Tuesday, August 28, 2012

One of the best days in a long time . . .

Today is a day to celebrate. 

Today I have my car back.  For good. 

Today marks the return of "back to normal" or how it was before the accident.

Let me explain.  It's been a long journey.

Mr T wasn't able to drive for about two months after his accident.  That meant I was the chief chauffeur doing all the running around.  Then as he started to improve he had my vehicle as it was power steering and automatic.  Which the truck is not.   He only had a 14% grip on his left hand and the gearstick was a bit stiff.  So having my vehicle meant he could still get out and about and do measure ups and quotes etc.  We still had to keep our business ticking over.

The downside of this though was instead of him starting at 7.30 am he was now starting at 8.30 am as he had to drop me and Josh off.  Not a good look when you are a tradesman.  Also a lot days he'd be ready to finish at 4pm but had to wait around till 5pm to pick me up.  So a drag there too.

For me it's been hard.  Not having a vehicle during the day means I can't get down to the workshop, can't do the little jobs that need to be done.  If I go to the supermarket, I have to be careful that I don't buy too much that I can't carry back to work.  I did that once.  I got excited one day (the word special or two for $$ tends to do that to me) cauli's, lettuces, pumpkin - 2 for $3, so I got two of each.  Got out of the supermarket and realised I didn't have my car.  You should try lugging 2 pumpkins, lettuces, cauli's and various other items for a length of time and not have your arms pulling out of their sockets by the time you get to your destination. 

The other side of the supermaket saga is now I have a great collection of Trelise Cooper bags - I knew I couldn't buy more than what I could fit in a bag. 

I will not be known as the bag lady anymore.

Last night Mr T picked me up and said the truck's all good.  I'll bring it home tomorrow.

Yay, I'm free. I'm happy, the sun is shining, everything looks brighter.

I'm normal again.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Super weekend . . .

What a great weekend. It was so good to see the sun shining. Although when I first got up it was pretty bleak.  There was low lying fog which didn't clear till nearly lunchtime.  But when it did it was just lovely. 

I got outside and started doing the gardening, Mr T helped me put my roses in and then he painted the verandah which looks lovely and fresh now.  My spring bulbs are now flowering quite abundently and I'm pleased to see that they have multiplied quite a bit.  I now only have about two tiny gaps to fill.  If the weather stays fine this weekend I'll grab some potted colour to put in and bring it to life more.  

I got adventurous in the kitchen as well.  Made a lovely curry chicken which was absolutely delish that I might just make another one tonight.  I also made a pizza with a caulifour base and it was amazingly filling that I'll be making that again for sure.

With the milder weather comes the barbies - steaks and salads, outdoor living,  I cannot wait.  Last year was such a shite summer all up.  It was over before it even really began.
I'm sure this year will be nicer to us. 

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Lighter . .

Before I went to Wellington I decided to put a rinse through my hair and disguise those greys that were starting to pop through. 

I think "Red Passion" was just a bit too vibrant for me. 

I've been thinking of going back to my natural colour.  If I can remember what it was.   
So I'll try going lighter, back to medium brown.   Just for a change.

Life's pretty good at the moment and I'm feeling pretty great so I'm going to do my darndest to hold onto that feeling. 

My eating is going great and I love being in that no hunger zone.  The only thing is I have resigned myself to that fact that I am going to have to cook separate dinners on occasion as Mr T can't handle spicy food cause it sets his reflux off.  Nevermind I can always freeze it or take it for lunch the next day. 

So great to see the sun out a bit more.  In between the grey patches.  It's nice coming home from work and spending time on the deck before it gets too dark.

Well that's enough from me I'll just leave you with some more pics of my gorgeous grandbabies.

Lucas started kindy this week.

I know I'm biased but this kid is so photogenic.

And little Miss Sophia is following in her brothers footsteps.

Little cutie.  So full of smiles now.

Oh before I go did I mention it's thirsty Thursday today.  Childfree night.  Looking forward to a wine while I'm cooking dinner. Leisurely.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Waiting for Spring . . .

The first day of Spring is just over a week away.   In between the rain there has also been some lovely sunny days and it feels like Spring at times.   It smells like Spring. 

The daphne outside the office door is blooming and the scent hits me everyday when I arrive and leave work.   

The lawns have been cut and the smell of fresh cut lawns is delish.

The garden is starting to come to life with spring bulbs flowering.

Spring – the season of rebirth, when everything starts coming to life again.

Kind of reflects where my life is at the moment.

This year has been tough.  Last year was too.  And the year before.  Always drama and happenings that stretch ones limits.  But still we keep going.  Every year I say this is going to be THE year that things go right.  

But I am an optimist.  I believe we all have choices.  I choose to be happy and to make the most out of all the things that I can change and not worry about things that are out of my control.  I’ll take a page out of Jackie’s book and treat myself better. 

