Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Pretty happy with that . . .

Well first week wheat free and I'm down 1.3kg so I'm pretty happy with that.

It's been no effort at all.

I made  mini salmon quiches (one of  Lynda's recipes) for dinner last night and OMG it was delish.  I had plenty left for lunch today.

Only took me 5 mins to prepare - definitely will be making this again as well as experimenting with other ingredients.

At the moment I'm having a couple of hard boiled eggs mashed around 10am, lunch which is mostly leftover dinner from the night before and dinner around 6.30 -7pm. 

After having two short weeks in a row I'm not sure how I'm going to pull off a 5 day week lol.  It's been really great - having lots of sleep ins and catching up on a lot of things.

Things are turning around at last and for that I'm extremely grateful. 


Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Ditching the Wheat . . .

 It's what works for me.  I'm cutting out bread, pasta and rice.  

I've lost and maintained a 4 kg loss since late last year which is good but with the colder weather now upon us I want to feel good in my jeans, no urge to undo the top button or have a muffin roll.

Pretty much I've been pretty good with my carb intake even though I have been having bread occasionally.  But the week leading up to Easter we did have a few buns.  Both at work and at home.  Come Sunday, I was feeling a little blah - scales were the same - but I felt so bloated.

So I made up my mind to commit to what works for me.  Just wanted to get the feeling back that I had a couple of years ago when I lost 13 kgs.
Today is Day 2 of no wheat.  I will let you know how I'm going after 14 days.

I hope everyone had a great Easter.  For us it was just a time to relax and weather being crappy the whole time there was no guilt about doing just that.  

We had Jamie and Krystal down from Whangarei and Auckland so that was great.  Had a chance to catch up and do a bit of pampering.  Hopefully it won't be too long before we get to do it again.  Auckland pretty much will be where we will all get together.

Righto another short week - 3 days work, 3 days off.  Then apart from Queens Birthday it will be the long cold days till October.  So better make the most of it.

Catch ya soon.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Soup Weather . .

Another 30 mins and I can head off home.  Can't wait.

It's raining and windy here - not nice at all.

Typical Easter weather.  Great excuse to stay warm and dry and snuggly indoors doing nothing without feeling guilty.

Feeling good.  

May indulge in a easter bun or two but not worried about the chocolate eggs.

I've stocked up on veges and I'm going to making soup this weekend.  

Looking forward to having some me time and a bit of pampering.  I'll finally get around to putting a rinse through my hair.  I'm getting way too salt and peppery.  I'm also going to start planning my meals and perhaps prepare a few in advance so I don't catch myself out.  

If the weather holds up we might do an easter egg hunt for the grandies. 

Had lunch with Kelly and Jaxon but as usual all Jaxon wanted to do was sleep.

Then these two little munchkins came to stay with their mummy and daddy.  It's starting to become a regular thing now.  Mummy and Daddy don't want to miss out on the fun either.

Lucas still cries when he has to go home.  Aw what a nice feeling.

So have a happy Easter people.  Stay safe and warm and dry.  


Tuesday, April 1, 2014

I've had enough . . .

The last month has been a nightmare.

I have always thought I was strong and could deal with anything.  

But I got stopped in my tracks.

I let everything overwhelm me and I really started to struggle.  

Then my body said enough.  

It started on a Saturday evening, a slight pain on the left side of my neck.  By Sunday it had spread all over my head and down my right side of my neck.  That night I got the chills.  I mean teeth chattering uncontrollably.   So I got into bed and turned the electric blanket onto 3.  I thought it was the start of the flu - so I thought I'd sweat it out.

In the morning I felt like shit so stayed home.  I slept all day.  I can never remember staying in bed for so long in my whole life.  I noticed my forehead starting to tingle and it looked like a red rash and was swelling.  On the Tuesday the rash had spread a bit more, but I went to work anyway because my Doctor is just a couple of doors up and I was going to get it checked out.  

Verdict:   Shingles

Funny she asked me if I had any emotional stress lately.  

So I went back to work and cleared immediate things up and went home.  I thought I'd be back in a couple of days.

Nearly two weeks later.

My body went through an amazing transformation.  I literally watched my whole face swell and become distorted.  It was like a veil.

From my forehead, to my eyelids, to my nose, under my eyes, to my cheek bones, to my jaw.  Then it stopped.  I was  scared it would go down my neck and threaten my breathing - but it stopped at my chin.  

For two weeks I never left the house.  I didn't want to see anyone.  I would have cried if I wasn't scared my eyes would swell completely shut.

This people, is what stress can do to you.

I didn't leave the house for two weeks.  Do you blame me.  

I wasn't convinced it was shingles.  Shingles only happens on one side of the body - and blisters. I didn't have blisters.  I laid on the couch for hours with cold flannels and ice to help reduce the swelling.  Of course I googled severe swollen face, and came up with hives.  The symptons and images were more like what I was experiencing.  So I emailed the doctor with the photos and asked if I could take some antihistamines as well.  

I didn't get to see my grandbabies as shingles has the chickenpox virus.

But I'm nearly back to normal.  I took this just before.

My eyes are a little bit saggy, considering what they went through,  but hopefully they'll tighten up a wee more.  A few more cucumber slices and ice.

At the moment I'm wearing minimal makeup too.  

The good news is:

I am so well rested.  It's a great feeling. I know now that my body has been feeling tired for a very long time.  

I've got a lot more energy. 

I dropped nearly 4 kgs.

I didn't dwell on the stressful things.  Normally I would have pushed through and kept on going about my day to day life. This time however there was no way I was going to show my face in public so I was "forced" to stay home and do nothing.

I believe my body told me enough is enough.  It put me in a place where it could heal me.

And it worked.  Because I am back.  I am strong again.

And finally Mr T and I are pleased to announce the arrival of our latest grandbaby - 

Jaxon David 
Born Friday7 March 1.20 am
7lb 5oz


How perfect.  Kayla kissed mummy's tummy the night before and when she woke up there was bub.

 Gorgeous babies.

So there you go, lots of things are starting to fall into place.  

Lots of smiles and lots of happiness after the gloom.

The journey continues.


Happy . . .

Life is great, things are going way better than expected ( I hope I don't bloody jinx it)  we are good, we are happy, we are relaxed....