Monday, March 6, 2017

OMG - just 2 more flippin sleeps . . . .

and freedom!!!!!!

OMG, OMG I'm just so freakin excited.  Can you tell.

I know I said we were child free but now Mr T and I are really going to be HOME ALONE.

I've had my brother living with me since June of last year.  His marriage broke up and it was coming towards the end of the farming season and he had had enough.  Mum was worried about him and he had no where to go and no job.  So I told him he could come and stay and work for us.  He's had a chance to get on his feet, meet a new lady and has now got a new job organised and is moving to Whangarei (where the new lady is) this Wednesday.

I've loved having him, given us a chance to get closer but the time has come for him to move on and start the next chapter of his life.  

Just like me and Mr T.  Alone with no child supervision.  

Is it wrong to feel so happy.  

Josh is happy.  He came out last weekend for a visit for a couple of hours.  His depression is under control.  He still has social anxiety issues but his key worker is helping him.  He has settled in really well to the respite place where he is staying.  He's actually moved into a little cottage on the property so he can learn some independence skills.  He is asking for help. He's learning to cook and how to do other things for himself.  In saying that - he does know how to look after himself but before simply chose not to.

Anyway he's happy and it's a weight off our minds.  A good feeling to know that we've got the communication back with him.

I do feel this year will be our year. 

I feel like I'm gushing now so I better stop.

I went for a walk and saw my newest grandbaby at lunchtime. Handy they live close to my work.  So I'll leave you with a photo.

Ciao for now.



  1. Hi Lee-Anne - nice to see an update. I totally understand how good it is to be just the two of you. I LOVE it being just us two here - I just have to hope my daughter's marriage keeps going OK so she doesn't feel the need to move in with us!

  2. ohhhh enjoy the freedom…..lap it up. Time for just you and Mr T. Love it and live it hun xx

  3. Enjoy!!! how exciting to have your life back! What a gorgeous little babe... I am lookign forward to being grandma... but not just

  4. I am trying to some catching up with blogs... I can't imagine how it will feel to be 'child free'! HOw's it going? Everything you hoped?


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