Friday, March 30, 2012

Did I say I loved Fridays . . . .

And this one especially.  I'm just going to take a chill pill this weekend and stay put.  After running here there and everywhere I need some R&R myself.

Mr T is quite limited to what he can do and only having the use of one arm at the moment it adds up to an awful lot of extra hard work for me.  I am now a fulltime nurse, cook, cleaner, washer, dresser, chauffeur, mower of lawns, general handyman etcetera, etcetera.  However we will be having a lot of stirfrys cause I draw the line at having to cut his dinner up into bite size pieces, lol. 

He's only been having panadol during the day to keep the pain at bay.  He refuses to take the Tramadol until he's home as it makes him sleepy and faintheaded.  He's back at work.  Just supervising tho, and doing paperwork.   This is what happens when you're the boss.  No rest.    When he gets home he takes the Tramadol and then I only see him periodically in between sleeps. 

Just before going into theatre
Hopefully by Monday he'll be feeling a lot better especially after a weekends rest at home. 

Mr T has been fiddling with my camera a couple of weeks agao and now all my photos come out dark.  I'll have to sort it out over the weekend.  I haven't had a chance before now. 

I took this one of me a couple of weeks ago when life was better and I was just naturally happy all the time.

50 and still getting zits
I'm hoping I'll get back there to my happy place this weekend.

I haven't weighed myself.  Food has not been the issue at all.  Unfortuately I didn't eat at all on Monday and I had to remind myself on Tuesday to get a burger with Josh for dinner.  I never thought about it and it wasn't my priority.

But I've gone to supermarket at lunchtime and stocked up on fresh veges so we'll be right for the weekend.  Plenty of protein and veges. 

So only one more hour to go and then I'll pick Mr T up and go home and we'll both relax -  bliss. 

We were suppose to be going on our shopping trip this weekend in Hamilton, for our anniversary, but it's been put on hold for at least another couple of weeks when he'll be a lot better.   He did send me a lovely message tho on my facebook page which was so sweet. 

Anway I'd better finish off my last bits and bobs and get ready for home.

Have a great weekend everyone.

Ciao xxx

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Happy Wedding Anniversary Mr T ....

Today is our 4th wedding anniversary.

Everyday you make me feel special and loved, not just for the past four years but everyday since we met. 

The past few days we've learnt that things can change in a blink of an eye and I'm glad not a day goes by we have nothing to regret. 

Love you Mr T, heaps and heaps and heaps more xxxxx

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

My husband is home .....

My house is noisy again, yay.

It's been a very long day and I have a one armed bandit to take care of. Will post again tomorrow. just too tired right now.

But he's home. And taking over my side of the bed!!!!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Home from the hospital and just got off the phone with Mr T. He's feeling pretty groggy from all the meds so I hope I talked him to sleep.

Me - just finally relaxing. Have just poured a wine even tho its late but will then head for my shower and bed.

Not so sure he will come home again tomorrow. I noticed tonight that his hand has swollen heaps since I was there in the afternoon. Please don't let it be infection.

Did I say its our wedding anniversary on Friday. I hope he's home for that. One things for sure - loves never dwindled only grown.

A good thing, if you can call it that, was the injury wasn't caused because of the saw blade. Otherwise he could of lost his whole hand. It was caused by a piece of timber that jammed, projectiled out and jammed his hand against the guard. But who could of known that a piece of timber caught split a finger down to the knuckle and pulverise it. I guess we do now.

This wine is hitting the spot. I'm so tired. I'm going to hit the shower and crawl into bed with my laptop watch tv and hopefully fall asleep real soon. Must remember to reset the alarm.

My husband is alive for that I'm extremely thankful. This is a reminder to make the most of everyday and live it to its fullest. I know now how totally lost I'd be without him. No matter how strong I think I am.

I also remembered to eat. When I did my previous post I realised that I hadn't eaten since Sunday night. So when I took Josh back to his mothers we called into Macdonalds and I grabbed a burger for myself as well. its still sitting in the microwave. Not very appealing and not the best choice but I have no energy for anything else so I'll have it after my shower.

Thank you for your kind comments and thoughts. I just want to put these thoughts down in writing for me as well. To remind me never ever to take anything for granted.

Miss you Mr T hope you sleep well tonight.

Lost ....

God don't know where to begin.

