Monday, June 30, 2008

Planning ......

Hope you all survived the wild and wacky weather weekend. I had nothing major planned and no dramas, which is always a nice bonus. A couple of snuggly lie ins and the usual Saturday at the workshop followed by a snug laid back Sunday.

I’ve been reading a lot of success stories off the weightwatchers site as just like you guys I get a lot of inspiration from them. I figure if they can do it then so can I. In nearly every case they all say the same thing that has contributed to their loss. Track everything, drink your water and exercise at least three times a week. The other main contributor is to plan ahead.

For the most part I keep a well stocked fridge and pantry. I also have a well stocked family – ie lots of kids. One older one who lives downstairs who also has friends. So quite often when I go to the fridge or cupboard to get something, sometimes it’s not there or I’m missing the ingredients for a dish. When that happens I generally give up and normally it’s takeaways or something. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Sunday before going out to get the groceries I sat down and planned my meals for the whole week. Then I wrote out my shopping list also allowing for extras to replenish my cupboards. With the rising cost in food and petrol lately I’ve been adopting the stance of if I don’t need it then don’t get it. While that makes perfect sense and easier on the pocket my cupboards have become neglected.

Like for instance I always keep lots of pasta, pasta sauces, canned tomatos, soups, cook in the pot sachets etc. I also like to make sure I have cheese and sliced ham in the fridge because you always whip up something nice and tasty if you have them in the fridge. Now I know cheese is expensive but I’ve got a grater that grates the cheese finer which gives me the same amount of cheese for a lot less. If you know what I mean. I also buy between $2 - $3 worth of shaved ham. Makes a few sandwiches as well as adding something extra to a pasta dish.

So Sunday I went to the supermarket armed with my list. I pushed my trolley around and filled her up. I got everything on my list as well as a few extra items which were on special and too good to pass up. I spent $232. That’s not bad. It’s not including meat or much fruit and veges but I can feed my family for at least 3 weeks with what is in my cupboard now.

After putting my groceries away I prepared a beef casserole for Monday’s dinner. I cut the meat and the veges and left it overnight in the fridge to marinate. I popped it in the crockpot when I got up in the morning. For dinner Sunday I made a large pot of macaroni and cheese and ham for dinner. Went down a treat and there was leftovers for Cols lunch.

I’ve planned my week. Tomorrow we’ll have chicken, veges and rice. The day after lamb loin chops and veges, then chicken breasts in a honey mustard sauce, then silverside, and roast lamb.

I have a supply of weightwatchers meals in the freezer to counteract any weak or feeling lazy moments.

So for now I’m back in control on the food front and it’s a nice feeling. I just need to keep it up.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Signs you're having a bad day ...

Weigh in first ... I lost another 1.2lbs. I am now 158.6 lbs. Still heading in the right direction - I'm rapt.

Thought I'd end the week on a funny note.

Signs you're having a bad day

Bad Hair Day

You got caught in the rain

The boss chewed you out

Your diet's not working

Your lunch didn't agree with you

Get the feeling you're in the wrong place at the wrong time

Snuggle up everyone. It's going to be a wet, wild weekend. Keep nice and cosy and safe.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

It's that time again ....

I weigh in most days – for better or worse – it’s something that helps me from letting things get too out of hand. For the past two weeks I’ve watched the numbers slowly come down then on Saturday they crept back up and have stayed there till yesterday. TOM made it’s appearance Sunday morning along with full blown tummy cramps and tight stretched belly. So all was explained.

So I’m quite confident of another loss tomorrow.

Not much else to report. I’m in quite a good place at the moment. All the stresses of the past few weeks are slowly resolving themselves one by one and those that are still lingering are now manageable.

Life is good.

Shame about the cold tho.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Mondays come around too fast ....

What a wild and whacky weekend. The rain just pelted down. A great excuse to have a bit of a lazy day yesterday. I did want to get out in my garden and go for a long walk, but ended up staying inside in front of the fire and doing sweet buggar all. I survived the weekend without any damage I’m pleased to report.

I’m still in this great mindset and so far it’s working wonders for me in many ways. A little while ago I was starting to get very stressed about a lot of things happening in and around my life. I tried taking everything on board and it was doing me no favours.

Then I got sick of the doom and gloom attitude and a bit over two weeks ago I gave myself a good talking too. My walking around with a long face and looking like misery guts wasn’t helping anything or anybody. In fact it was doing the complete opposite. I was affecting everybody else around me so in fact everybody ended up being grumpy.

By focusing on the things that I can control in my life gave me the confidence and strength to deal with things as they crop up without letting them get under my skin. By me changing my attitude by simply putting a smile on face, giving a hug, paying someone a compliment my home is happier, my world is happier, I’m happier, life is so much better.

