Thursday, December 10, 2009

My Christmas Plans ....

So what have you all got planned for Christmas.

I'm so excited because Mr T and I ARE RUNNING AWAY. Oh yes we are baby. Two weeks from today and I can't wait.

We're running away from the whole christmas day drama. No Christmas Day dinners and travelling to this place and that place. No children. Just me and Mr T. Just time out to relax and enjoy what we like doing the best. Camping and fishing.

I sound a bit like Scrooge. Bah Humbug. But really it's just the way everything worked out. Josh and Krystal are spending the week with their mums and won't be home till the first weekend in January. Col and I decided to take advantage of that and have some time out for ourselves before the bombardment begins. We will have a New Years Barbecue when I'll have all the family around me. Lucas is still too little and I don't want to have to share him on Christmas Day. I'd rather have him New year and spoil him the whole day.

Anyway moving on to Christmas Dinner and the rest of the week. Well pretty much seafood all round. Where we are staying theres mussels galore to be picked and also oysters off the rocks at low tide. There's my starter. Then I will have a beautiful panfried fresh snapper with a crisp summer salad. I think my indulgence may be cheese and crackers but I might have fresh fruit instead. My stomach has shrunk and I can't stand the overfill feeling anymore.

Normally when we're on the boat we have orange juice, fruit and salad vogel sandwiches and thats about it.

I feel quite confident that this year I won't put on any weight. Days sitting on the boat catching all that fish can be quite a work out for the arms I tell you. Especially when you're pulling up the big ones. Also there's quite a few bush walking tracks nearby which will be a nice change for us as well.

All in all I just plan to relax and enjoy our time away together.

So what have you all got planned.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Well I ummed and ahhed . . .

But I went to weigh in last night and recorded a tiny loss of 300 gms. So that’s now 3.3kg in 4 weeks. I really wanted over a kg gone but when you do go out on a Friday and Saturday night and eat and drink copious amounts then that ain’t going to happen is it. But I did own up to myself and got right back on track on Sunday, which is probably why I was able to get a loss at all. So the moral is – DON’T GIVE UP.

Phew, you know what – I miss blogging. I miss a lot of the old bloggers. I found their journeys quite inspiring. Can’t help wondering where some of them are now. I know. Facebook. I’m probably starting to get a wee bit nostalgic in my old age. But I’ve read my old blog and what a hoot that was. Things have changed a bit since 2005. Still have the dramas with kids, but reading some of things we dealt with back then puts a shudder down my spine. No wonder my blog became a weight gain blog instead of a weight loss one. Lol. But seriously I was 71 kgs when I started blogging and now I’ve added another 10kg plus to the mix.

I think the decision for me to go back to Weightwatchers was the best one for me. I need to be accountable and for me that’s going in and getting weighed and having my results recorded. It keeps me honest and it keeps me on track. Fine if I wander a day or two, I get back on track and keep going.

I don’t want to be on a diet, but I do want to learn to eat healthier and most importantly watch what I eat. Lets face it the food is yummy too. This is the perfect time to get on track and develop some really good eating habits. I love relaxing in the evening out on the deck with a nice salad and steak/chicken etc and a nice chilled glass of wine. I tend to eat “lighter” filling foods and feel satisfied. There’s no urge to overdulge.

I’m going to return to regular blog posts now. I’ll share my battle against the bulge with you, the exciting things that happening in my world, when I get bummed out you’ll hear about that too.

Well I feel like I’m rambling a bit now but I’ll share my Christmas plans with you tomorrow.

Ciao for now.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

How did it get to be December !!!!!

The years aren't suppose to be passing this fast. Now that I'm older. Slow down for crissake's.

Weigh in went well on Tuesday night. Another 800 gms down. that's 3 kg's in 3 weeks. I'm about 1 kg off my 5% weight loss. Everythings going well in that area.

I went to the hospital today and I'll be having surgery after Christmas. I filled everything out now I just have to wait for a date. They said either January or March. I told them I was busy in February. My cyst is still there - hasn't reduced in size like they'd hoped. In fact it's wrapped itself around my ovary and I may have to have that removed as well. We'll see when the time comes I suppose. The good news is that the cyst is full of clear fluid and is nice and smooth no lumps or bumps. They say it's a "good" cyst. So I'll believe them.

Had some worries last week with one of the kids. Sometimes you wonder how much you can take. But somehow you do whether you like it or not. Hopefully it will all sort itself out over the next week.

At least I have some sunshine .....

Happy . . .

Life is great, things are going way better than expected ( I hope I don't bloody jinx it)  we are good, we are happy, we are relaxed....