Yesterday started out just like any other day. Then at 9.00am I got a call from Mr T. Honey I've cut my finger really bad what should I do. Hospital I yelled. Next thing I'm bundled in the car and rushed to emergency where Mr T had been dropped off about a minute earlier. By the time I got to ER he'd already gone in. I got buzzed through and what a sight. His finger had been split right down to the knuckle and all the flesh was pulp and gnarled bone. He was in so much pain he was white and in agony. It seemed for ever till he got pain relief but must have been about ten minutes. Then he started perking up and giving cheek to the nurses. Phew what a relief. I used that time to go back to the office to grab the car. I needed to have some independence.

I got back in time just as they were about to tell him he was going into surgery. He had to be told that there was a possibility he'd have to have an amputation. It was not a good time. I had a sick kid at home so I had to arrange for him to go to his mothers, rush home get him and an overnight bag for Mr T and drop the kid off , go to the workshop and do the list of things Mr needed done and got back just in time to go with Mr T for surgery. Took the opportunity to go to the cafe and crab a coffee and a quiche - peeled off the pastry - and went back upstairs to theatre to wait. As luck would have it the theatre nurse came out - whose three kids had received scholarships - saw me and took me into recovery just as he was about to be taken back up to the ward, otherwise I would have still been sitting outside waiting. I would have been seriously pissed off if I'd have been left waiting.

So the outcome is that he still has his finger. For now. We just have to wait and see how the healing goes. There was enough bone left for then to insert a pin and it's all bandaged up, now we wait to see if he gets feeling back and no infection otherwise its back to surgery for amputation.

Yesterday I was fine and handled everything. Keeping everyone updated, being at the hospital and running around after Mr T. When I got in about 9 last night it was really strange. me home alone. Mr T and I have only been apart three nights the whole time we've been together. Funnily enough I've always been at blog get togethers. The last one was at Chris H's place in Palmy so that must have been about six years ago. So last night I slowly melted down. It was a terrible night.

I woke up this morning hoping to get him from the hospital but no. He phoned me after 8, the doctors had been and they were keeping him in for at least another 24 hours. I went down to the workshop and did his orders and sorted everything out. Went to work to finalise my payment schedule and arrange for another couple of days off work. My downfall came at work when all the girls came to hug me. I broke down. Mr T chose then to phone me and knew something was up. Now he's worried about me.

I've spent the day up at the hospital reassuring him I'm okay. We went for a walk and sat in the sun and had a coffee. It was nearly normal.

I'm just heading back - taking Josh to see his Dad. I'm totally exhausted both physically and mentally. I'm going to have a wine tonight and head to bed and hopefully sleep. Tomorrow I want my Mr T home cause I miss him so much.

Might post again later tonight when I get home. Just feeling incredibly lonely and lost.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A day late but ....

Still going down, plus a new digit to record.

74.6 kgs.

My losses are slowing down but they're still happening, and it's no sweat.  I still get to enjoy my life and not be ruled by food and guilt.  And of course I still get to enjoy my vino.

I mentioned that my mum gave me a voucher from Spotlight for my birthday.  These are the little goodies I bought.

I love my house caddy

 This is a typical lunch for me.  Chicken, egg salad, and lettuce, cucumber, tomato and a sprinkle of cheese on top.  Size is deceptive here - that's a lunch plate.  It's pretty easy to decide on what to eat once you get your head around the no bread, wheat, potatoes etc.  If I've forgot to prepare the night before I just grab things out of the fridge on my way out the door and just whip it up at lunchtime.

The weather has been pretty crap here the last few days.  Rain yesterday and then the wind picked up later.  Blew a gale right through the night.

When I got home on Tuesday night the sky turned quite black and then this double rainbow appeared.

I've resigned myself to the fact that winter is fast approaching.  Daylight saving ends next weekend and then it will be dark and gloomy.  I just hope it's not going to be a long, miserable winter.  

I succumbed last week and I started wearing pantyhose.  This week I'm wearing my suits.  Albeit, I haven't worn them for 2 years so it's kind of a bonus.

OMG.  Grandbaby no. 3 is due to arrive in 6 weeks.  All is going very well this time.  Janelle has made it to 34 plus weeks and still no problems.  I am so pleased for them both. This time round there will be no incubators and they will be able to take baby home with them.

Here's Janelle with her 32 week baby bump.  She is hoping to go full term and even has ceasar booked for the 2nd May should she go OVER!!!

I'm on Nana alert from here on in.  I will be having Lucas for a few days from when Janelle goes into labour.    Can't wait.  I'll get to be a stay at home nana for awhile.

We had Lucas for the weekend to give the kids a bit of a break.  Phew what a pistol.  We were outside running around, chasing him and tackling him and tickling him, playing peek-a- boo with the washing on the line.  This time last year there was no way I could have done that.  Aren't kids chuckles of laughter contagious.  Nick turned up and was watching us play for awhile before we noticed him and my son had this big beam on his face and he said mum  you're so cool. 

