Tuesday, June 25, 2013

My kitchen . . .

After moving Raewyn in on Saturday, I had the joy of going down to the workshop to do my GST while Mr T had the pleasure of visiting the Grandies. 

It was flipping freezing.

But I got to check out the progress on my kitchen.  As you can see below Mr T has set it up with correct measurements of how it will go in.  He hasn't even started on the pantries.  But I figure he will do it in stages.  Once this is finished I'm guessing he'll gut the kitchen at home, remove the dining room wall and install it, especially as it's taking up a bit of space in the workshop.

The reason it's taking a little bit longer is because it is getting busier with work and also he's decided to sand all the panels down and revarnish completely as it had a yellowish tinge to it and a certain amount of wear and tear over the years.   You can see it more clearly below.

He tells me what he does everynight but you know I'm more of visual person lol, and actually have to see it to fully understand what he's talking about.  But the difference is amazing.  I'm absolutely stoked.   

This is what it will all look like once he's finished.  It is perfect and he's done such a good job.   It will take a bit longer but it will absolutely worth it.  

I am a patient woman, afterall.  

My scales are down 1.2kg over the last couple of days.  Am loving seeing that and its a great motivational tool to keep me on track.  I have only two meals a day and a couple of snacks ie, peanuts, eggs, or cheese if I have a hunger pang.   My main meal is normally lunch and it's mostly dinner from the night before or a salad.  Night time I don't really feel hungry but I'll still cook knowing that I can pack it for lunch tomorrow and will settle on maybe bacon and eggs or veges/salad.

I have to start losing again because with this freezing cold I've noticed I've started to wheeze again at times and while not a full asthma attack I can get breathless.  It's been over two years since I've had a bad attack.

 This week I'm going to concentrate on more vege dishes.  

I saw this the other day on Eat, Drink, Paleo's blog and thought that it would be nice to try.

Spinach & Sweet Potato Bombs

It's lovely and relaxing at home at the moment.  It's stress free and nice and warm and cosy to go home to unwind after a day at work.

And on that note, my break's over so  I'd better get back to it.


Monday, June 24, 2013

At last

I can unload.

The last couple of months have been awful.  It's not an exaggeration.  It's the honest truth.

I said I had my girlfriend living with us.  I offered her the chance to stay with us while she looked for a job and a place to live. I mean there were better prospects here than in Edgecumbe.  As she was on a sickness benefit she paid a low board (even lower than what she paid her mother)  and to help with the dinner, housework and gardens etc.

Well it didn't quite work like that.  In fact she got so damn use to sitting home all day,  in the warmth, on my laptop that she didn't even bother to look for work.   She cooked occasionally and when she did she'd phone me at work for things she needed????  When I left for work in the morning - she was on laptop playing games.  When I came home from work - she was on my laptop playing games.  Dishes and glasses on the bench that had been there all day - what the hell, we have a dishwasher.  Housework was a once a week vacumn and to wash the towels.  It was like she was living in a hotel.

She was addicted to playing games and as soon as either me or Mr T went off our laptops she pounced straight on, even if we were only doing a loo stop.  

She sat right across the table from me and felt like she was watching me the whole time just waiting for me to get off.  It was awful.  It was a huge invasion of our privacy.  

Then she started giving Mr T instructions, talking to him like she was the boss etc, He couldn't stay in the same room as her.  Tension was great - but she couldn't sense it.

I couldn't get my frustration out because even though she is not computer savvy she could stumble onto my blog by accident as I have it bookmarked.  

I didn't want her to read how I felt on my blog.

But I wasn't afraid to tell her.  

Which I did - two weeks ago.

I let her know exactly how we felt, that she was no closer to finding a job than when she arrived.  She had done nothing to find one.  She needed to get off her butt and go hand her CV out

I felt used and taken for granted.  I did say a lot of others things and I was strong and didn't back down.

I gave her two weeks - then she would have to go back to her mothers.  I had to put my family first.

It took TWO days - and she had a job.  Okay only part-time but still.  

I went on Trade Me and found a nice one bedroomed, fully furnished unit for $190 a week, only a short walk from town.  She had absolutely nothing having sold off everything to go Aussie last November.  She had to borrow money to even get home.  Fully furnished meant there was no mucking trying to save and buy furniture to get her started.  She could move straight away.

I negotiated with the Real Estate Agent right up to the time that her application had been processed etc then I gave them her phone no to sort out viewing times.  She got it, WINZ paid for her bond to move, and on Saturday we moved her in.  Woo freaking Who.

Her sister brought her some bedding, her bike and old laptop over for her last weekend.  

I gave her crockery, cutlery, pots and pans, utensils, a heater and a small tv.  

I did a shop on Saturday and got her the bare basics to set up.  Like what you would get when the kids go flatting.  She had nothing, not even shampoo etc.  So I got all that, washing powder, soap, shampoo, cleaner, and the basic staples, tins of food, milk eggs, cheese, bread, butter, a few small bags of fresh veges and a couple of meat choices.  She has enough food for a week.  

So she's got a good start.  I feel I've done enough, in fact I feel like I have done more than enough, but I don't like to see anyone suffer and it was worth it to make sure she was going to be okay.

I have too, been given the "stop rescuing" people lecture from two different people, neither of them my husband who has supported me and had every reason to kick her out a while ago.  

I have learnt my lesson.  Honest.  

