Monday, August 25, 2008

So another week begins ....

Mondays are always a good day to start over. Day 1 so to speak.

I am absolutely rapt that the whole pms/menopausal eating is over and done with – for another 2 – 3 weeks at least. I have never had this problem before but the past twelve months or so - pre Tom - before and during I just eat and eat. I don’t necessarily feel hungry but I still seem to manage to shovel things into my mouth. I swear I’m a god damned eating machine.

Anyway, it’s behind me for a while. I’ll have to devise a cunning plan so it doesn’t get the better of me next time.

My god my bedroom was hot and steamy this weekend. Lots of stripping going on. Wink, wink. Love it. I plan on getting all steamed up again tonight too. Stripping – wallpaper. Got some big incentive to get cracking on the bedroom reno’s. Found my bedroom suite last week and after showing it to Col we got it. I want it in my bedroom right NOW!!!!! Lol. Probably won’t pick it up till the end of the week, but you can bet everything will be happening in overdrive now to get my bedroom all finished ASAP.

And that brings me back to eating sensibly again because I want to look and feel sexy too in my new boudoir. Don’t want to look like an ole hag. I want to look and feel beautiful and sexy and give my husband the bedroom look and use my womanly wiles on him. Better change the subject, I’m getting flustered.

Alright – fruit and veges – here I come.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Hectic .....

Sorry for my absence but things have been hectic. Not saying it's all bad because it's not.

So weighty things first. I've put on 2kgs in the last week and a bit. Partly because I have the mother to end all TOMS and the other part because I've just been so ravenous I feel like always grazing and naturally it is ALL the wrong food and I can't stop myself. I'm a bit out of control.

This weekend I plan to do something about it. God knows what though but I have to stop eating. I feel so yuck.

The bedroom alterations are moving slowly. Not the plan. So this weekend I'm really getting stuck in. I still haven't bought my bedroom suite. I can't find one that I like. Some of the drawers are quite small and you wouldn't get a helluva lot in them. I want/need big deep ones.

I haven't stressed too much about it as I have nowhere to put it anyway until the room is finished. Remember we had one kid move out - well now we have another kid moved back. So now Matt's moved back home along with all HIS stuff, so I have no room. If I do find a bedroom suite in the meantime I'm sure they'll hold it at the store until I'm ready. Hopefully.

So another teenager home. I'm sure they take turns. We've been told it's only temporary. We'll see.

The last week I've been busy arranging extra finance for the business and for home. The business because we're working, but people aren't paying and it's put an awful lot of stress on us. (Go figure, now we've got money in the bank people have started paying up.) For home, because we're working nearly every weekend nothing is getting done around the house and we just have to realise if we want it done we will have to pay to get someone to do it. Not all of it but the bits that are holding us back, like plasterers and we're going to replace the ceiling in the lounge and dining room. It's that yucky textured ceiling.

So everything is in place financially and the stress relief is immediate.

The only real cloud over our heads at this moment is next Wednesday. Finally we go to Court over the custody order. So please keep us in your thoughts.

And while I'm on the subject of law and order I'll be doing my civic duty shortly. I got called up for jury service and duly put in my excuse. Unfortunately it was declined. Don't know who would want me on the jury. Guilty, guilty, guilty .....

One thing I am enjoying at the moment is driving home and it's still really light till at least after 6. While I'm driving home I've also got the heater on so it feels a wee bit like summer. Ha, ha.

Only 10 more days till spring (and hopefully warmer weather)

And on that note people, have a great weekend. I'm outta here.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A touch of summer ....

That’s almost what it felt like on Sunday. Started off chilly but then the sun shone through. For the first time in god knows how many weeks it wasn’t raining on a Sunday. It felt so good and I knew where I was heading. The garden. Badly in need of some weed pulling. There we were quite happily working away – me out the front, Col out the back pulling the pungas down. We’re having a bit of a working bee in the next couple of weeks, everything can be cleared and loaded onto the trailer. Have to get ready for spring and summer. Which is only 20 days away.

Environment Planning ……

Planning is almost finished. Already had the outcome but hopefully all will be in place in the next day or too. Now I look back and think why didn't I do something sooner.

Food has been on the edge as I did not get any groceries over the weekend and I’ve been pushing it the last couple of days because the cupboards are starting to look a bit empty. So lunchtime today I went out and replenished a few things before I started making a few bad choices.

