Monday, March 30, 2009

This time last year .....

Not only did Mr T and I join together as husband and wife but we joined our families together as well.

It was not an easy road but we made it.

Actually our wedding anniversary was yesterday and as I mentioned in the previous post it was spent fishing. What I can I say, it was a beautiful day on the sea. Lovely and sunny and nice and calm. We had Josh with us and I was prepared for the "when can we go home" bit it never came about. He was quite occupied with practicing how to cast his line and reeling it up again. He caught an eel and a baby snapper. Both we let go. So he became net boy - hauling our catch in. I wouldn't say the fish were jumping on our lines but we did manage 5 decent fish. They were definitely biting that's for sure cause we went through quite a bit of bait.

When we got home I quickly got Josh sorted - in the shower and packed all his bag and dropped him off at his mums - while Mr T cleaned the boat and the fish. We were going to go out for dinner to celebrate but by the time I got back and Mr T had finished it was getting a bit late and besides we had that lovely fresh snapper.

So we had Josh for the whole weekend and this week he's away at camp. I thought it was rather considerate - the school arranging camp on our anniversary week. Quite romantic really. We both really wanted to go back to Raro for our anniversary but because of the whole global financial crisis Mr T says no to holidays this year. We are actually really busy and he wants to make the most of this time.

Anyway at least this week we'll be home alone. I'm sure we'll find something to do.

Tonight we'll go out for dinner and celebrate.

Happy Anniversary Mr T. I love you.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Oops I did it again .....

Another loss – 2.2 lbs. Swear I don’t know how I did that one. But hey, yeah baby, yeah.

Yesterday I was a shocker. Hot cross buns for morning tea and it went down hill from there. 2 chicken sandwiches mid afternoon, late meeting where I had a nibble or two. Got home and for the first time in I don’t know how long, Mr T had cooked dinner. I told him I wasn’t that hungry, but he still dished me up broccoli, roast potato and pumpkin and mushrooms in a sauce. I tell ya it was a carbfest day. I couldn’t believe I’d done it to myself the day before weigh in. Aaarrrgh. But hey, somehow I got the good result. I think I might do a modified version of the Wendy plan this week and put in a couple of low point days to make up for yesterdays blow out.

Things on the homefront are pretty good. Mr T had something very serious to discuss with me last night. Apparently he has, on very good authority AND from numerous sources that the snapper are just jumping onto peoples lines at the moment. He feels quite strongly that he shouldn’t have to be the only one not to experience this phenomon. So I will be spending my wedding anniversary out on the beautiful blue sea. So far the weather forecast for Sunday is fine with slight seas.

Fingers crossed it stays that way.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

It's working ....

Every morning I'm having a bit of thrill getting on the scales and seeing the numbers going down even if its by a smidgen. I'm excited. Seeing a positive result is keeping me on track for the moment.

Yes I do weigh most mornings. I don't get upset when they go up. If they do then I normally know why they have. I weigh in mostly to keep me on the straight and narrow. If I went for a couple of weeks without weighing I could do an awful lot of damage - trust me I can. Even though my blog is more of a weight gain blog than a weight loss one - I could have piled on an awful lot more than what I am now.

I have to say I have been very inspired by the ladies who have had WLS and I'm just so excited for them with the wonderful results they are achieving. You girls are awesome and your new found zest for life is contagious. That's what I find very inspiring. I want to feel that euphoria of what "losing" does for you.

There are things too that we can take on board. Eat smaller meals. Small snacks in between. Eat SLOWLY. Chew your food more.

My eating has been fine. Except for last Thursday when I ordered pizza to go with the wine. Oh well, figured if I'm gonna have a blow out do it after weigh in then you have another week to lose it. Besides I think it's good to trick your metabolism.

Talking about tricking - that's what I did to Mr T last night. He's notorious for not eating his veges. If he dishes it up, he gets about a tablespoon and I get the rest. Otherwise he scrapes his plate before I can check. Last night I stirfried some veges, popped them into pita bread, sprinkled a bit of grated cheese on them, in the oven to melt - then fed them to Mr T. There was absolutely no meat!!!! Verdict. He loved them. I think we were both a bit shocked. Anyway, now I know he likes them he'll be getting more of them, because not only is it yummy but it's low in points and very filling.

Well that's me for now. Going to check on you girls and leave some comments.


Thursday, March 19, 2009

A change of tact ....

Well a smaller loss this week of 400gms.