Yesterday was our first whole day at home again and it was BLISS.  I can't even begin to tell you how good it was.

It is nice to have my home back.  I am too set in my ways to have another women in my house for an extended period of time.

 Anyway, here's moving day.  As you can see it's quite a nice little flat with everything she needs.

Even a nice little deck and fenced in backyard, which will be lovely in summer. 

I feel really good now.  It's nice to go home.

Catch you soon.


Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Oh My Goodness, what will I do . . .

This Saturday we are moving my girlfriend into her new flat.  

After 8 weeks of living with us my life will return to normal.  

We will have our home to ourselves again.  

It's a good feeling and I can get back into a routine.  

She's working night shift this week so we won't be seeing too much of her.  It will be tough but she's got a good start and a clean slate.  While it might be scary it's also exciting.   

Looking forward to the weekend.  



Thursday, June 13, 2013

Reasons to celebrate . . .

Firstly, it's Thursday.  Friday Eve. 

I get three days break from the teenager who's driving me nuts at the moment.  
My girlfriend got a job and started today.  Yay.
She went and had a look at a furnished flat today that I spotted on Trade me  and she got it, if she can come up with the bond money.  She has an appointment with WINZ on Monday so fingers crossed they will be able to help with that.  If not she will ask her familyI know she really wants.  So double yay, yay.

Things seem to be picking up well with the business and I can see some bright light ahead.  It would be nice to stop stressing for a while.

Generally overall things are looking up in my world which is probably why I've got a big smile on my face.


Monday, June 10, 2013

Monday . . .

A very original title I agree.

Being a short week, last week went pretty fast.  Unfortunately so did the weekend.  

Had lunch with Jackie and David yesterday which was really nice.  Always great to catch up and our hubbies get on too so it's always  lovely.

I went through a little crisis a while ago that I thought I'd share.  Mainly because my blog is my diary as well and it's good to have these things written down. 

 A couple of months ago I was starting to get a bit scared that I might have been pregnant. After having my periods every 2 - 3 weeks it was nearly 7 weeks late.  I have friends that are change of life babies.  I can't tell you how I felt.  Some happy thoughts, some very selfish thoughts and then I worried about the baby's health with being older, 51,  the extra risks and also FAS.  Fetal Alcohol Syndrome.  I've made no secret that I love my vino so that really scared the crap out of me.  

In my 20's and 30's I never drunk.  It wasn't until my late 30's and early 40's that I started drinking socially again.  Babies were far from my mind, after all I was down to my last two years of school lunches and rubbing my hands in glee.  

Then fate stepped in and his name was Mr T.  He had four children.  Two older and two much younger.  Josh 6 and Krystal 9 to be exact.  So instead of being at the end of my school lunch days I was starting them all over again at the beginning.  Now with Josh 15 and I'm seeing the end of the school lunches again was fate going to step in again.

Thankfully no.  My period arrived the morning after I'd blurted out to Mr T my fears of  being pregnant.  But we did talk about it and we both had different views.  I probably would of terminated - not Mr T.  For babys health and also for selfish reasons.  But I figured Mr T probably would have talked me around.  He's funny like that.  He knows how to make things right.

At the same time, one of the people I work with  his baby was born. She was 35 weeks prem and there were a few complications which are now fine.  This was an IVF baby and this was their last chance.  They had already lost 3.

I felt pretty stink  I can tell you.  Definitely not mum of the year.

Thankfully I never had to make a decision.  

I think it's an extremely personal one.  I think I would have gone ahead no problems so long as I was guaranteed everything was fine healthwise.

What would you do.

Now that I've written it down I'm not sure I want to post it.  Seems like I've just rambled. 

I'll try to lighten the topic.

Here's what my kitchen looked like when arrived from Auckland.
 Mr T picked it up the weekend of the storm, he covered it with tarp and tied it down really good and then got the large roll of cling and wrapped it up so no water could get in.

There's an awful lot of kitchen in there.  I bet you would like to see it set up -  so would I - but he won't let me see it just yet.

And lastly a little video of Sophia.   I had it on my facebook page but just in case you missed it.  Here it is.

This was taken last weekend at our family get together.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

It's a little bit ..... complicated

There's lots happening in my life lately that isn't actually helping me with my plan and just right now I can't say what.

But I can see the end in sight - thank goodness.  

It's funny but now that I'm not blogging as much I'm really missing it.  Typical.

I'm doing the best that I can weight wise, but sometimes I just eat what is put in front of me.  My girlfriend who is staying with us cooks dinner sometimes and at the end of the day I can't be bothered to cook anything else.  Let's face it - By the time we get home from work it is dark.  It feels like we should getting ready for bed it's so miserable.  All you want to do is hunker down and get warm.

I did manage a nice hearty beef casserole in the crockpot today though.  It will be nice coming home to some to the smell of it cooking and especially nice knowing it's all done and ready to eat when I want.

And tonight is Thursday.  A thursday to finally relax and enjoy.  And enjoy I shall.

I'll leave you with a couple of photos.

This is Lucas a couple of years ago after he'd tipped the talcum powder over himself.

I didn't do it honest . . .

Then the other day he tipped the powder over his sister.  His excuse this time.

I wanted to make Sophia a snowman.


Happy . . .

Life is great, things are going way better than expected ( I hope I don't bloody jinx it)  we are good, we are happy, we are relaxed....