder it is to get back ...