Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Kayla Rose has arrived ...

Our new baby granddaughter made her arrival on Saturday. At 3.30pm. Weighing 6lb 14oz. Naturally she's an adorable wee thing. And according to Poppa Col babies aren't always that cute when they're first born but she is. You can tell he's one proud granddaddy.

Unfortunately for me I couldn't be up there at the hospital as we were hosting a christmas party at our workshop so I sent Mr T up instead. I must post some photos. The only problem is with moving all our furniture around to have our carpet put down I don't know where he's put the cable for the phone so I can't download.

Life has been really busy and chaotic. I'm glad its the end of November and I got all my functions and everything out of the way. No more christmas do's it's lovely. No more stress - hopefully.

I'm slowly starting to concentrate on me and Mr T now. It's been a bloody hard year - so many ups and downs. Time to take stock of everything and lose the stress.

My weight is down by about 1 kg since my last post. So you can see I haven't really been focussed or trying. But yet again the fridge is stocked up with lovely fresh fruit and veges. I concentrating more on protein and veges at the moment and cutting back on carbs. I just need something to kick start me off again. The heat last weekend nearly bowled me over and the more weight I lose the better I'll be able to deal with it. I'm thinking about using a protein shake. Can anyone recommend a good one.

Hopefully I won't be away for so long next time.


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

All because I’ve been drinking loads of this:

And eating lots of this:

When you can work with a clear mind things don’t seem impossible. I know I can do this. More importantly I really want this.

I wasn’t organised this morning and didn’t have anything planned for my lunch today. Then I remembered finding my microwave omelette maker at the weekend so I grabbed it and some eggs and that was that problem solved. I ate that 3 hours ago and I’m still feeling quite full.

Sometimes inspiration can come from within too. I’ve flicked back over some of my blog when I’ve been doing really well and seeing the photos. It’s not reading about someone else’s success but your own and confirming that yes I can do it. Yes, that’s where I want to be again.

Not the greatest of photos but me on my 46th birthday.

I can't do a link but this is so inspiring. Check it out.


Monday, November 8, 2010

Another week, another new beginning

Well, now that the week from hell is done and dusted maybe I can spend a little bit of time focusing on getting myself back on the right track and mindset.

Normally I can handle whatever comes my way no matter what but lately just too much and I could feel myself shutting down and losing control. I just badly need a holiday and for once, just once the powers that be, be nice to me and Mr T and everything go smoothly instead of having to deal with things at 100 kmph.

This time last year I joined WW’s and lost over 5 kgs before xmas. I needed to lose more but those 5 kgs did help. I still have my folder with all the recipes etc plus luckily I have my weekly food plans which I’d written down. So I’ve got a place to start over again. Hopefully I can replicate that and keep the numbers going down. I’ve just read Rachels post and wow what a great loss she had. I’m going to make water my friend too.

A positive thing is that I got my new glasses on Friday. I had no choice really. The other ones fell off my head and I accidently knelt on them and broke the arm. Black insulation tape is not a good look either. So I bit the bullet and went for an eye exam and Mr T and I picked a few frames to try (which I ran past the girls at work too) and viola now I can see properly again. Just over the weekend I’ve noticed I’m not squinting as much later in the day. So hopefully that will go a long way to stop me from feeling so tired as well.

We spent the weekend ripping up the carpet in the lounge, dining room and the hallway. Lordy I have never seen so much dust. But boy, what gorgeous matai floors I have. And polished to boot as well. But after cleaning them and waking up this morning to a cooler house (and an echo) I think no, I definitely prefer carpet. It’s better anyway with the grandbabies. But I’ll enjoy them anyway for the next week.

So here I am back again. Another week, another new beginning. But a better frame of mind.


Friday, November 5, 2010

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly ...

The Good …..
Well I am still here. Had a great long weekend up at Tapu. The weather was absolutely gorgeous. We caught 28 snapper. Had seafood galore. It was awesome.

Only 17 more days to grandbabies imminent arrival. How exciting. She’s due on the 22nd and it’s Poppa’s birthday on the 16th . She’ll make a fabulous birthday pressie.

The Bad ….
Our Labour weekend was a success in that we had a lot of fun and lots of fishing. But what happened at the end wasn’t.

Our last trip in to the boat ramp was chaotic. Everyone was heading in at the same time. There were over 20 boats queued up and another 15 or so waiting out at sea (like us) to come in. I sent a txt back to the camp to let them know we would be late and looked up in time to see flames coming out of the motor. I was seriously considering jumping overboard. Thankfully Mr T sorted it out. But in his panic to start the auxiliary motor (because we were drifting) he flooded it. Luckily another boatie came to our rescue and towed us in. One way of jumping the queue I guess. Only as he was towing us in he ran over a rock and almost capsized his boat. Freaky. We made it back to camp a couple of hours later. That was drama no.1.

Drama no. 2 came when we were traveling home. Just outside of Thames there was a bloody noise. Sounded like a flipping helicopter landing on the roof. The short version was the wheel nuts sheered off and we nearly lost the wheel and ultimately the boat. Lucky for us this happened next door to a Mobil garage station at Kopu and they very kindly let us lock the boat in their garage. We were very grateful as we had half our camping gear in the boat. We only had to worry about how to get the boat home. Mr T was able to sort this out the next day thank goodness.

I’m way too stressed. I’ve been full on busy and everything is piling up. Some days have been a real struggle and I’m feeling physically exhausted. I’m hoping for some of it to ease off. Real soon.

I spoke to my sister last week and she told me that my mum isn’t very good. So I went over on Saturday to see her. As soon as my sister left mum told me that she’s booked her funeral, she took me through the whole service, she explained her wishes to me regarding the will and her estate. I was punch shocked. I was trying to be strong but crying at the same time. My mum has to be organised. She always has. Her way of dealing with everything. In a way it’s like she has the last say. This all came about after she ended up in hospital about three months ago. She was having trouble breathing as she had so much fluid on her lungs. She got scared then and decided she was going to finalise her matters which she did. She changed her will and paid for her funeral. Last week the Doctor told her that her lungs aren’t going to get any better. Even the warmer weather is not going to help. In a lot of ways, I think mum is just sick and tired of being sick and tired. I’m still coming to terms with this and having the odd weepy moment. She has told me that she’s not planning on going anywhere till after xmas anyway cause she’s bought all her presents.

The Ugly is me …..
That’s how I’m feeling.

Happy . . .

Life is great, things are going way better than expected ( I hope I don't bloody jinx it)  we are good, we are happy, we are relaxed....