Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Just a little bit tired . . .

It's been a tough week or two .   Busy, busy ,busy.

Seriously, I am in danger of falling asleep at my desk.

 Nothing like a big glass of water to keep me hydrated and a bit more alert.  Nearly on to my fourth glass for the day.

Slowly starting to perk up again.

The heat is really getting to me.  I wake up about three or four times during the night.  Not good at all.

Had a lovely weekend apart from losing my sleep ins.  Had our AAPNZ Northern Conference in Rotorua at Waiora Spa Resort.  It was awesome.  Great venue, great speakers and fabulous ladies.

Mr T and I ended up booking a room so we all had a place to relax after the day and before dinner.  Then when ended up entertaining a few after dinner as well.

I came away another 500 grams down.

Rain and more rain.  We had a sprinkling overnight on Saturday.  Then we had constant rain for most of Sunday.  Monday the sun came out.  Then we had more overnight rain.  The grass has some green spots in it but its starting to grow.  It will need a mow before the weekend.

This is Mr T's project at the moment.

The back garden behind the pool had also been neglected with the grass growing about knee length. 

I did use to have a vege garden there initially.  Mr T has been taking the old pungas down along the fence line and using them to make a retaining wall for the vege garden.  He's cleared quite a bit already but it's a lot of work especially in this heat.  He's spending quite a bit of time in the pool.

 Glad to get the fence painted once he's cleared the rest.  I think we may even put a water feature in and some seats so we have another area to relax in. 

Well I forgot to pull some meat out of the freezer for dinner so I'm off to check out some recipes for dinner tonight.  

Catch you later.

Ciao xxx 


  1. Been humid here the last few days, make chugging down the water easier.
    Well done on the 500g down.....

  2. I love all the pungas you have in your backyard, so cool how Rotorua is like that :) Great going on the 500g loss!


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