Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Birthday Boy . . .

Lucas turned four last week.  Time is going by way too fast.  One more year and he'll be at school I think he's ready for it now.

While I love spending time with my grandchildren, I'm not overly fussed that I have to spend it with ALL  the grandparents.  By that I mean Janelle's parents (who I get along with fine) but my ex and his wife, his mother, all of Janelles mothers family which is huge.  The problem is that they go to the same church.  When John and I finally separated I was labelled as the bad wife and the scarlett woman.  I was not impressed with the church.  Far from christian and my ex MIL was the worst.

Anyhow my boys and Col hover around me and protect me.  Nick knows it is uncomfortable for me but I do it for the kids.  Besides when it's a kids party Kelly and Kayla are there too so I have enough of my own family support.

Such are the joys of separated families.

Anyhow here are a few photos.

Ciao for now.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Nearly spring ...

In the morning and night when I arrive and leave work the smell of daphne is strong.  I love the scent.  The days are beautiful and sunny and they're getting longer. 

The gardens at work are also starting to come alive again too.  Our gardener is a bit late in pruning the roses, there's already a few blooms.

I love this time of the year.  Spring will be early. Daylight saving is next month.  It seems to have gone fast this year.  It's been a short winter.  

Today is Lucas's 4th birthday.  Hard to believe he'll be at school next year.   That time has gone fast.  I've got my hat(s)   for his Cat in the Hat party.  Should be a hoot.

My weight is going down slowly on a daily basis.  I'm quite pleased as I was feeling like I was in a rut.  My portion sizes are smaller and I feel fuller for longer.  Timing is perfect as I only crave salads and lite meals in the warmer months.  And now that my kitchen is wired up and ready to go I'm looking forward to being a little bit more creative when it comes to food.

Josh is with us again this weekend.  He phoned his mother last night and said he wanted to stay here and she agreed.  He just doesn't want a bar of her anymore and it's her own damn fault.  If I was her I'd be feeling sick to my stomach if my kids didn't want any part me.  I'm pretty resigned to the fact that he will be with us most of the time now.  We'll just have to encourage him to be more independent and spend time with his friends - be a bit more sociable - so we can have a bit of space every now and then.  Things he should be doing anyhow at his age.

Righto I'd better finish what I was doing.  Catch you later.  



Tuesday, August 6, 2013

I'm being brave . . .

I found this recipe for jam which looks so easy peasy that I might have to try it.  Afterall I'm in to easy.

Finally, after months of not much success I'm finally starting to shift some weight again.  I don't know if it's because of stress and renovations etc that is getting to me but I'll take the losses and smile.   There is a bit of stress to deal with at the moment but I've learnt that things will work out one way or another and I can do it hard by worrying or by putting a smile on my face and pushing through.  It's a lot better smiling - things don't seem quite so bad.

But I am being brave.  The main part of the kitchen is in.  However, the dishwasher isn't working - it needs some extension hose, the oven and hob are in - but not wired, the water wasn't connected.  I took several deep breaths when I went home.  I was absolutely knackered.  Mr T was so pleased with the way the kitchen went in I couldn't tell him I wanted to cry.    Once he'd connected the water up, and we'd managed to sort things about a bit it was a lot better.  There is still a bit to be done.  I'd just wish that we were more prepared and had all our cooking stuff ready at hand.  It took two days to find our camp cooker, but I had my George Foreman grill and I got him to bring the old microwave home from the workshop.  Somehow we'll manage until the electrician comes back.  

Then at the weekend he brought home the platform that he'd made for the spa.    Next thing you know he started dismantling part of the deck.  I'm going like my god - my kitchen is incomplete, my deck is being demolished, I want to cry.  It feels like its going to be  a long time before things are finished.  

Does anyone remember the programme DIY Rescue.  I feel like one of those wives on that show. 

Patience, Lee-Anne, patience.  Remember he's achieved an awful lot so far.  Have faith it will get done!!!

We've had more problems with Josh's mum.  He went to stay with her on Friday night.  She ended up phoning us up and abusing us and yelling and screaming, we could hear Josh in the background,  quite upset.  We'd both had a drink so couldn't drive, she was definitely drunk and in no fit state to do anything but she was threatening to bring him out.  I said if she did I would have the cops on her real fast.  We picked Josh up the next morning.  She's different when she's sober, and not so brave in person.    I wanted to rip into her but refrained as Josh was there and I didn't want to stoop to her level.  She raved on that he doesn't respect he talks badly to her, yells her, yadda yadda yadda.  Well hello woman.  You yell at him, you wonder why???   He doesn't respect her.  He no longer wants to have anything to do with her.  We have 8 months before he turns 16 and then he can legally decide which parent he wants to live with.    We will do our best to keep him with us as long as possible - but we were both in agreement after the last custody battle that we wouldn't go through that again and that Josh would have all the facts.  It cost us thousands only to have the custody order remain exactly the same.   Enough about bad rubbish.

Anyway, I will try and get some photos up tonight.

Ciao for now.

Happy . . .

Life is great, things are going way better than expected ( I hope I don't bloody jinx it)  we are good, we are happy, we are relaxed....