So if anyone is feeling down in the dumps, stressing out, feeling vulnerable and blah, then I say go make someone else’s day. Give someone a hug or a kiss, give them a compliment and a big smile.

You’ll get it back tenfold if not a hundredfold.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

My love handles ...

Hmmmm ....

So there I was thinking. I know it's always a worry. Can be quite dangerous too. But I was thinking about where all the extra weight has settled this time. Unfortunately most of it is around my waist, hips and butt. This isn't good. From a health point of view this is where all the vital organs are and you're putting extra stress on them ie heart, lungs etc. So I need to measure myself. I've never really done that before although I know that you should because you can lose inches instead of weight. I might even have to do some tummy exercises. Maybe.

So here's a front and side shot from yesterday.


Big bum, big tum.

So that's just about another Friday done and dusted. Roll on weekend.

To all you girls getting together in Melbourne this weekend " have an awesome time and can't wait to see all the pics".

And to the rest of us - have a great weekend.


A little experiment ....

But first I have to tell you I lost 1.7 lbs this week. I am a very happy girl and yes I’m still very determined that next week is going to be just as good if not better.

Now about this little experiment. I’ve said that one of my excuses is that my metabolism is slower now that I’m older. Well yes probably that is a factor. But let’s also take into account I sit on my backside in front of a screen all day. Up until the tready started getting a bit of use again I use to come home from work, fluff around a bit getting dinner and other things done and then usually just end up on my butt again. So yeah no wonder the ole metabolism’s slow and I have no energy. I simply don’t move.

Since I got my pedometer I have been averaging between 12 and 15k steps a day. And there’s been the odd day that I’ve struggled and done only 6,000 or so. Now I’m married to Mr Skinny. Mr Skinny is just that - skinny. Last time I’m going to call him that tho cause he prefers the word slim. Anyhow he’s on his feet all day. He never stops moving. When he’s on the phone – pacing, when he’s thinking something through – pacing, he’s the energizer bunny he just keeps going and going and going.

I’ve always been curious as to how many steps he would clock up in a day. So last night we decided he should wear my pedometer today. He reckons he’d do over 20,000. I’m pretty sure he would and then some.

When we were on our honeymoon he put on 5k. Simply because he slowed down and ate lots. So he can put on weight and quite fast too. But it was gone in a couple weeks when things went back to normal.

So I’m going to be very curious to see what number shows up tonight. I’m thinking it might give me that extra bit of gas to push myself further and aim for maybe 15,000 steps a day.

I just hope he doesn’t lose it down the loo or somewhere.

Anyhow I’m going to get myself a little treat today. Just a small bunch of flowers to match my bright sunny mood.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Determination really DOES pay off ….

You know it’s true too. You know you can feel the benefits of treating your body well after only a day or so.

After nearly 5 days I feel great. I don’t feel huge. In fact I feel like parts of me are smaller. My tummy isn’t straining to break over the top of my skirt. In fact it’s slipping down towards my belly button. Great feeling that.

I suppose in reality I’m heading towards that “make or break” time. Five days being good, can I keep it going or will I “treat” myself and undo the good of the past few days. How many of us sabotage ourselves by having a bad weekend then spend the next few days before weigh in desperately trying to undo the damage. If we’re very lucky we might have a wee loss – more likely a gain tho. Well my hands up. Guilty.

The problem is my little treat ends up another excuse to not care what passes my lips – and before you know it I’ve lost the plot completely. Sometimes I can undo the damage, but not always and that’s why my scales are rising instead of falling.

I’m grateful for one thing and one thing only. That is that at least I do try to undo the damage. What if I didn’t. Can you imagine what the scales would say now.

I’ve successfully lost weight three times in my life. Baby weight loss, weightwatchers and once without me even knowing it. It just happened. I’ll share them another time.

One thing that helped keep me motivated when I felt the need to eat was to find something to take my mind off food. One of the effective tools that helped me was going to my wardrobe and trying on clothes to see how far I’d come. Every time I found I could fit into something else and how loose other clothes were becoming on me. It was a buzz I can tell you. And then there was always the exercise I got from having to hang all the clothes up and putting them away again. Lol.

We’re buying a new bedroom suite soon. We have to because our bedroom is the next to get done. Our bedroom furniture is all “fixed”. The room’s being gutted. So I’m suppose to be downsizing the clothes situation. Things that haven’t been worn for awhile. Col walked in on Sunday and ahem said to me that the idea was to clear out MY clothes not HIS. But what if I want to wear it again. Then go buy some more. Okay then.

So now I have motivation and incentive.

