Thursday, October 10, 2013

Spreading the news . . .

More good news . . . 

Have known for awhile but were sworn to strict instructions not to say a word until work commitments had been sorted out but now I am pleased to say that grandbaby no. 4 is on HIS way.  

Kelly has now sorted out her leave and she found out last week that baby is going to be a boy.  Oh my goodness.  That's four grandbabies.   Two of each.  I can't wait.  Granddad is very, very happy.  

Then . . .

Krystal phoned to say she had just received an email and she's been accepted into AUT for next year to do a Bachelor of Design majoring in digital imageing.  She is stoked, we are stoked, everybody's stoked, the family is all good.  

Mr T was a bit worried as she finished school last year and decided  to work for a year to be near her boyfriend.  We all know that boyfriends can actually stuff up our good intentions and some of us never get to pursue our dreams, but she's pulled through.  So you can understand why Mr T and I are really happy for her.  I guess it means we will be in Auckland more.

So happy days are continuing.  And after getting use to the beautiful weather it turned to crap again, but now today the sun is shining.

 The stock is out and I wished you could smell the scent . . .

 It's so . . . spring/summer time.

I'm beginning to think we're in for another long hot summer. 

In other news . . .

Finally we're moving along with the kitchen.  Mr T started putting the flooring down last weekend.  Pictures to follow. Just amazing the difference it makes.

Had a really productive springtime clean last week and I'm really rapt.  Feel like I'm finally getting on top of everything.

Eating properly again and seeing and feeling the results.

So much for our childfree week - we picked Josh up from the bus stop on Thursday.  Oh well we had four days.  Then he ended up having a sleepover at his friends on the Saturday so not too bad.  He's been good too.  He's got a list of things that HAVE to be done by the time we get home - and he's doing them.  Big difference.
His mother has been phoning him wanting him to go stay but he says no.  She phoned me the other day asking if I knew why.  I just told her - he doesn't feel safe.  Mentioned the last two stays with her being drunk, yelling abuse saying she doesn't want to lay eyes on him anymore - having to go pick him up cause she doesn't want him.  Honestly, you don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure out why he doesn't want to go.  So she said she won't bother him.  To keep in touch and hopefully one day he might change his mind and want to see her,  I actually felt a tiny bit sad  for a moment because she sounded very broken.  Two children and none want her in their lives.  That karma is a bitch aye. 

When Josh was staying with his brother Patrick, he told him that she did the same to him and she was always asking him for money.  That is why he stayed away for a couple of years.  Funny too when she took Josh over to Hamilton she asked Patrick for money for gas, in front of Josh.  

Anyhow with all these happy genes floating around at the moment I decided to put in for a few days leave.  Because of timing and Award evenings coming up I'm just taking next Friday, Mon, Tues, Wed off which will give me a long weekend.  I'm looking forward to that and hopefully the weather will be beautiful.

And on that cheerful note, I'll say Ciao.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Child Free . . . .

At last.

Josh is away this week - visiting his half brother on his mothers side in Hamilton.  If anyone can understand his mother it's him as he went through the same thing.  He ended up going to live with his father too.

So Mr T and I are home alone.  Woohoo.  I need a break truly as I was starting to get close to clobbering him.  Teenagers.  I'm getting tired of having to tell him over and over again to do things.  Colin does too, but you know - in one ear and out the other.  

Anyhow, moving on because I'm feeling great.  About five minutes after Josh left I felt quite carefree again.  No hassles, not having to repeat myself, no timeframes to stick to, ie cooking, cleaning etc . . . I can be more relaxed about everything.  And for this to happen as daylight savings switches on . . . perfect.  The weather could have been a little bit nicer but the last couple of days have been great and coming home from work and being outside is a wonderful feeling.  

With the warmer weather not that far away I decided I'd go down to the garden centre close to work and get a few plants.  As I was walking I could only get what I could carry which is probably a good thing.

I got some nice petunias for one of the pots on the deck.  Beautiful colour.

And capsicum, tomatoes and a couple of strawberry plants for the pots on the deck as well.

I figure at the weekend I'll waterblast the deck and get everything nice and tidy and ready for some outdoor living.  I so love this time of the year.

They had a lot of wall art that I liked as well.  There were a lot more but I felt like a spy taking the photos.  There was a wine holder one which was awesome.  Wouldn't mind that.  Damn, I should have taken a photo of it, then I could have shown Mr T and he might get it for me.

I've been eating really well too.  I'm enjoying experimenting with a few more recipes as well.  I'm looking forward to being a few kilo's lighter once the warmer weather hits.

Overall I'm feeling pretty good.  I don't care if it's the weather or just everything finally righting itself, I'm just pleased  not to be stressed.  When you're in a happy state of mind - things around you seem to get a lot better.  

I'm going to  make the most of this time.


Happy . . .

Life is great, things are going way better than expected ( I hope I don't bloody jinx it)  we are good, we are happy, we are relaxed....