Wednesday, June 21, 2017

M.I.A. . .

Time does fly obviously.   

I am slack but honestly my life is far from dull.  There always seems to be something or someone to deal with.

I am at a place in my life right now where I plan on being selfish. I've given a lot to people and received not a lot of thanks back in return.  

I'm tired and I'm over selfish people.  

This is me time now.  

About three weeks ago we got a new vehicle.  She's my "beauty".  I let Mr T drive her occasionally.  But not before he's checked his clothes aren't covered in alloy.

I just need to figure how to get in and out of her elegantly.  I think I'm nailing the getting in, just have to figure out a better way of getting out apart from sliding.  

Life's battles and menopause has knocked me around the past few years.  

I have less than 10 years until retirement age.  I figure I need to get myself sorted out health and lifestyle wise so I can enjoy it, more importantly be here to enjoy it.  

When I started blogging a few moons ago, we had a wonderful network of bloggers that supported each other.  I do miss those days.  I was very lucky to get to meet quite a few as well.  Now with the switch to social media blogging has become a bit of a hit and miss for a lot of us.  I'm also not too good at posting on Facebook either.

Out of the two though I think I would prefer to blog.  

So I've got a lot happening in the next few weeks which is exciting so I think I'll keep track of everything here.

Even though I maybe the only one who reads this, lol.



  1. I'm still reading though not blogging apart from my travel blog which has moved home recently - Hang in there this retirement gig is pretty darn good.

  2. Nice vehicle!! Are you sure it's big enough for you :) Yes, I remember the days when we all blogged and supported each other. I don't get the whole social media thing though - way to open and public and impersonal. I've pulled right back from all of that.

  3. I'm still here reading !!!! I miss our blogging community but have found lots of support and encouragement in Instagram. I don't do FB - I got over reading about either how wonderful or totally shitty everyone's life was - none of it seemed real. I much prefer IG and while it's more crochet rather than life related - it is a good way for me to stay in touch with my friends who live in my computer.
    Menopause is totally kicking my butt - I have changed naturopaths and hormone drs and so am working with them now to see if I can get some sort of relief but seriously, I do not know how Al has not left me because if I had been married to me I would have left me a few years ago.
    Love your new wheels - getting in and out becomes very strategic at times !!! LOL
    Have a wonderful day and take care of you xox

  4. I am still about... but yes I jumped ship to fb... poor blog is very

  5. Hi my you know I still here, GREAT to see you back xx

    Love the new vehicle...enjoy.
    I am counting down to retirement too....I have 5 years to go.....


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