Roll on day 6 and 7 and 8 and so on ……..

Monday, June 16, 2008

Determination ....


I had another lightbulb moment last Friday which has only added extra fuel to my fire and my resolve to finally do something positive about losing weight. I’m a bit of a joke really – having a weight loss blog – only really it should be a weight gain blog.

I’m getting expert at making excuses about why I’m not losing weight. I’m older. My metabolism is not the same. I’m menopausal. I’m too busy. I’m so tired. Too much happening in my life.

So many excuses.

This week I am determined. Possibly a little angry with myself. This week I’m going to prove to myself that I can do it. I’m going to change the above excuses into positives.

I’m older but I will feel so much younger and have more energy .

My metabolism is not the same so I will have to speed it up.

I’m menopausal so I’ll have to get over it.

I’m too busy so I’ll have to plan better.

I’m so tired so I better get to bed earlier.

Too much happening in my life but I’ll be able to deal with it so much better if I eat healthy, and get exercise and plenty of sleep.

Times they are a changing.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Food Diary . . .

I am pleased to report I had a very successful day yesterday.

We had a lunch meeting the other day and there was a lot of fruit left over. So instead of it going to waste I chopped up all the melon, pineapple and oranges put them in a bowl with the grapes and added a bit of orange juice.

So guess what I had for breakfast .......

After ten when I start getting peckish I go for my Kavilli krispbreads. These are great - 3 = 0.5pts. Then I put a little bit of cottage cheese and slice tomato on top. This is surprisingly very filling and very low point. ...

I had a bit of a dilemna for lunch yesterday. I didn't take anything to work and then I didn't know what I felt like. I was going to get a panini but changed my mind at the last minute and got a hot roast pork roll with veges and apple sauce instead.

I didn't have an afternoon snack per se - I did drink my water - but I succumb to a little treat. Some tangy fruits. 5 = 1pt. I was already sucking on one when I took the pic. It was red.

I nearly said takeaways last night as we were busy stacking the wood and it was getting late and of course cold and dark. But I snuck in and put a couple of chicken breasts in the oven topped with a lite honey and mustard sauce and by the time we finished it was cooked to perfection. Just a very simple salad and it turned out to be yum yum.

I had no desire to snack after that. Instead thought I'd better load these photos as I'd promised. Lol.

I did have a bonus tho. I thought I wouldn't have made my steps up today, but I guess walking backwards and forwards stacking wood does count for something. So does a walk at lunchtime. But look at this ......

I know it's poor quality but can you see the numbers - woohoo.

Tonight I'm going home and it's on the tready and then I'm going to indulge in a glass of wine. Because I deserve it.

Just realised it's Thursday and I forgot to jump on the scales this morning. Will do it tomorrow.

Ciao now.

Beating the blues ...

Feeling a wee bit inspired today. Don’t want to feel blue anymore. I want to liven things up in my life. Make everything fun again. It’s so much easier to be optimistic and upbeat if you feel good from the inside out.

I admitted something to myself yesterday. I am a boredom eater. I’m not an emotional eater. In fact if I’m emotional I don’t eat. But when I have nothing to do – I eat. My weekends are a classic example. I eat probably half as much over the weekend because I have things to do and the best thing is I don’t even think about food. I’m more active too. But during the week, sitting in front of the computer, things quietening down I get restless, my mind wanders and all I can think about is food. I become obsessed with it. I’m not hungry but I still eat. It’s going to be like this for the next month until things kick off again. I’ll need to construct a boredom buster/distraction for myself.

Also with the extra walking I’ve been doing I’ve noticed my portion sizes are increasing slightly. Since I stopped drinking wine in the evening I get the munchies instead. I’ve got to get a grip on myself.

It’s all about taking control of oneself I suppose. I’ve realized nothing is going to happen if I don’t take control and no one else can do it for me but me.

Today I’ve brought my camera with me and I’ve been taking photos of what I’ve eaten. So far I’ve had brekky, morning snack and lunch. It is now 3pm and I was going to go get another snack (not because I wanted to either) then I read Anne’s blog and I thought no bugger it. I’ve been slack on the water, so since writing this I’ve nearly finished my second glass. Feel better too. Must be a mental thing.

I’m going to expose my bad habits one by one.

Right tonight I won’t be walking on the treadmill. I’m going to be doing some strength training instead, aka as stacking the wood. Yep. The wood’s arriving tonight. That’ll be a good workout.

Alrightey then, I’m outta here. Catch ya tomorrow.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Girl on a mission . . .

It is cold. I do not like cold. I do not do cold. I wish it would go. And it will …. in exactly 83 days it will be spring. My spring flowers will be out lovely, colorful and scented. Not quite so nippy and the days a wee bit longer. But it’s 83 days away. Boohoo.