I love Spring.  I also love the fact that it’s only 5 weeks till daylight savings.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Got my groove back ....

The scales are slowly going down again.  I'm hovering in the 76 kg mark at the moment.   I went back and reread some of my posts to help remind me what I did in the beginning that set me on my losing way. 

Everything is falling into place again.  The hunger pains and cravings have gone away and the last couple of nights I've noticed I've started putting down my knife and fork in between bites,  I'm leaving food on my plate and my portion sizes are smaller.

Yesterday Lucas and I went on our Nana date.

Boy did we have fun.  He's such a good wee boy with Nana.  He talks a hundred to the dozen tho.  As we drove past the boatyard he pointed out the boats and told him he could go in Nana's boat when he gets bigger.  He said Lucas is bigger now Nana, and I said he needs to be a little bit bigger, he says I am bigger now.  So not to upset him I said we'll go in the summer.

We went to the warehouse and he got the kids trolley and we headed to the toy section.  We spent about half an hour there, I think he tried nearly every toy, lol.  But he had his heart set on the marbles and that was what he chose and that's what he got.

Nana also added a toy tent with balls and a couple of dvd's - cause I could.

Poppa had to help us put it together though. 

We had a lovely afternoon until I took him home and I backed into a car parked on the other side of the road reversing out the driveway.  I was so gutted.  I have never in my whole life hit another car.  The guy was really good about it, even though he'd only just bought the car.  Made me feel even worse. 

I took the little man home, came back and poured myself a glass of wine.  I felt absolutely miserable.  I ended up having a shocker of a sleep last night - replaying the whole thing in my head. 

Anyhow everything is now sorted and I feel alot better.  Apart from one thing.  The only thing Mr T and I ever disagree on is driving.  He reckons I'm the worse passenger driver he knows.  I can't help it.  I'm always checking the road and what's behind us etc, grab the front of the dashboard, tell him to slow down, a car's braking in front etc... get the picture.  But you know what's really bad - I have a new nickname and there's nothing I can do about it.  You can guess what it is aye.















Wednesday, August 8, 2012

happy 3rd birthday . . .

To my beautiful little man
one of the bravest, toughest little tykes I know

Lucas Adrian John
Born 8th August 2009
at Starship Hospital
Weight 1 kg
28 weeks

Holding hands with Nana

Nana's first visit

Daddy's hand

Kangaroo Care

the beginning of a beautiful journey watching my son become a dad

First Christmas

Giving nana beautiful smiles

He's been such a smiley kid . . .


Nana's Angel . . .

Here comes trouble  ....  he's mobile

Will laugh at anything, even getting his jersey stuck on his head

Multi tasking, watching tv and eating lollies . . .

I so love this photo, meeting his sister for the first time . . .

I've pinched this off Janelle's facebook page ....

Happy birthday precious boy.  Nana and Poppa love you so very much.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Feeling ....

A bit sleep deprived.  Had a wonderful time in Wellington but as always at Conference you seem to be going from one session to another and not much break in between.  A bit of a brain drain.  However it was still good and I got a lot out of it and "tools" I can use in my out of work life as well. 

The downside about being away at the weekend was I missed Lucas's 3rd birthday party.  The kids sent me some photos - looks like he had a ball.  Lucas and I have a Nana date later this week.  That will be fun.

Blowing out the cake

Cutting the cake with help from dad

Can you tell he liked his cake ...

Little Miss Sophia - so like her daddy

Somehow, Someway, Sometime soon I have to get to the supermarket.  Fridge is looking a wee bit barren and no fresh veges in sight!!!

After a few days with no internet I'm going to go and have a pop around the blogs and see what you've all been up too.

Ciao - for now.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Veggie week . . .

This week I'm going to be a little bit more experimental with my veges.  Last night I made this cabbage and bacon dish.  Very tasty.

There are a couple of veges I've never eaten before in my life.  Leeks and Eggplant.
So last week I bought a leek and I'm going to look through the recipes and find something to make for dinner tonight.  The boys are having macaroni and cheese for dinner so I can afford to be experimental as I'll be my only critic.  Next week I'll buy an eggplant as I've come across a recipe for eggplant parmisean.

Everything is going well food wise, scales are dropping slowly - but think I had too much vino last week - so many things on, so this week no wine until the weekend.

Short week for me as we're flying down to Wellington on Friday.  Mr T always comes with me to Conferences and it's going to be a nice break - our first gettaway since he had his accident as I've made sure we have plenty of time to explore and get out and about.  Hope the weather is nice.

Ciao for now.

Happy . . .

Life is great, things are going way better than expected ( I hope I don't bloody jinx it)  we are good, we are happy, we are relaxed....