Sunday, May 27, 2012

Doesn't time go by ....

These days just seem to be rolling into the next one so fast. 

Life in the fast lane is going okay so far.  Not too many dramas.  We had a family get together last week.  With everything that has been happening we haven't had the time to catch up with everyone all the time.  So Kelly arranged a family dinner at LoneStar after work.

Both our granddaughters were there.  Took photos but not all of them loaded - they've just disappeared.  Buggar what's going on with my camera.

Little Miss Kayla getting stuck into dinner

Kelly and Dave

Josh, Janelle and baby Sophia

And that was all.  The rest disappeared.  The photos of the boys and me and Mr T.

Food wise I'm doing well.  Despite the fact that I've had TOM twice in the last couple of weeks I saw a 73.9 flash up.  I took the last of my haymakers pie to work the other day and had it for lunch with some salad.  Boy did it full me up. I've noticed  that I've felt a bit of hunger off and on the past few weeks so I need to do a recheck and plan my meals a bit more during the week as these are the times that the hunger hits.

So yesterday I made some more haymakers pie.

Ready for the oven

I add a bit of onion, tomato paste and worchester sauce to my sausage mix for an extra bit of flavour.  Then I line it in the bottom of the dish.  Then I spread some more tomato paste over the top, chopped up spinach, two slices of streaky bacon cut in half,  some more onion, eggs and cream poured over the top, sprinkle grated cheese, sliced tomato and some chopped up parsley.  Pop into the oven and bake it for about 40 mins.  Easy peasy.

Out of the oven

Once it's cooled I just slice it up into portions, bag them and pop then in the freezer.  A meal all ready to go.  This is so yummy and so filling.  Nice and savoury and great with a salad.

One of my staples that I have is streaky bacon.  I always have some in the fridge.  I add it to most things.  Quick and easy to cook, can either have it with eggs or just chopped up in a salad.

love my streaky bacon
Last week there was some good deals on at the supermarket.  I got some lovely cauli, lettuce and pumpkin.  So now I'm going to make some nice pumpkin soup.  With some chopped up bacon, lol.

I feel positively angelic I'm so good. 


Thursday, May 17, 2012

Buggar ....

I've lost my photos.  Buggar.  I had some really good pics of Lucas and Poppa on there too having a conversation.  I don't know how it happened.  I found the memory card in the bottom of my camera bag. I remembered I'd dropped the bag so maybe it came out then.  Still seems to take photos tho.  Thank goodness.  That will teach me not to load the photos straight away.  I can always make another haymaker pie.

This is one of my snacks.  I use sliced cucumber in place of crackers.  I can put anything on them that I want.  It's great if you like cucumber.  Which I do.

I'm continuing to feel great.  I'm sleeping better and I've given myself an extra 15 minute lie-in in the morning which seems to be making a big difference.  I'm a lot more rested and nowhere near as stressed.

Mr T is helping out more and more and it's making a huge difference.  He even managed to cook dinner the other night.  Today he took the wagon to work - it's automatic.  He dropped me off for a change which meant I didn't have to take him to the doctors for a fresh dressing or get his presciption filled etc...  He's slowly becoming more independent and not having to rely on me to do things for him. 

Tonight is Thursday night and we are childfree.  Tonight we're having lamb loin chops and roasted veges.  Tonight I'm even going to relax with a wine. 

Our gorgeous wee bubba is growing so fast .....

She'll be bigger than her brother before long ....

Take care and have a super Thursday .....


Monday, May 14, 2012

Rejuvenated ....

What a great relaxing weekend!!!!!

It's amazing what getting a decent sleep can do.  First weekend in ages that I haven't had to run around.  I just chilled out, did lots of pottering and rested up.  I feel great.

I weighed in this morning at 74.2 kg.  I've been sitting around this number watching it go up and down over the last six weeks or so.  Now with things starting to return to a semblance of normalacy it's time to get busy and get into the 60's. 

So yesterday I got busy and made my version of the Haymakers pie. 

It turned out quite delicious.  I had a slice for dinner with a fresh salad.  I've got a slice and salad for lunch again today and popped bagged the other two slices and popped in the freezer for when I need something on the go.

I've taken a photo of my version which I'll show you on my next post.

So although it's dark, wet and miserable outside I'm really starting to feel on top of things again.

Mr T is feeling better day by day and started getting cheeky again.  A good sign.  He's starting to help out here and there but sometimes I don't really want his help.  He tried filling  up the sugar container and it ended up all over the bench and on the floor.  So after cleaning up I ended up mopping the floor as well because sugar is just so gritty and you can never seem to get it all.  Last week it was the coffee.  I have to say tho it's great having help emptying the dishwasher.

Mothers Day was great.  Nice and relaxing and little visits from the kids and grandies.  I hope all you mums had a great day too.

Well outta here for now.  Ciao. 

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Without a doubt last week was really hard ....

Mr T had his finger amputated again last Monday.  His pain was so intense that even after continually being pumped with morphine he was in agony.  On the tuesday they got a pain specialist in  and put him on  "rescue" meds as he was just about ready to shut down.  It was awful.

Thanks to Jackie who came around for a visit and I was able to talk to her and she could explain the meds he was on. 

I finally brought him home on Sunday and last night was the first night that he slept right through the night without waking up for pain relief.  Let's hope that this time there's no going backwards only forwards.

My eating has been crap. I'm not eating properly or regularly and can go over 24 hrs without eating.  I'm incredibly run down and it's showing and starting to take it's toll.  Apart from the huge amount of fatigue I'm feeling and lack of energy, I've been itchy all over and scratching,  and I've got a couple of cold sores developing.  I haven't had them for years.  All this is stress related and bad eating.

Last week I took off work not only to watch Lucas but also I had to go down and look after the workshop as Mr T was stressing out about it.  Not only the paper work but also working on the floor as we have a couple of big jobs underway at the moment.  So after a full days work on Saturday and a couple of visits to the hospital in between when I got home all I wanted to do was climb into bed and sleep.  Which I did badly.

Since Mr T came home on Sunday I've been trying to bring things back under control.  

Sunday night we had roast pork, kumara, pumpkin broccoli and asparagus.   Monday, chicken and salad, and last night home made burgers - me without the bun.  Tonight we're having pork stir fry.  Nice and easy.

When I did my chicken in the crockpot I layered the bottom with sliced onions and mushrooms, add chook, spray olive oil and then add whatever seasonings you like on top.  I use Italian Herbs.  If you like, once cooked you can drain the excess fluid off and thicken the onions and mushrooms into a nice creamy sauce to pour over the chicken.

Hoping to pop down for a visit with Sophia tonight.  She's nearly put a pound on already.  I'm just not getting to spend as much time with my grandbabies as I wanted too.

But I'm loving the special moments.  That's my baby with his niece and nephew.....  seems like only yesterday he was that tiny.


Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Today our newest member of the family arrived  At 11.19 Sophia arrived.  A bonny wee girl weighing in at 8 lbs.  A far cry from her brother who was born at 2 lbs

Meet Sophia

And her daddy and big brother

And Nana ...

My son is on the way home from hospital and I'm looking forward to to talking to him about today.  We have always been close, despite having difficulties during his teenage  years but since he's been married and become a dad the bond has become a lot closer.  

It's been a big day in more ways than one.  I will try and post again tomorrow along with my crockpot recipes.


Happy . . .

Life is great, things are going way better than expected ( I hope I don't bloody jinx it)  we are good, we are happy, we are relaxed....