Saturday, December 27, 2014

Merry Christmas everyone ...

Well as you read this Christmas is done and dusted for another year.  Looking around it seems everyone had a lovely christmas and so did we.  We celebrated for two days with all our family and now its time for a little R & R.  As usual because of our busy work load at this time of year we did all our christmas and grocery shopping the day before.  We were stuffed christmas eve.  

We spent christmas day with Mr T's family, there must have been over 40 of us.  The weather was great - if  not a bit muggy - plenty of food and presents and to cap it off we had the Thompson family treasure hunt.  Lots of cryptic clues which kept us guessing for a good couple of hours. Sorry to say we did not win.  



 Kayla taking aim to get grandad ...

 start of the presents . . .

 Boxing Day Family get together and more presents . . .

 Krystal and Jaxon

 Lucas, Nick and Sophia

Dave, Kelly and Kayla.  Frozen was quite popular this year.

 Water fun

Our pretty Miss Sophia

So I realise that its been nearly two months since I posted.  A lot has happened in that time.  So many things, one after another.  Good and bad.  

I had meant to update before now, but I was never in the right mood to put it down.  

I'm on holiday now.  The mad rush is over and I can finally relax.  So in the next day or so I'll do another post. 

Until then keep safe and enjoy the holidays.   

Ciao xxx


Hi . .

So many times and I have been meaning to do an update and just never got around to it. The longer you leave it the harder it is to get back ...