I’ve decided to switch to pounds instead of kgs for a bit. I think the psychological trick might spur me on as the numbers should come down faster. At least a pound a week.

The weeks been okay but could have been better. Had more carbs that what I intended too. I haven’t been having massive hunger cravings which is a good sign. I’ve been having lite snacks – cruskets with marmite on them – in the morning and afternoon and maybe an apple – to ward off any niggles I might have. So far so good it seems to be curbing my appetite. Next week might be a different story pre TOM but I’ll just have to ride it out and stay strong.

I’ve been really inspired by some of the losses lately in blogland. It makes me want to be a part of it all. The reality is that there is no reason why I can’t be. Discipline and organisation. I really do want to lose this weight. Enough is enough it’s time to go.

Not much else has been happening. Pretty much head down bum up. Went for my mammogram on Monday. I told them all about my mastitis and gave them all the details, then I went in the boob press, waited for the radiologist to have a look then she came back and said they needed to take more and I needed an ultrasound. My worst nightmare. So they took the second lot and she came back and said it was alright, that I didn’t need an ultra sound as it had come up clear. Phew. Anyhow it goes for a second opinion and if there’s any doubt I guess I’ll get a call back. So all good.

It’s been quiet in the office this week so I’ve made use of the time and done some study. I put through quite a bit yesterday and I’m rapt as it’s taken a bit of pressure off me. Just have one more proposal to do and a career plan and I’m up to date. What a relief.

Can I ask a question. Why is it so much easier for me to lose weight when I'm single?

I love my Mr T more than anything in the world. I don't plan on being single. I really need to figure this one out in my head.

I might need to do a post on this.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Don't fall off the wagon now ....

Thanks for the lovely comments about my loss. It was a pretty damn good feeling I can tell you because it's been so long since I've had a decent loss like that.

Of course I had a few indulgences this weekend - but nothing really over the top - and yesterday was back to normal and if anything I probably did not have enough to eat. In fact yesterday I felt and looked like I was about 5 months preggie. My tummy was really bloated and tight and uncomfortable. I wonder if it had anything to do with all those oysters I ate the other night.
Or maybe I'm excited about being a nana.

Mr T and I enjoyed our night in town. We had a soak in the spa as soon as we arrived and a drink and just unwound and relaxed, then we headed out to dinner at the hotel up the road and had a lovely meal. Even though it was a buffet I even amazed myself by how little I ate and what I chose. Then we went back and slipped back into the spa and I finished off the bottle of wine while Mr T had his bourbon. It was a wonderful night.

We went to work on Saturday and came home to a lovely clean house. What more can a girl want. The lady who comes cleans my house for me has been overseas for the last 3 - 4 months and now she's back. She does such a good job and takes a lot of pressure off. At the moment we are lucky for a day off a week and it shouldn't be spent doing housework. She brings flowers from her house and puts them through the house. She is just wonderful. It was nice coming home on Saturday.

I was a bit lazy yesterday and didn't do any groceries so I just got some fresh bread and veges from the shopping centre down the road so I could make our lunches today. I've got a small lamb fillet in the crockpot for dinner tonight so I'm looking forward to that. It's the first time I've done lamb in the crockpot so I hope it turns out alright.

So I'm going to knuckle down and work hard this week for another good loss. Wish me luck. Ciao

Thursday, March 12, 2009

1.7 loss ....

Gotta love that don't you. I have been such a good girl. I'm even amazing myself. Everything seems to be just "fitting" in right at the moment without any effort. Mind you I have been planning my days and what I'm eating. All except my lunch today. But I nipped out and grabbed a chicken panini and that did the trick. I've been feeling quite thirsty lately (yes I've had my blood sugar levels checked) so the water hasn't been too much of a problem but I've been switching to lime and diet sprite in the evening.

Been sick tho. Took yesterday off work and I'm just about to head off home again. Totally exhausted and yuck. But I'll survive I s'pose. I don't do sick very well, I'm too damn impatient.

I've booked Mr T and me into a nice motel tomorrow night. We've both been working very hard - especially Mr T - 7 days a week, a bit of pampering is in order. A nice spa,wine, cheese and crackers and some grapes - and no kids.

I love that we still do these US things.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Breaking news ....

I did have a different post all lined up and ready to go but that's gone by the by just right now.

I've got some news and I'm just so excited. I have to tell you.


I'm stoked, I'm rapt, I'm just so over the moon. Can ya tell I'm excited.

My first grandbaby.

I was in tears when they told me. I am so happy.