Both my boys have noticed my weightloss just recently.  I suppose I'm just mum no matter what size I am.  That is a compliment in itself.  But I suppose as I've changed clothes size and wearing more fitting clothes it's more noticeable.  Hell I feel like forty again.  Definitely not 30.  Who would want to go through those teenage years again.  Not me.

Well I started this post yesterday so I'd better finish here and publish it. 

Ciao for now.

Friday, March 16, 2012

I love Fridays . . .

Especially Friday afternoons when I get to go home and open the door to silence, open a wine and relax to Mr T gets home.   There's no kids, no - what's for dinner, I'm hungry, I'm bored - just peace.  I can stay up late - because I can sleep-in the morning.  How blissful is that.

I'm really happy and contented at the moment.  I'm in a really good place.  Losing weight and eating healthy are not the only things that are changing with me.  The last couple of weeks  I've been cleaning and decluttering and it's really thereuptic.  More so because I have the energy now.  Before I would have only achieved a fraction of what I've done.

Mr T and I are planning a trip to Hamilton at the end of the month for our wedding anniversary.  That's when I've planned my shopping spree.  I need new clothes.  And I want to add color to my wardrobe.  Practically everything I have is black.  I need to put some oompfh into my clothes and liven myself up.  

The funny thing is that Mr T needs new clothes too.   He's put on weight!!!  It's all that healthy eating, lol.  I'm so pleased because hopefully he'll have a better resistence this year to all the bugs and won't get as sick. 

I'm really loving the comments I'm getting from people who are starting to notice my weight loss.  I can almost feel myself glowing.

Wow, turning 50 has been great so far.

Have a wonderful weekend all.

Friday, March 9, 2012

A little bit of pampering . . .

Last weekend a few of the girls from my AAPNZ Group organised for us to go to Waiora Spa for lunch and a spot of pampering.

It was fabulous. 

We really were well looked after.  We were picked up from my place by shuttle and taken to the resort where we had a fabulous lunch.

Yes that is Mr T with the girls.  Wither I go, he's not far behind, besides the girls love him.

Looking forward to when the weight starts coming off my arms..  Over lunch we were talking about weight loss and the girls were asking me what I was doing.  We had some very interesting conversations and now Mr T knows first hand what girls talk about when they're together, lol.

Let the fun begin

And of course one has to have wine.

It looks like I have my eyes closed but it's only cause I lost a screw out of my glasses and they were slipping down my nose.  My eyes were open -  well then they were.

After that the shuttle took us back to my place where we continued our festivities.  It was a super relaxed day. 

Awesome day.

Have no plans for the coming weekend.  I like it like that.  It means anything can happen. 

Have a great weekend every and Congratulations to Jo for her wedding tomorrow.  I know it's going to be a fabulous day and she will be a stunning beautiful bride.


Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Brrr…. It’s really starting to get fresh here in the mornings and the evenings. It’s so dark now in the mornings that when the alarm goes off I swear it’s the middle of the night and just want to roll over and duck my head under the duvet.

Obviously I am still alive, just been hectically busy and enjoying life at the same time. So much is happening and going on in my life right now that I don’t know where to start.

I suppose I should start with my weigh in’s. I owe you two. On the 27th Feb I was 75.3 and today I’m 75.2 which is a loss of 500 gms for the last two weeks. While I was hoping to be in the 74’s by the end of Feb it doesn’t really worry me. Why, because I’m not hung up on numbers anymore. I know I’m losing and if it doesn’t show on the scales it shows in the way my clothes feel on me.

My body isn't the only thing that's been going through change - so has my mind.  I have a calmness and peaceful feeling inside me that has been absent for a long time.    I've always been an optimist but these past few years have been long and difficult and bloody stressful at times which looking back now I can see that it couldn't help but bring me down. 

I feel alive and so godamn sexy,lol.  I've been flirting with Mr T and boy has the spark come back ha,ha.  The last couple of years have been really tough on him with the pressure, stress and worry of the business - not to mention the kids - plus his reflux has really taken its toll.  By changing my eating habits not only do I benefit but it has a carry over effect on Mr T.   He's actually put on weight.  But he needed it.  He still gets his meat with lots of healthy veges and salads (which he is now coming to love) just no potatoes.  We're laughing alot and cuddling and I guess you can say we've got our sparkle back.  It's a natural high, a great feeling.

Lots more to share with you and some photos so will try and do that tonight.

Take care lovelies.


Happy . . .

Life is great, things are going way better than expected ( I hope I don't bloody jinx it)  we are good, we are happy, we are relaxed....