Friday, June 13, 2014

Cruising . . .

After a rollercoaster couple of years things are starting to finally sort themselves out.  It's a huge relief and I'm glad we can just take a couple of steps back to unwind for a bit.  



We took last weekend off and headed over to Newdicks Beach with the kids for a spot of fishing.  The day was just amazing, so hot and beautiful weather - a reminder of summer.

My little shadows.

We did a good deed as well and rescued a french tourist who got his van stuck in the sand.

 I kinda sabotaged myself a wee bit over the weekend.  Had a lot of takeaways. Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  Unfortunately a lot carbs for me.   

Well you got have fish n chips when you're at the beach don't you.

I really suffered for it though - I felt so blah for a couple of days.

But Sunday I started eating properly and managed to score a 100gm loss instead of a huge big gain.

I have also discovered these wraps at Pak n Save.  They are only 11.1 grams of carbs per serving but one wrap filled with lettuce cheese chicken salad keeps me going right through till dinner - it is so filling. 

Looking forward to another lovely weekend and catching up with Kayla and Jaxon.

Hope you all have a good weekend too.


Happy . . .

Life is great, things are going way better than expected ( I hope I don't bloody jinx it)  we are good, we are happy, we are relaxed....