My baby's going to have a baby!!!!

Lately, life's got a whole lot better.

Friday, March 6, 2009

My first time ....

With weight watchers was back in 1991. I’d just finished my course up at Tech. Lucky for me it also finished my love affair with the cafeteria and the sausage rolls. I think I was about 28 or so and I weighed 66.2kgs. Now it doesn’t sound like much and I would like to be that weight again, but to be honest I was or felt just as big then as I do now. Your body dynamics certainly do change as you get older. Maybe your bones get heavier. Anyway it took me 13 weeks to get down to 56 kgs. I felt and looked great. That much I can remember.

So I’ve been thinking about what I did to lose it. Well back then I was single, raising my children on a low income. I had no choice but to plan every single meal. I had to budget for everything that went in my mouth. And I did. I didn’t have fancy meals. In fact at least two of my dinner meals a week consisted of a couple of slices of luncheon and a large salad. I also had my own little vege garden and we had stir fry veges stuffed into pita pockets and then in the oven with a bit of grated cheese and hey presto – very yumolicious. It was a great way to get my littlies to eat their veges and it was really filling at the same time. I was extremely organised. And 100% committed to losing. There wasn’t a lot happening in my life and I needed to have something that I could focus on.

Having gestational diabetes taught me that I can go without butter, oils, sugar and sweet stuff. So I started grilling or steaming my food. I use to save my butter for night to have on my boiled potato. I used lemon juice a lot. On fish, meat, salads and my water. I struggled with water back then too and I used to stand at the sink and make myself drink a whole glass every couple of hours or so. I kept a bowl of ww jelly in the fridge all the time to cover snacky periods. I was really focused and it worked. I admit some of my food might have been a bit bland but it didn't worry me and I was rewarded every week with a loss and what more motivation and inspiration do you need other than that. My one treat every week was after my ww meeting I would buy a bag of Eta chips, a big one of course and go home and polish them off watching telly. (I use to make sure the kids were in bed so I didn't have to share them) I figured if I was going to indulge I’d do it once a week straight after weigh in and then I would have a full week to deal with any gain I might have.

I use to have my hungry moments. From memory these were mostly at night time. To distract myself I use to go down to the bedroom and try on clothes. I couldn't afford to buy new clothes but my sister and her daughters always had plenty and every year I use to get a bag full of clothes. So I had plenty and in different sizes. Looking good makes you feel great. Trying on clothes and finding you can get into them or they’re getting looser makes you feel fantastic. The thought of food is gone, you’ve got a smile on your face, your spirits have lifted you might even go and put on some makeup do your hair, prance around in front of the mirror and you earn extra bonus points by having to put all the clothes back on the clotheshangers and back in your wardrobe. The binge is thwarted.

One thing I never did was exercise. I did have two hyper active boys tho that didn’t stop from 7.00am till 6.30pm. It seems I was always on the go. I know this for a fact because I was never able to drink a whole cup of coffee in one hit. I’d be up and down all the time. To this day I still drink cold coffee.

So re-reading this, what worked for me then was being organised. I think being organised gave me more discipline and willpower to succeed. Planning meals where I would eat every 2- 3 hours made it easy to sustain from unnecessary picking. If you don’t have anything planned you’re more likely to make the wrong choices.

So time to get organised.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

In a much better place thank you ....

I'm not "on fire" but I'm definitely handling things better this week.

I think everyone being sick last week got to me a bit as well as being flat out at work. Josh had tonsilitus, Mr T had a chest infection and I had the massey. Speaking of which is nearly back to normal.

Well I have some smaller plates, I went and filled my fridge up with good healthy food and lots of it and I did some reading.

I've also been giving the tready a bit of the eye lately so the time has come to start moving again. I really need a kick up the arse for allowing an expensive bit of equipment to become an accessory. And I really love my husband for never once mentioning it's lack of use or how much it cost.

A couple of other things have also cheered me up.

I got TOM which explains my crazed eating of late. Still sucks tho.

And I'd thought I'd put on heaps of weight which depressed the hell out of me, then I read some older posts from a couple of years ago and I was over 75 kgs then so that means I've actually maintained my weight. Problem is I'd rather maintain another 10 kgs less than that.

Anyway it all cheered me up a wee bit. So here's to a better week.

P.S. :I also refuse to believe that summer is over!!!!

Happy . . .

Life is great, things are going way better than expected ( I hope I don't bloody jinx it)  we are good, we are happy, we are relaxed....