For the record though last Thursday we had morning tea for someone who just passed an exam at work. It was full of savouries, club sandwiches and ham and cheese sticks. I found myself feeling Moorish all day and it was like I was grazing or wanting to graze all the time. All those carbs. I felt quite blah.

So back into it.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

To breakfast or not to breakfast ....

I’m one of those shocking people who always skips breakfast. I know, I know but I just really find it hard to eat so early in the morning. I need to be awake and on the go for a couple of hours before I feel like food.

But I know that eating breakfast is important to kickstart the metabolism. But I find that sometimes it kickstarts a feeding frenzy within me as well that lasts right through the day.

At the weekends I generally have something to eat around 10 ish like eggs on toast, muffins etc. Funny enough food never enters my brain until teatime. Maybe because I’m busy and more active instead of just sitting down in front of a computer.

So with that in mind this last week I have my “breakfast” at 10 am. During the week I chop up some fruit and mix it with a tub of yoghurt. Then at about 12.30 I have a chicken salad or some other kind of meat salad for lunch followed by an apple around 3. Sticking to this timeframe I’ve found curbs my food cravings. I’m not tempted to attack the snack box. In fact I don’t think about food. Dinner I have no carbs at all.

I’m hoping in three weeks I will no longer have the desire or need to eat for the sake of eating.

I’ve also taken steps to change my environment too. I’m hoping by this time next week all will be bright and cheery in my world again.

What timing too. My spring bulbs are starting to flower, it’s daylight till around 6 at night, daylight savings starts next month (28th September) and it’s only 26 more days till spring.

Now that’s something to get excited about.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Springs coming ....... and so is summer!!!!!!

Well last Friday being the 1st means that it’s only 4 months until summer begins. By crikey I can’t wait. Seems like the first half of this winter was the exceptional cold and the second half is wet, wet, wet. I am so over wet weekends.

So it’s normally around this time that I start making plans to lose a few kgs before the warm weather is upon me and this year is no different.

I was having a bit of a chat with the girl who does my nails on Saturday and we were talking about the whole weight loss dramas. She recently joined a gym and she’s looking fantastic. She goes about four or five times a week and she loves it. She said I would love it too. I’m sure I would but the truth is it would not work for me. It does for her because she is flexible with her time between 9 – 3pm. I have no spare time. Mornings are out as Col starts early and I have Josh to drop off at school. Lunchtimes are generally down at the workshop. After work – well I get home around 6 o’clock NOW, that would mean I don’t get home till after 7 at least and that’s just too long a day. At least at this time of the year. If you’re going to do exercise then it has to be something that easily fits in with you and what’s happening in your homelife. If you have to juggle too many things around to fit it in then it quickly becomes a chore and ends up in the “too hard to basket” and before long is non existent. For me the answer is walking. That’s something that is flexible and can easily be slotted into my daily life without requiring an awful lot of sacrifice on my part.

Next the food issue. If you were to ask anyone who was overweight what foods they needed to eat to lose weight pretty much 95% would tell you they know what they can and can’t eat. Personally I’ve been on that many diets over the years and lost enough to know exactly what I should and shouldn’t be eating. I know we’re all different but I do have to say I need to cut out a lot of carbs. They just do not agree with me – especially as I get older. If I have too many carbs I get bloated and full of wind which is definitely not a good thing. I have always had success losing weight when my diet is made mainly of salads, veges and fruit and small portions of protein. Surprise, surprise. Guess what, I also have heaps of energy and feel great too.

So then why when I know what exercise I should be doing and what food I should be eating why aren’t I losing weight.

Answer: Because I’m human and also because of my environment. I react to things that are happening around me. I can be motivated and on fire and going great guns then something happens in my personal life that’s similar to running into a brick wall. Okay I might get over that one and start running again but then there’s another brick wall, then another. It normally happens in three’s doesn’t it. Before you know it, I’ve had enough. I give up. So what’s a girl to do????

Well personally I blame the weather, kids and everybody else who conspires to make my life hell. Cause it’s not my fault. How could it be.

I should be the one putting up the brick wall to keep all the crap out of my life.

So I’m going to start on working on ways to sort out my environment. I’m going to aim for the “balance” in my life. I have a few ideas of where to begin but if anyone has any feel free to pass them along.

But in the meantime when I was driving home on Friday a woman drove past me and her number plate read - O4SUMR.

I want that number.

PS: Will post the photos when blogger will let me.

Happy . . .

Life is great, things are going way better than expected ( I hope I don't bloody jinx it)  we are good, we are happy, we are relaxed....