Friday, April 23, 2010

I've been rescheduled . . .

I went in for my pre admin check for surgery next week and my blood pressure was sky high. 200/100. They were going to wait until Friday before making a decision whether it was safe to operate but I decided to cancel and get my blood pressure normal before any surgery happens. The risks are too high. But I do have a new date - 13th May. I spoke to my mum last night (my birth mother) and she is going to right down her history and all the medications shes on so I can pass it on to my Dr. She does have a history of high blood pressure, heart attacks, and she had bypass surgery about ten years ago. The dr will know what to look out for I guess.

So there's big changes that will be happening with health and excercise and general well being. In some ways I'm looking forward to it. But I feel a lot more positive now. Had a pity party the other night but I'm over it. Time to do something about it.

I'm off next week as we're moving and I've also got a champagne breakfast on wednesday for 250 people that I'm organising. Trying not to sweat about that either.

Anyway, onwards and upwards. I'll post some more photos next time. Have a great weekend all.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Lotsa news ....

Go grab a cuppa.

But first a couple of pics of the boy because he's so damn gorgeous.

Whoa Dad, what the ...

Ha,ha, that's fun let's do it again...

He's just adorable.

And breaking news ...... Mr T and I are expecting Grandbaby No.2 at the end of November. We are rapt and over the moon. Kelz is having a baby. Mr T is convinced it's going to be a girl. Lol, there's going to be no stopping him this Christmas. Santa is making a comeback. (honest, he pretty damn neared cried last year when Josh told him there was no Santa)

Never a dull moment thats for sure. Been meaning to do a quick post for a while but not quite getting there. Too many things happening.

Everything was pottering along very nicely until a couple of weeks ago. When we originally started our business four years ago we took out a two year lease with right of renewal. Then the building was sold and once our lease ended the new landlord wouldn't renew our lease instead put us on a month by month. The reason being he had now acquired the whole block and he had plans on developing it. We noticed things were happening earlier in the year when the surveyors were doing there bit but we were told not to worry . It would be a while if anything happened and he had another building which we could move too.

Well, two Fridays ago he dropped in and handed us a letter. An eviction letter!!! We had to be out by the end of the month. Three weeks. He did say not to read too much into the letter as it was just a formality. But still, we had to move with buggar all notice. He did offer us another building which would have been good - but, he was planning to pull that one down to in six months. Arrgghh.

Sometimes things happen for a reason. That's what I believe and this time it's certainly true. Saturday morning we drove round all the industrial areas looking at available workshops. There were a few. Some were just way too expensive. We did see one that we liked. Anyhow Mr T phoned the agent and yep it was a bit pricey but he was going to have a look around for us and get back on Monday which he did. Seemed like it wasn't as expensive as first thought and Mr T went and had a look and yes that was the one he wanted. Only a little bit more than what we're paying now and nearly double the work area which is great and it's tidy has many extra's. After some negotiation Mr T managed to bring the monthly lease down and also get a month's free rent for setting up costs. We signed up last Tuesday. I couldn't believe it all happened so fast. The new landlord is just fantastic. He's certainly going out of his way to help us as much as he can. I know that he's probably had it empty for a while but still ....

So what was bad is now very good. The downside is - do you know how hard it is to move a workshop that is full of machinery, alloy, joinery, rubbers, glass, screws, nails etc. Bloody difficult. I'm taking next week off so I can get my office sorted. We're hoping to have everything in by the weekend.

This afternoon I go for my pre admin checkup at the hospital. All going well I'll have surgery next Thursday. For those that don't know late last year I ended up in ER in pain and they found a cyst on my ovary the size of my fist. Freaky. The good thing is that it was all clear fluid. Not lumpy. So I am having keyhole surgery to remove it. The only thing is that if they can't remove it from the ovary then they will have to open me up which means my recovery will be a lot longer. That's the part I'm not looking forward to. I've never really been sick in my life and I've never been in hospital apart from having the kids so in some ways it is a wee bit daunting for me. But it has to come out. Lets hope I make it to surgery this time and they don't postpone me again.

Weight wise I really haven't been watching what I eat. A few takeaways, lots of carbs so I ventured onto the scales this morning and I'm up about a kg which is okay. So I'm going to try and get myself back into some kind of a routine before the 1 kg turns into another 5kgs.

We've been rather spoilt with Lucas lately. We've had him every weekend. He's getting to know us quite well. His face beams when he sees us. How cool is that.

It was mum's birthday a couple of Sundays ago so the whole family went to Tauranga and had a picnic lunch at Memorial. So I'll leave you with some more pics.

The oldest and the youngest .... My mum and Lucas

Lucas and Pop .....

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Allergic to housework ....

With my surgery date set for the 29th April (fingers & toes crossed) I want to do my best to shed as much weight as I can before then. I had a couple of very bad days/nights with my asthma over the long weekend. I feel if I could just lose some weight around my waist and my chest it would help so much.

I spent a whole day cleaning and pottering around home and suffered that night and the next day gasping for air. My inhalers didn’t seem to be giving me the relief that I needed. Then I came right and spent the day out in the garden. I felt like I had a lot of energy. The next day – wham. I had to keep myself calm and concentrate on my breathing otherwise I’d lose it. No wonder I get so exhausted. When I’m like this just hanging out the clothes leaves me breathless. This is so not me.

When I was first diagnosed with asthma my Doctor told me that the asthma doesn’t have to control me. I have been pretty good lately, but last week despite my aversion to needles I allowed the nurse at the Doctor’s surgery to give me the flu injection. I’ve since developed a cough and am a bit stuffed up with nasal congestion. I no this is not helping me so I’m wondering whether or not this is a side effect of the injection and maybe wait a bit before going back to the Doctors. I think if I have no improvement by the end of the week I’ll go back. All my sympathies go to parents who have young ones who are asthmatic. It must be so terrible and scary for them. I know, I’m an adult but I can get a bit sooky at times.

So yeah I’m feeling a tad apprehensive about the op so I’m doing everything I possibly can before hand.

But despite my breathless moments I had a great Easter. This weekend saw our family back together. About six months after our wedding we had a fallout with two of our boys. We stood our ground and applied the tough love principle. One came back about a year ago the other has been building the bridges since late last year and on Sunday he came out for our family dinner. And it was a success.

We also got to babysit Lucas again. I swear he’s grown since last week. He has another check up this week so hope all will be good.

Righto another day nearly done and dusted. Eating has been good apart from that chocolate macaroon at morning tea.

Tomorrow is another day.

Happy . . .

Life is great, things are going way better than expected ( I hope I don't bloody jinx it)  we are good, we are happy, we are relaxed....