My scales don’t like the cold either. They work better at night time than first thing in the morning. It may be the batteries of course but then I remembered they were like that this time last year too. I switched them over to pounds from kilos too. I thought I’d try and use psychology on my brain. The numbers go down a lot faster in pounds, than they do in kilo’s. Don’t laugh, I know the numbers are bigger in pounds, but it works for me. For now. Last time I weighed I was about 162 lbs which I think is around 74 kgs. So I’m not losing heaps but I’m feeling that my shape is changing which is a good thing right.

This coming Sunday I have my 10 km walk which I have already mapped out. I did the 8 km one on Sunday and it wasn’t too bad. 1:36. I think I’ll take my camera with me this time. I might also have some company. The kids are getting behind me which is really great. I think a couple of them are planning on walking a 5km stint with me. I am quietly chuffed about this. I do love my kids. I’m especially enjoying this new maturity that is emerging.

Travel is something that is going to take up some of our time as well. Both here at home and overseas. An Aussie invasion is highly likely before the end of the year. The Melbourne bloggers meet would have been fantastic but unfortunately right at this time it is just not possible for many reasons. In the meantime next month I’m taking Col to Wellington for the weekend. We’ll have been together 4 years. We’ll fly down Friday afternoon and fly back Sunday evening. So if anyone’s around for a catch up let me know.

In other stuff life is still a bit of a rollercoaster and I presume it will continue that way for a while yet. However what has been brought home to me recently is that I am a survivor. I always have been. There are times when I look back and think how the hell did I ever cope or manage to do that – no way I could do that now. But the truth is I CAN do it if means that much to me. And everything that is happening in my life definitely does mean that much and that much more to me.

I bought Josh some clothes on Sunday. He’s really into the “army” scene at the moment so everything is armylike. Picked up a pair of trousers from the Warehouse that he loved – one day on and the dome fell off and the zip broke. So I had to swear that I’d promise, 50 times nearly, to take them back and change them because they are his favourite and the best he’s ever had. I don’t normally buy clothes from the Warehouse but they’re always pretty good at exchanging stuff.

So I better go and keep my promise.


Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Put on a happy face ....

Life’s like a bag of mixed lollies lately. Not sure what’s going to come out of the bag next.

There hasn’t been a lot of nice things to blog about lately.

Map my Run
I have mapped my walk and have it broken down into 5km markers. Hopefully this weekend if it is fine I will go for a nice long walk. I know that it will be different than walking on the treadmill so I’m looking forward to it. I’ll have my phone with me so I can txt Col if I feel like quitting. But I figure I could do a 15 km no problems. Kelly has decided to be my manager, lol and she says I should get sponsorship for every km I do. She says all the kids will sponsor me even if it’s $2 a km each. She’s already decided that I’m doing the full 21.1km walk on the 1st July. She plans on being there at every 5k to cheer me on and have water ready. I think it’s because she flies to Dubai on the 14th July and she’s going to miss the real thing.

I really can’t afford to slack off with my training now. If I was ever in any doubt that my pedometer doesn’t work properly then they’re gone now. Last week I had a couple of slack days and I was lucky to register over 6,000. So now I know moving my arse that bit extra does pay off.

Had a lovely break. We went down to Napier on Saturday and stayed the night on the farm and had a catch up with friends. On Sunday they wanted to take us to Blackbeach where they’ve leased a bit of land and show us their little bit of paradise. Yes we’re jealous. Fishing, mussels, crayfish and paua aplenty – who wouldn’t be if you loved seafood. A beautiful beach – lovely and private.

By the time we got back into Napier it was nearly 6 o’clock and Tina had booked us in to a lovely motel on Marine Parade. So we went and got some takeaways and some wine and settled in for the evening. It was so relaxing sitting outside on our balcony and listening to the waves and just chilling out. Not to mention the huge spa pool in our bedroom. We ended up looking like prunes.

The next morning we had a lovely lie in and sat out on the balcony and watched the world go by. It was devine. And so warm, it was like summer. I think I could live in Napier. Unfortunately the only thing I didn’t get to do was go shopping. We called in to see Tina, Dani and the kids before we headed off. They cooked us up a huge breakfast of paua, bacon, eggs and toast. Definitely am not use to eating a big breakfast. It filled me up for the whole day.

We had a nice leisurely drive home and got back around 4ish to begin the next series of unfortunate events. I kid you not.

Oh well, better go put on my happy face ….

Happy . . .

Life is great, things are going way better than expected ( I hope I don't bloody jinx it)  we are good, we are happy, we are relaxed....